Winning Moves: My Number One Fan

Throughout my whole life, I can truly say I am blessed with a very loving partner.

Here’s one of the reasons:

He is my number one fan. One reason, why I noticed him was when he said: he reads my blog. And not just my blogs! All of my blogs!That turned my head big-time! Nobody reads my blog unless I push the person to read it (or no one that I know of). Nobody ventures my blog if I don’t post it on facebook or mention it in any social media sites. Unless you count my aunts who loves to comment on the phone about what I wrote in my blog. πŸ˜› But, this got to me. And then, whenever I do my workshops or after every workshops and I tell him about my day, he cheers on me and that he loves to see me do it and that he supports me. That’s double awwww.

There are many things that makes me feel blessed with my boo-friend but then… One of his best.. Is being my number one fan… β€πŸ˜πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Grateful. Always grateful to be blessed with him ❀


Sweet Surprise

Winning Moves!!!

And my man never fails to surprise me!

Today, he made chicken pastel and mango float as his welcome dinner for me and my sister. It was absolutely adorable! *swooons*

He knows how I love mango float and has been perfecting his recipe! I swear he is the most inventive palalabs ever!!!

And and to make things extraaa sweeeet? His snail mail in the form of a card arrived todaaay!!!!!

Huwaaaaaaaaa!!!! I love the feeling!!! Seeing his handwritten love note is the best! I know he aint one who loves to write but he makes the effort and time to write to me! So sweeeet! Im so happy! Ill be sleeping happy with a big smile on my face and finally being reunited with our boobabies.


August Rush!

It’s not the usual busy August I have the past few years…. but… it was filled with memorable days!

First off: Our Heart Circle Initiative with my mom is on the roll for the first quarter. There were challenges along the way, as facilitators. True. This role in the society is not easy but it is rewarding if one sees changes in the lives of the people that are being empowered. we are challenged to shorten our modules, and all that and find better, easier, gentle loving ways to effectively communicate… how we can have a world that works…. with no one left behind….tumblr_lrqfjjosqr1qi23vmo1_500

Secondly: Ive been meeting some of my friends… individually.. .and all are asking to have some kind of “Maria Gathering”. To talk about women and relationships… Huwaaa. as if im the go-to gal for that ano? Siguro sa women part I am. But, I did my fair share of studying and observing couples around…. and for it maybe I can support other ladies… to find their wholeness first.. and being happy with their own self first… before sharing their life with another πŸ™‚ [and I’m about to do my mini debut.. haha with 4 lady friends muna… I wanted to keep it small.. for the moment… and we will play it by ear ] – August 27

Third: Ana is back! Wooot Woot! and always when she’s back… there’s always something cooking up for us ladies! And this time we finally visited this oldskul bar called Acropolis. and we danced with what ? 80’s music! Mwahahaha. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve had with my girlfriends! Haha. Sa uulitin!!

Fourth: Spending time with my family and watching movies as our bond is something to look forward too. Just don’t make me watch horror okay? I scream too much! Puhleaseee! :p

and Fifth: It has been an awesome month with my man! The best! We celebrated a milestone this month… and we approached it with our usual spontaneity! Ahhh, may we never lose that! We wade through our challenges really well.. and have learned how to do it together. In synch! Like peanut butter and jelly, strawberry ice cream and crepes, mangoes and grahams, pancakes and butter… okay .. now Im hungry!!! And I’ve noticed.. our usual “tampuhan moments” are shorter… which is a progress and we can catch ourselves in between… and forgive right away! Ahhhh. The best ka talaga, Love! *hugs* *blows kisses*

Grateful.Always grateful for everything that has been happening! πŸ™‚

three is a crowd

i saw a conversation of women.. saying… its okay to go steal another woman’s man.

G: go ignite it a “little”…. tell the guy when he gets home

O: you think so?

G: yeah, theyre gonna break up anyway, since the guy is flirting with you… and the gf will find out…

O: or you can make him choose between you and the gf

Hullohhh? Earth to you, lady? And you are not even sure whether the guy is really into you or not….. *sigh*

sometimes… some people …. dont respect the relationship of another. so what if you think its sucky? so what if theyre tupsyturvy? let the relationship end… without you interfering.

no matter if you think you are perfect for the guy…. or you think he is perfect for you….

“the right person.. at the wrong time.. is still the wrong person.”

(well unless, the guy lied… and said he was unattached and all that)

there is this value called: RIGHT TIMING.
let the man do it himself. it is just not right to go flirt(and with intention to win the guy over another woman) with a man who is in any way in a relationship… or married. so, not right.

who can honor what you will have in the future if your relationship is even founded on that? T_T sometimes..

seryes like the legal wife, makes it okay to go meddle into other people’s relationship… because we love each other.. etc. But, relationships founded over “trickery” and lies… will always spell it’s end.

“The end is always in the beginning…” so, relationship experts would say.

and then in the end…they’re the same women who come up and ask: “how come men who likes me… are already in a relationship with another woman?”

well, why not.. look for single… available unattached men for starters?

you always have a choice… on what kind of guys you allow yourself to get involved with.

Or maybe its an ongoing pattern….

For sometime…. most guys I ended up liking… always cheated behind my back. Had many girlfriends other than me. Until, one day, I prayed and asked God… that I don’t want to meet a variety of men. I just want to have a deep and loving relationship with ONE. And that He grants me the eyes, and the senses to recognize him. [and lo and behold… God gave me my boo….. ]. πŸ™‚

If it’s a pattern… you can stop it… with your intention. And loads of prayer to God…

I don’t know what women get out of it. Maybe, it’s the high, that some guy chose her over another woman. Like some sort of conquest. Or they like the thrill, the challenge….. T_T

I have watched many friends who get involved with guys who are in a relationship or married…. or just got off another one…and there’s thisΒ  woman I know, who gets a high whisking guys away from their wives and children. and then leaves the guy behind and would go look for another conquest. that is just so sad. T_T [this goes to men too].

Men who are in a relationship… should always be a dealbreaker….. because I believe God won’t give a gift that already belongs to someone else.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. To my friends, I always discourage them if the one they have their eyes on, are in a relationship already. Since, it’s a recipe for lots of unnecessary pain, heartache and unrequited love.

This is also…. a response to… the feeds I’m getting over at FB about the Legal Wife. A lot of viewers are frustrated….. they say its the reality of today’s relationships… but it does no good to feed those “hinala” and project it to your husbands and wives. It feeds on paranoia of women’s emotions. Women’s emotions are very tricky… I myself am doing a lot of mastery work.. but still I find myself buying into dramas. And so, it’s no good. It would create a whole dose of hysteria to women…. and instability to relationships… instead of…. making it last…

I told them… “why don’t you watch “Please Be Careful With My Heart” instead?” I think, light, fun and loving relationships projected on TV is better over hyped up dramas. πŸ™‚

Belle and Beast


Movietime with boo! And this time it was beauty and the beast.

Its uncanny how this certain fairytale’s got me and boo glued together for some reason. Like, belle and i has a similar taste of going gaga over books and libraries and a distaste over pompous men like Gaston… And our curiosity to men like TheBeast… Rough, harsh but a certain kindness hiding behind the exterior…

And the reading the book together part was cute cause Boo and I often like to do that one day too.

Boo made me happy today ☺😊😍 thanks for always indulging my simple delights whenever i make a request *pacute eyes*

Well not just today, but he does it daily ☺😊


Meanwhile things are peaking up on our initiative to be catalyst for the transformation that is going on for our nation. And more and more people are taking on different roles to bring that transformation for our country.

My part is to be of service through workshops and one on one sessions with people who wants to make their life better in terms of health, wealth and happiness… πŸ™‚

I do get splitting headaches whenever i hear corruption in our government but focusing on that wont really help.

Its better I direct my focus on better things like solutions instead of problems πŸ™‚


Cheers!! Till my next update and musings, and well winning moves by my boo! πŸ™‚

Classic Happiness

This month marks a milestone in my life as I reach a year older. Not until today, have I appreciated growing older…. Maybe, because someone *hint hint* thinks im soooo young and I can’t help but be excited adding another year in my life…

Call it crazy… But, well thats the way it is.

My theme for the day? Red & Peach!!!

All the ribbons/gifts i received were either colored red or peach! As if the angels designed it to be that away.

I had the sooper dooper bestest surprise today too from Boo!! Huwaaaa. I have to admire his resourcefulness and thinking he had to surprise me on his own! But, well he had heavenly blessing too!

It came a day early at our office along with Pnoy and a lot of police littering outside the streets. Ate Mari was supposed to give it to me that day, but then she said: “wait a minute, she’s having her birthday the next day.. Maybe this is meant for her birthday.” With quick thinking, She ditched the idea of calling me and called my cousin instead and with the connivance of mom hid it from me.

Early in the morning, they were outside my door with the package… and were singing happy birthday. All star cast! Huwaaaaa it was absolutely cute. And they all teased me. And waited on me to open the choorpriseee!!

Boo sent me two dozen red roses.. and i wondered why 2 silently in my mind… To which he replied with a Tadaaahh when i told him about receiving it,that one for my birthday and another for Valentine’s! That was cute! And i thought that was all there is to it but lo and behold, there was a cute boobear and a chocolate! *swoons*

It’s the sweetest gesture anyone has ever done for me… and I can really feel the love and care when I got it… and he was so delighted to find out everyone was happy and did more than the surpriseeee he imagined it to be and him a part of it! Right, boo?

And i thought the surprise was over… When i moved the boquet to transfer it, a note card fell.

I then later read an email of him greeting me happy birthday in many funny ways! I swear, my man makes me laugh all the time tooo!!!

This day will forever be etched in my heart…

It has always been my dream to receive roses on my special day, and to be able to spend my birthday and Valentine’s day with my the One…..

I also spent the day watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with him. I love spending time with him…. just lazing around and watching a movie while we laugh now and then when he thinks of something about us thats similar to the movie.

I know he had a long day the other night with me…He waited for me to be home last night.. *double swoons*

After the movie and his dinner, two of my close friends visited me and stayed till 10pm… with my family..

He asked me to message him after and I did and that i can wake him up.. Mmmm but he is zzzsshhh already…

It was a happy day! And even more special because my God’s Gift stayed with me…

Boo… I feel all the love and care… and everytime i think of you *kilig* lagi… and i cant help but just stand in awe as you show me in your own way.. how you lalab me.


And to my beloved family and friends who took time and gave the effort to greet me… and remembered me despite having no “reminders” from FB.. Since i turned it off… Thank you sooo much!!!

And of course… To my beloved Father in Heaven… who keeps watch over me by sending tons of angels… In love and gratitude for another year and a lifetime of pursuing your Will for me to use my gifts to serve humanity, the best way I can… I love you!!!

Love and happiness,