Oh please

Its crazy how some people tries to shift the story by making controversial issues just because I do not resonate with you anymore.

Over the years, I’ve learned to stay away from people and the temptation to “help” them specially when its not needed.

People have taken advantage of the goodness I have offered and it does not come out well. Of course, I would stay the hell out of your way na after that. You won’t hear anything from me but i cannot be chummy again with you anymore. I just choose not to. I think God gave us the liberty to choose our acquaintances specially if we do not resonate. 

And do not for the life of me, accuse us of abandoning or “iba ang treatment” just cause I chose not to hang with you anymore. 

I cannot stroke your ego madam. I have done my best to be kind to you and to reach out.. but what did you do? 

And please I know you love dramas and making stories appearing like you are the victim when in fact you are the one creating the fire. 

No, you wont get a reply from me. Never.

And this blog. Course you cant read this.


This year

As we come into better alignment with higher wisdom we stop questioning ourselves or the universe and start to resonate with destiny. ❤️👑 
This year, I just allow the Holy Spirit to move through me. And every day may not seem perfect or all roses and rainbows, if I use my old lens, however, everything is just perfect for my expansion and experience. 
I am just open to what God wants me to experience. Failure or Success. Either way, its perfect. But, the funny thing of being open to anything God wishes for me to experience is that… it goes along with ease, joy and grace. 
This year and to the years ahead… I will just resonate with my destiny. No concrete plans on how it would like, just taking everything one step at a time.