Hello August!

August according to the stars is a tsunami of feels! Hoomay! And as it enters I am actually feeling it! That wave! Oh my that wave!

 Is this the final wave of missing someone? Missing loves lost? Because, im feeling it today big time. But, its not something sad. Its just a certain… “miss”. That I tried and well, some things we will just let it be. 

Over the course of the months, I have been feeling overwhelmed with a lot of things. Ive done a lot of things for myself I normally would not have done. Said no, to a lot of events I dont feel like attending. Staying away from toxic friendships. Harsh to opportunities of love, because what the hell, right? 

I used to really get reeled up with romantic couples, inspired with them, swooning over their love stories… but lately? Even the movie Kita Kita failed to make me cry 😩😩😩. 

I guess, ive gone past the threshold of sappy romantic love to a love worthwhile. 

But, of course im not closing any doors. 

Meantime, let me busy myself with painting my door purple and letting green plants with flowers drape over it. 

*casts a spell at the door*

May those who enter be cleansed

May those who enter be healed

May those who enter be blessed

Magic, love and beauty will abound