Stone Heart

Too long a sacrifice 

Can make a stone of the heart.

O when may it suffice?

That us Heaven’s part, our part

To murmur name upon name 

As a mother names her child

When sleep at last had come

On limbs that had run wild
Easter,1916 by William B. Yeats


Hahaha I find myself the most bitter of all women lately.

If someone asks me if I am married, I cant help but answer: That’s not uso anymore. People will still break up. 

Or worse I end up saying in my thoughts: Mangamatay ra tang tanan ( we will all die anyway).

Haha sometimes, I answer: Most guys like guys too anyway! And they are prettier! Hahaha

It is so funny. I cannot bring myself to be over the moon or kilig. It is gone. I dont know if this is a phase. But, it is gone. 

I find enchanment in life… but not in romance. Not just in romance.  

romantic life =enchanting life is not really limited to that

It goes beyond that. My life ever since I asked God to take the helm (yes, I have surrendered everything to Him. And it has brought about many results that I have enjoyed and never dreamed of but i thourougly enjoyed it… to the point that I told God, if its not for me… spare me.) 

So, yeah. 

It is not a lack of amore or guys its more of the lack of need of it. And really learning to be resilient on my own. 

I guess ive placed boundaries… because I can sense my own resentment.. but, what I wish is that one day.. there will be none of that resentment.. but the silent acceptance of what is. 

And it is what it is.

We will all die anyway 😜😜😜