Worth it Ang Tanan

Yesterday, we had our Prosperity BEHT event and we were overwhelmed with the presence of supporters and clients who were willing to undergo the therapy.

I, for one am very clear what this is for. It is to help each one clear them of their blockages but at the same time on a grander point of view it is to help clear and anchor the energies of the Earth.

Got my confirmation we were doing good with the intensity 5 earthquake that was felt throughout the city. It was the earth’s manifestation of the coming changes what with the coming new moon. Followed by a heavy downpour of rain cleansing everyone.

Then, while waiting for the next batch (we thought there would be) I laid down on the mat to just rest a bit but Zai came and did crystal reiki on me, while ate Pang also came to do BEHT for me. Which was an awesome experience.

After the session, Ate Pang told me, God has a message for you and she was giggling and smiling. And, I was like what did you see? (I sure hope it wasnt my fantasy hahahahahahaha!!! J/k)

But, she told me:

God has seen your promises and how you do your best to fulfill them. Youve done enough, dont push too hard. God has seen what you have written, and He will honor those just give Him your heart and He will take care of the rest. Give me your heart, God says. ill take care of it and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be. There are more things coming for you, so take it easy.

I am so happy and blessed to hear those words. I literally just surrender my life to God, I have no plans whatever, I just take whatever God gives in front of me and alchemize it 😍 transmute everything around me. Love the one in front of me.

Though, I recognize I have bad days, but, the last time I had a breakdown was december of last year… I guess Im moving just fine for now….

Lord, just guide me… and help me be more compassionate to everyone around me. And less of my snappy retorts if I get irritated 😂😂

Thank you for giving me a great tribe in Mystique Angels and ACIM and of course my DXN colorful Family. ❤️

And new found friends or friend*winks*



Full Sturgeon Moon

What a lovely moon, and it gave me early treats.

I am so grateful to God for always supporting me in my journey. And always giving me extra nudges and snippets whenever I really needed them.

This full moon is your message for me to love myself, and to be gentle with myself for where I am right now.

Thank you dear God for helping me create my team in DXN. It is a dynamic cast of wonderful individuals committed to elevate their lives, first to You… and then in this world.

Thank you dear Lord.

I love you always.


Retrogrades and all

Last year, 5 planets were in retrograde at this month and this year there are 5-6 almost all of them since the beginning of the year and they have all met this august.

But, I am more grounded and focused and I have veered away from relationships that does not serve me. (A previous love also made contact to me, and I just have to smile at the thought. And no, its not what you think. He is already married, so deffo out of the equation. But, I handle the reconnection well and there were no hard feelings anymore. I can say, I have healed.)

And everything is just so good.

With a whole lot of surprises too! God has been spoiling me this month, what with the honoring of our company. I’ve been reading myself tarot the past month and I just remembered as I am writing this there was one about recognition. But, I chose to ignore that because you know what? I truly do not know in what area would I be recognized.

This month, Dr. Rajesh came and we met again. 7 months after we met way back in Los Cabos and told me I need to take the leadership. As to how it looks like. I do not know. One thing for sure they want my status to level up and my golly I have been working for it. (heavens, help!!)

But, they recognized me as the image of the future generation, the next generation of network leaders in the company. And, while I am honored, I know there’s more work up ahead. But, that’s life. I have given my life for this.. and so, I gladly submit. ❤️✨💕

To where this shift takes me…….

may I be of light heart and mind….

but there’s peace and there’s excitement and looking forward to the next step.

And all is well.




“I am slowly learning that some people are not good for me, no matter how much I love them. I deserve someone who is gentle and kind, because my soul is getting tired. Realizing that I deserve something good is one of the first steps.” —Michelle K., Why I Need To Say Goodbye To You