That Wild Dream

Early this week, it seemed like a wild dream has ended as Mayor Duterte chose to release an official statement that he is not running.

While I see this as one of his cunning strategies where he gets publicity minus the exorbitant fees media often asks of politicians, a lot of people were apparently dismayed.

A lot has messaged me expressing their disappointment. One even likened it to a breakup with a boyfriend. So, I told one of my friends… I will only cry if he doesn’t file at the last day. And if he doesn’t, we will all lament at Goat’s Eye together and get ourselves drunk. But, before that I am still 100% sure he is running.

At the onset that people has been pushing mayor to run, I believed his first ever: “No, I am not running.” Because, to us.. Mayor is a man who kept his word.

And if he says No, it is NO. If he says he will do something about it. He will do something about it. He is impeccable that way.

But then, I began doubting the statement as a strategy when he gives out clues that he may just run whenever he says: “If  I were President…..” or “Being a President is Destiny…” and in the last few weeks: “Only Divine Intervention…”

And for the last 3 months, I knew all along. He was stringing the media and his opponents by saying No, while encouraging the people to ask him to run. Meanwhile, in my travels in Luzon and Visayas and parts of Mindanao. I often hear them wanting mayor to run and I assured everyone he will.

While many are disappointed that he keeps changing his mind. I understand Mayor Duterte’s position. Call it strategy or whatsoever. But that is the only way he has without needing that much fund to campaign. There are also impending danger that if he says it too early, a group may just decide to assassinate him! (okay, ive been watching too many movies). Or his opponents can prepare to assassinate his character by releasing issues that can mar his reputation. So, if he keeps saying NO, while giving out clues, he keeps the opponents guessing. Unable to move. And giving them no time until the last day to eliminate him. Because 3 months before the filing of candidacy should be the time you are given to eliminate your opponent by giving them issues. Poe had the citizenship issue, Roxas had the “paloy” effect that people does not like, and Binay’s case.

But, there could be an inner conflict. There are so many things to consider. One, he will be needing to leave Davao City to Mayor Inday Sara who refused until the end and stood her ground that she wanted a private life. Second, the lack of funds. While many expressed their support voluntarily and waived the fee (he even had billboards and advertisements all sponsored by his loving supporters without cost), it can be a problem. Because, he will be up against opponents with budgets that would range from 50Billion to 500 billion! Crazy, right? Third, the possibility of losing because the lack of machineries. I dont even know what that means but welll, its an open secret. And let’s continue to pretend it does not exist, can be an obstacle.

Anyway, whether Mayor Duterte decides to run or not. He has my respect. He does not owe our country anything. By asking him to run we also need to respect how he would weigh his decision. It is not easy to be the President. It’s the worst job in the world to people with good intentions, specially if you will be presiding over the Philippines. What can 6 years in office do? He can start a revolution, yes. But, it may take more than 6 years to achieve what we have today in Davao. It took him 27 years to build Davao the way it is now. It did not happen in an instant. From killing fields of the South to becoming the #2 Safest Place in the World.

It also took a city with people who believed in Davao and it’s people. It took discipline and cooperation and more than that… the vision to keep Davao peaceful and progressive and to attain a development that is sustainable.

If we ask him to run, I hope we don’t do it because we will have another scapegoat to blame our problems on. We as the citizens of the Philippines should also do our part, our initiative to keep our country attain sustainable development. We, should also recognize our responsibility. Because, change does not depend on one leader but by the efforts of the mass. Though, it is impossible to ask the mass not to complain and blame,  I ask the leaders and the mutants of the country to keep doing your own effort, in your own city. No task is too small for it has a huge affect to the big picture.

Whether your field is in politics, environment, education, entertainment, spirituality, business among others, I ask that you hold a vision of our country. How do you see it, 20 years from now? What would our country be like? Keep your positive vision. Because, that is what made Davao City. It is the vision of the people and our leader that made the city the way it is now. It is not perfect. But, it has made a huge 360 degree change and is continuing to improve.

We are responsible for our country. Yan ang #TunayNaPagbabago

While we all believe that he is destined, what we can all ask for now is Divine Intervention.

Today, Mayor Sara gave everyone a ray of hope as she shaved her head and posted:

nagpa upaw nalang ko samtang naghulat #Duterte2016 #kalboparasapagbabago #NohairWecare bisan walay kwarta, bisan way makinarya, bisan mapildi #justDUit

“Nagpakalbo habang naghihintay #Duterte2016 #kalboparasapagbabago #NohairWecare kahit walang pera, kahit walang makinarya, kahit matalo #justDUit

And i heard the Councilors of Davao had their shaves head too.

For now, we wait.



Read All About It: Pork Barrell Scam

You’ve got the words to change a nation, but you’re biting your tongue. You’ve spent a life time stuck in silence, afraid you’ll say something wrong.

If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song. So come on ,come on…Come on, come on

You’ve got a heart as loud as lions, So why let your voice be tamed? Baby we’re a little different, there’s no need to be ashamed

You’ve got the light to fight the shadows, so stop hiding it away. Come on, Come on

I wanna sing, I wanna shout. I wanna scream till the words dry out…so put it in all of the papers, i’m not afraid. they can read all about it. read all about it oh

Song exercpt from: Read All About It – Emeli Sande

That song is dedicated to all the people who are speaking out about our current SYSTEM.

[ you can listen to it as a background music: Read All About It]

I’ve read a lot about the PORK BARREL SCAM lately. And from these blogs:  MOMANDPOP and DULZSPEAKS

We all know, that the news is not “NEW”. We knew all along our tax are being used that way, but I guess those anonymous comments that gave those mindblowing figures and with rationale made us even go wide-eyed, wide-mouthed, heavens worthy of a shock.

 But here’s a view of Social Transformation (which is what I see …. that is happening to our country now)….

This metamorphosis of the caterpillar or worm to a butterfly is a powerful metaphor for societal transformation.  The people who awake to the new possibilities are like the imaginal cells of their own society. The process of societal transformation starts with the emergence of these individuals who carry with them the seeds of the future. They are “imaginal” in that they carry in their innovation an aspect of the image of the future of their society. These innovative individuals, these bearers of the future become the “deviants” of their own society. They are not recognized as the bringers of good. Rather they are attacked as disturbers of the present, destroyers of self-defeating habits of the old society (the caterpillar) which has been superficially framed as the “good life”. In extreme cases, they can be killed. Kennedy, King, Gandhi, Rizal, Bonifacio, Javier, Aquino, and others were killed because they were too dangerous to the system. The auto-immune response of the old society tries to get rid of these visionaries.” – Butterfly Effect, Nicanor Perlas

For a background of the “Butterfly Effect” please click on this link –> Butterfly Effect 

My initial reaction to the information given out by them anonymous… was of course.. ANGER.

It made people go screaming mad, some were giving out hopeless comments, that it is the way it is… and all that shizznit… and we cannot do anything about it.

Zilch. Nada. Let’s just keep paying our taxes while they go spend the money or sit on it with their stinkin ass and let them go buy that luxury car or that luxury unit next door while the rest of the working class, keep providing for them and while most of our brothers and sisters still live in shantys and we continue to disempower them.

Well, it’s a system that has been going on for years.. and if you’ve read the blog… if we wanna go “due process”, our laws were made to protect people just like them.

And we can’t possibly do another People Power… because folks.. it’s insane to keep and do the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

So too in society at large. We see chaos all around. We can respond in two ways. We can complain and dis-empower ourselves with a sense of hopelessness. Or we can see this as an external symptom that the old order is collapsing and waiting to be transformed into a level of complexity and order. – The Butterfly Effect,  Nicanor Perlas

There are actually two ways to go about it…. (aside from the fact… that we can just sit back and live our own life).

FIRST OPTION: The Revolution.

Create different groups.

Ask everyone not to pay taxes. Call on the support of the police officials who are fed up of the system. Military officials who will drop their guns against us and pointed to them corrupt..

One group as mercenaries to assassinate all the corrupt bloodlines and leave no one behind (Wow, just like them dark wars).

Then create a different take over group.  One that carries the voice of the multitude….. now who would that be, would be a whole huge debacle. As we overthrow a system… what would ensure us that the system we place would be the perfect system…. etc.. and many other complications will rise from this. Whuddunit. Bright minds should gather and think about how to go through it seamlessly. And how do you know those underground plans wouldn’t be filled with various snakes who can rat against you?

However noble the cause…. revolutions…. that can turn out bloody… cannot be our foundation for a new society that we envision…. for the system that we envision…

SECOND OPTION: Peace is the Way – Butterfly Effect

Well, we have to accept the fact that War cannot drive out War. And that HATE cannot drive out HATE. Only peace is the way…. and only love can drive out hate. only light.. can drive out darkness.

and you can say.. yadda yadda. What is peace to the multitude that is suffering? Yadda Yadda.. how can you say that while the rest of the country are starving? And thats just another bunch of “feel-good” theory.

But, my dear friends…. this is scientifically proven… and in the City that I am living in… we are reaping the results as more and more of us… “USE THIS WAY”.

For a background of the “Butterfly Effect” please click on this link –> Butterfly Effect

We can all do this wherever we are….. situated… whether you are a government official genuinely wanting to serve our nation, a student, a mother, a teacher, a farmer, a lover, a healer, a gasoline boy, and insert all kinds of people…..

#1 –  Envision the kind of Philippines you want to live in. How do you see our politicians? How do you see our system? How do you envision the grandest version of Philippines? Do we see ourselves rising and becoming the Tiger of Asia… how do you envision progress? Would you want it sustainable? Go wild. Visualize the kind of Philippines you want to live in….. what are the values that we would carry as a NATION? Are we living up to our PREAMBLE ? (we have one of the best preambles by the way…)

#2 – In your own little way, what can you do ….. that can aid and support this vision? What initiatives will you take on… to address the challenges that we are facing today?

#3 – Connect with individuals who are doing “heart-based” work for our country, for their own city…. and learn from them.. or invite them to work with you….

#4 – Keep in touch with CHANGE AGENTS. People who are willing to go off the beaten path… back to being – what is true in our NATURE. Our Nature as Human Beings on this planet… as caretakers… and a brother’s keeper.

#5 – Say these … 4 positive phrases that work over and over again in your mind like a tape recorder whenever you are not doing anything: I love you, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you. 🙂

There is another aspect of the butterfly that moves us from the realm of metaphor to the realm of science. There is the so-called “butterfly effect” of the new science of complexity. We often hear how the flap of a butterfly’s wings can influence weather patterns around the world. Small changes, if properly situated, can cascade and have large scale effects.

In 1969 Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. She never imagined that barely a decade later her historical analysis would receive empirical support from natural studies in the form of the new science of complexity. – The Butterfly Effect, Nicanor Perlas

Doing all these.. is not easy. It takes courage to…. do what WORKS for everybody. It takes courage to deviate from things that are normal… to going back to our natural state.

I tell you this path… Option #2… is the hardest part.  The easiest part is not to care.. and not participate.. it’s also very easy to be evil. For people who stick to evil deeds are the ones who aren’t courageous enough to answer the call that their hearts are saying……. but the bravest people I know.. are those people who would FIGHT and STICK TO THE VISION OF THE KIND OF PHILIPPINES WE WANT TO HAVE… and the VALUES that we CARRY as FILIPINOS.

I have high hopes. 🙂 Because, everyday, I meet people who are in the realm of bringing in positive changes, and awesome sustainable solutions to the challenges we have today.

And yes, the old worm cells, will try to eat away…. the imaginal cells… but… let’s carry on and keep transmuting everyone… and activate their Imaginal Self….

Carry on. Spread the Love… Give the Love around. 🙂

Imaginals for a better Philippines

WARNING: Reading this might awaken your Imaginal* Self. Read with Awareness.

In the frenzy of the elections, I was so excited to cast my vote! I gathered everything I could over the internet, their credentials, speeches, interviews, it was tedious!. I listened to their speeches and tried to see where they stand subjective or objective. Most speeches would delve on who they know, and why they are running. Some are shallow, the usual promises, other speeches were frustrated with the current system, some idealistic.

I only have one vote, and I know that it matters.

For starters, ever since I was young, I tried to ignore government. I mean, come on. Why would my voice matter? Let them run the whole show! I have enough to deal with, growing up, my crushes, my novels I have yet to read, I also need to travel the world!!

But, day to day life… you can see.. our government plays a major role in our society. It affects you in business, in most policies, it reflects in our educational system, our healthcare system, our roads, international conflicts, etc. It’s not everything, yes. But, it plays a certain role and life would be even more fun in the Philippines had it been the ideal good, Imaginal government that it deserves to be.

I’ve seen a few Imaginals* running or in office already. Mostly very successful in their own cities, like Happy L.A.(Davao City), Jason Gonzales(Iloilo), the mayors in Bayawan, small towns with values….

but it takes a huge risk to go after National Government:

Because #1, an Imaginal won’t buy votes. So, that’s a huge factor because majority of our voters are allowing their votes to be exchanged for a mere Php500.oo. There’s even a suggestion by one of my friends from one of his colleagues, Law Nogra, that those who will be allowed to vote are the taxpayers. It’s a great idea. It would make vote buying harder, it will be challenging to have that rule implemented but very possible.

#2 If you are an Imaginal, and if you don’t have a flashy surname(you can marry someone with that surname though), or because the President did not endorse you, you are a goner. We’ve seen that happen over and over again. Even that one person made it to the JAIL and back! Eeeep. And even if that flashy surname is all you have, you’d make it to the Top 5! (Imagine that!). It’s okay to have a flashy surname, but you need to at least face the people.. to whom you will be serving…. it’s just so sad. And you know who I mean.

#3 If you are an Imaginal, you would be needing loads of VOLUNTEER support. From campaign materials, to having food for the working campaign staff, the means to go around from city to city,the marketing you will be needing, the people you need to meet. It requires an orchestrated national BAYANIHAN to push through. And loads of people should support you to pull this off.

So, will the best hope come from the flashy surname, who is blessed with the heart to serve, and a gift to be objective and wise at times without the need to abuse power and authority?

I sure, hope so… because… our country needs a massive overhaul.

But, one thing I know for certain… all hope is not lost.

Because you, the one reading this, can affect a heart and that heart can affect another and there it can go and spread like wildfire. That hope is not lost… because Government is just one part of the change that we are seeking for, but real change, and I know this is overrated but still holds true – is from WITHIN.

Amidst all this, what made me excited was… that more and more people I know, are really thinking and excited for something better. It started with wanting to be a better person, and then  a city, and then a country and ultimately the world.

So, whatever field you are in… just do good.. keep your integrity intact, always look for a better way to find solutions, make ways for win-win situations, without compromising your WHOLENESS, don’t trade your values for a small way out. I would always look back and remember Maria Ressa’s piece on “How Good People Turn Evil – Corruption in the Philippines“. It’s an everyday thing, you have to fight for it every moment. But, don’t lose hope.. because if you do… that’s when it starts to eat you.

Yes, yes, the results are depressing. I am in fact very disappointed… but still we need to move forward. And we can’t let our FUTURE be dictated by the MINORITY just because they are in POWER and they think they can CONTROL us for their own GAIN.

No, there are currently 700,000+ voters who opted to think differently….. and there will be more of us. Di nga lang kasi sila nag vote :/

By the way, anyone can be an Imaginal. If you choose to be! 🙂 We have many names, Lightworkers, Wayseers, Dakila, Hero, Modern Hero, Anonymous, Change Makers, Change Agents, Dreamers, Visionaries, Lovers, Healers, etc…..

*Imaginals: is a scientific term that is relatively unknown to the general public.

The word “imaginal” comes from the science of biology and its study of “imaginal cells”.  The almost miraculous transformation of a worm to a butterfly begins with imaginal cells.  Scientists call these new cells “imaginal” because they are the cells that form the butterfly.  They are the “imagination” of a future reality, the butterfly. These imaginal cells come together and form the tissue, organ,, and ultimately the organism we call the butterfly. MORE: MISSION

Photo Source: Maca-Ronnie

birthing a new era

we are still here. alive and kickin`! not, that i was expecting something as large as an ice age or meteor falling or aliens beaming us up to godknowswhere.

I guess the lightworkers did their job well! *cheers* There were simultaneous global meditation happening at 11:11 GMT and other events creat

ing good vibes… and well.. wadaaaaa. keep the good vibes steady, everyone! We need that in this new era/dimension. 🙂

that was one gentle re-birth. mmmmm… but… the birthing is still going on! at least, the purification stage is way past it.. and we are ready to welcome the Light. Truth. Love. Cooperation. Kindness. Joy. Peace. Creativity. Abundance.

Of course, there will be battles as the old struggles to hang on, but then… love and light will totally melt them away.. or transmute them.

Yesterday, we celebrated it… in our community. We invited different people of different religious backgrounds and beliefs, advocacies, culture… and all from different fields too.

It was fun.

There were singing, dancing, laughing and some cryin`….


A select few gave out their vision…. for the coming generations. I was one of them. I gave out my vision for the youth. 🙂 There were visions for government, business, education, environment, natural farming, music & arts, spirituality, peace, and the mindanao agenda….

we also placed our wishes… on a wishing tree for our families and the world….

we also gave gifts and greeted each other Happy Birthday! (yeah, that may seem weird.. but we are just doing what we know best… to transcend and include… for the coming cycle…. another 5,126 years again? wooohoo!)

I am just blessed to be born at such a time as this…. i guess in a way,… my soul waited for this event.

exciting days ahead!!! 🙂

btw, check out my guest post on Denoy’s blog: Friends

Farewell 2006

What a year! 2006 is about to end and the whole world’s about to welcome 2007 with a big loud bang. Although there are no loud, sparkling fireworks here in Davao since they are banned, well that gives another New Year minus the fireworks. J

This year made me experience a lot of “firsts” in my life.

Last year was my first time to celebrate the new year out of the house… and into the Nationwide Family Camp we endured for days *from Dec. 25 – Jan. 1* How’s that for a holiday? It was fun anyway… and a whole new experience.

* to sing in public with the family… and followed by a lot of singing presentations.

* to travel out of the country.

* to fly business class and use the business lounge (it’s free… so why not take the chance?)

* road-trip with friends for an hour and a half drive to a wedding and without a chaperone.

* See a panda.

* make a layout all by myself

* manage and edit a mini-video + music video

* take an international exam

* be in an organization. (IIPA and PCAM)

* an official (treasurer) of IIPA Davao Chapter

* to be late in class and it went on till the end of the year

* to make matters worst… I even have a couple of consecutive abscences..

* first time to see a Yellow watermelon.

* to be tagged

* to ride a tram and a double decker bus.

* to ace a math subject. Woohoo!

and a whole lot more of firsts…

I thought the election would be done by the year 2008. Silly me. Not up to date. It’s on 2007 and I was even lazing around not worried about registering in COMELEC. Now, I’m with the “rush-rush” registrants.

My first day was December 30, 2006, when my mom called me 8 in the morning to inform me that it would be the last day of registering and all that. I rounded up a couple of my classmates to join me in COMELEC at Magsaysay Park, only Avy and JV went along with me to register, but JV gave up after a few minutes of trying to get the form. It was not a good sight actually. Sweaty people and bad smell hovering. *Gah*

Me and Avy decided to be early today. We arrived at the park like 5:20. It was drizzling and we waited there patiently. Laughing at some korny jokes or just watching other teenagers. We were just keeping ourselves busy, not minding the negative side. The gates opened 8 am… and everyone rushed out like prisoners released. Shouting, pushing. Avy, Ate Alice and I just slowed down not minding the rushing people.. because it’s still the same.. we will all be inside in a few moments anyway. To make the long story short… we got the forms 11:44 and ate a quick lunch and passed the forms by 2pm. I was asked to go back this January 2 for the picture, and Avy on January 3.

I was quite disappointed with COMELEC (Davao) specially the ones handling District 2. They are not organized. They would tell you there are no more forms and then the people would go away, and in a few minutes they will tell you the forms are available. They are like toying with the people.

The lines in District 2 was not good. Dami sumisingit. Rawr. It was exhausting and suffocating plus with the blaring heat of the sun and the smell. *Gosh* The place smells like dog poop and to make matters worst, someone farted. Sweaty people pushing you around made it even more exasperating. I don’t like to be pushed nor do I like to push other people in front of me. I called my mom that time wanting to cry already and give up because I cannot take it anymore… our line can’t get anywhere with all the people trying to overtake. I told her there are no more forms. My mom told me “How can that be? With all the money we-the people are paying (referring to tax) they would suddenly run out of forms? No… No.. You better get your forms. Don’t go home without getting one. And that’s Philippines. You have to go through that experience… you must understand how our system works.”

Yeah. Crappy system, I must say. I was even asking myself why in the world am I there? I don’t care about the election. It doesn’t matter. Who wins, wins. End of story.

When I arrived home, I was dropping hints to everyone how tired I was, how the people were, how the place smelled. My mom would then reply…

“Oh well, everyone needs to go through with that… Now you know how it is like in the Philippines eh?”

Yeah, and I wish one day it would improve. A better system, one that would benefit everybody even to the ones who serve the people.

I’m not exactly complaining, I’m just observing. Although, yeah awhile ago I was. But, then I must experience this….. and get something from it. A lesson perhaps, one that I could apply to other experiences as well.

It was a good day. All’s well that ends well. No matter what process you’ve gone through.

It’s a nice thing to end the year. This is another first. Going to all the trouble on New Year’s Eve, and helping in the kitchen right away without getting a good rest because our relatives are coming over. A whole lot of them… and so there goes my movie marathon into the bin. I won’t be able to do it then. *sigh*

Oh my cheeks turned pink to red. Nyahaha. Na sunburn pa ako ni 2006. Salamat sa pabaon haaa?

Happy NEW YEAR!!!