Life Stories: Reunited

A few days ago, one good friend of mine named Kuya Arjun messaged me with a photo of him, his son in low, and his grandson.  


The place looked so foreign… With the ship at the back.. It cannot possibly be in Philippines!

He captioned it with: “thats me, my son in law named Michael and grandson. My son in law and daughter met in Rome. ”

I was momentarily confused and told him: “wow! You look so happy! I am happy for you. Wait, are you in the Philippines?”
And he said:” oh sorry! I forgot to tell you. I am now in Canada. I met the family of my daughter now as i attend their wedding. Im telling you this because it was after we talked and the angel guidance you did for me that gave me motivation to pursue my travel in Canada. Now, ill be here till December and ive got a visa til 2020.”

I was so happy to hear that he is finally with his family! For quiet sometime Kuya Arjun gave up his tshirt factory in Manila to live a monk life (an unspiring one at that)and devoting his life to the missions here in the Philippines. 

However, his heart also longs to be with his family. When we met last February or Early March he was hesitant to apply for a Canadian visa.  His cards and angel guides told him to pursue it.  I was merely the mouthpiece of the angels.  

And now! Months after he is finally in Canada with his grandson! And seeing that smile i am sure he is in bliss!

I am so blessed and inspired with his story…. and this goes to show that if there is intention and faith…nothing is impossible with the support of God and the angels. 

This is also a story of the importance of family and the happiness we have when we are re-united with them. β€οΈπŸ’•

This also inspired me to pursue the angrl guidance readings and keep supporting everyone i meet to their journey back to Love. 

The past few weeks, i have been mulling over my direction.. an area of my life seems to be incommunicado 😭.. and suddenly i cannot see the way… I placed my dreams on his direction but now..Its like mists are covering it up and its becoming blurry… But, God has been telling me through people coming up to me and sharing to me their stories and successes to pursue this area.. 

There are moments i feel i am abandoned by someone i really trusted, however i should not lose hope because the one i have in me.. Who is Christ and Gods Love never ever abandoned me. 

And to this I anchor my dreams and visions to Him.

All these for the glory of God. πŸ’•πŸ’πŸŒˆπŸŒ


The Sting of Death

I don’t know how to begin this, but I feel I ought to write something.

I couldn’t even bear saying it…. but I have to… my Dad chose to go as soon as a little bit pastΒ  12midnight on April 6, 2015.

We were in the ICU but outside the room of my Dad when it happened…. and everything was just so unreal to me. But, I couldn’t say those aloud because my mom was being hysterical. It’s like when he was being revived…. i began to find ways that what was happening was unreal.

Until now, I can’t seem to believe it’s real. I still find myself crying whenever I’m alone… because I miss him.

But, I sense the loss whenever I go home. He would always be beside the piano, or in front of the tv, or beside the kitchen table drinking his meds or inside their room sleeping.

It’s very painful because I always dreamed papa to be with us for a long time. For him, to see me married and for him to see his grandsons or granddaughters one day.

Truth be told, I got scared when we took him to the hospital. My mom was already crying, and it’s unusual, because we’ve been to hospitals with my dad whenever he got stroke but it would always be calm. But, this time… mama was crying. I also got scared when I saw him being “intubated” (I dont know if that’s the right term). I just stood there… scared. Not knowing what to do. T_T I don’t want to see my papa having a hard time.

When he was transferred to the ICU and was able to rest while his vital signs are being monitored and stabilized. I felt better because I saw and believed everything to be okay. Although, the heart rate 143 was a high one… it was the last heart rate we saw before we left the hospital to go get the papers needed. I believed Papa was sending out a message: “I love you” and I pointed it out to mom .. and we both said: We love you Papa.

But, arriving home.. I felt the sting.. the emptiness. And i sobbed hard. But, I didn’t want to believe it. So, I prayed for God’s grace. And that I know everything that is happening…. is left unto Him. And then we got a call that my Dad’s BP went up and it was good news.

We left home as soon as we got what we needed and rushed back to the hospital. As soon as we settled to the “Watcher’s Lounge”. The ICU doctor called our attention and said that my dad’s BP went down again and he is in a critical condition. My mom bawled and panicked. I cannot panic, and was busy reassuring her. Then we went to the lounge again… having mixed emotions…. scared… hopeful… pleading that my dad would be alright. A few minutes after…. we were called in and the doctor said… my dad has no vital signs whatsoever and that they were trying to revive him.

We stood outside immobilized. Not wanting to accept what was happening… because it was way too soon. Not this soon. T_T And then we braved our way inside and saw 2 doctors and 3 nurses. Mom rushed inside and held his feet. I couldn’t even bear going near him. It was too painful to me. The doctors were talking to us… but it seemed what they were saying were pretty alien to me. We were in shock. This happens to movies. Not real life. Not this soon.

I lost my papa. I thought I’d have a lot of time with him.Β  I thought he’d be with us for a long long time…….

Rainbow Day

It’s a Rainbow Day!!!

My special day has arrived!

I celebrated it with my biological family and my family here at home and of course my Boo!

It was a wonderful day!

Boo, came up with a sweet birthday countdown on his facebook wall, which I found adorable. His surprises, came a wee bit early but I didn’t open the package and opted to open it today! (eventhough, I was excited and itching to really open it).

And when I did… ta-da! I got not only one card.. but two!! And a sweet amethyst necklace. It was absolutely one of the sweetest things I got from my Boo! I couldn’t help but blush and just bask underneath his love rays as he beamed and blushed from receiving my response. I couldn’t help but notice his excitement, to which I really find endearing and sweet. I feel like twirling around in a field of daisies or maybe lavenders and then capping it off by sharing a sweet wine with him! How does it get any better than this?

He, also took his time off from work, to which I told him it’s not necessary, we will just find time, but he insisted he wants to spend his time with me, after finding out I did not plan to have a party at all. He also cooked chicken tocino for breakfast, because that was what I was having and cooked an impromptu spaghetti to wish me fun filled long life! We watched 3 idiots together! Another one of my wish list with him! So one down, and many more to go! *winks @ boo* It was not a good idea to watch a foreign film while we are apart, because I can’t make “kulit” since we have to pay attention to the subtitles or otherwise we’d miss parts of the movie! Nevertheless, it was lovely.

During dinnertime, I spent it with my family. The two kids at home were absolutely adorable. Jesse, woke me up and hugged me to wish a Happy Birthday. KZ, gave me her blue guitar keychain. It was sweet! Darlene also came home even though she has her pre-board tomorrow. I really appreciated her effort. She’s the best sister ever!

My phone and facebook wall were filled with well-wishes to those who remembered. I did not ask for my birthday to be alerted when it comes. But, I still enjoyed a few wall posts from friends who remembered. I loved all of it.

I am just thankful for this day. Thankful for God, for the moments and days I spend and the gift called- Life. I am excited for another wonderful year of living life with Love and Light. Always choosing kindness. Even though, there are times I stumble, I procrastinate, going through bad days, releasing my dark side, it’s not perfect…. but I am in the process of simply unveiling what God has given me.

I am also thankful with my family, who has always been there for me and who supports me in my Highest Good and for my own Well-Being. For my Boo, who told me in his sweet way, that he will be with me through my ups and downs and in the many years ahead. That was the sweetest you’ve said sweetheart! For my Ilawod Family, who continue to help light my flame and inspire me. For my DXN Friends, I am Maria, Readers Council, Mission Family, Childhood friends, High school buds, and College chums…. Thank you for staying with me and inspiring me. And to the people that irks me… thank you for always keeping me in check and in balance. You have helped me grown a lot!

So.. Cheers!!

AllΒ of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.

Rainbows and roses,




Yahooo! Finally! I heard from boo after what seems to be ages! 😊☺️😊☺️😍😍😍 At around 4 in the morning i heard my phone and for awhile there i thought it was just a dream and I kept imagining i answered it and it turned out I wasn’t and it kept ringing and good thing i really woke up and checked it out…. And it was boo!!!

I was just so happy i want to jump out and hug him right away!!!!! Ahhh i miss him na talaga!

And then he followed up a bit about his Christmas card to me which up to now did not arrived, but i told him I’m hoping it would arrive … In fact, i was very confident it would since I asked the angels….

Anyway, we conversed a bit until one of our connections failed.. i think it was on my end.. I was waiting for his reply since he said: “wait” and when he finally did… It came in late on my end and when i was about to respond my phone lagged and i had to work my way to get logged in again 😭😭😭

A little while after, knowing he prolly lost his signal along the way… Someone from home knocked on my door and said: There’s a letter for you!

And i replied: From?

She said: Im not sure, but I think this may be the one you’ve been waiting for!

And like a kid scrambling for her Christmas present on a Christmas day I jumped up and grabbed it with a: thank youuuu!!

And ta-daaaa! It was his Christmas Card for me! 😍😍😍 with a special bonus! It was just so sweet and thoughtful of him. I knew about the letter but not the bonus. πŸ˜‡πŸ’

Archangel Gabriel!!! Thank you so much! 😊☺️

Also, today, a couple friend dropped in on our home and just hang out and spent time with dad and mum and me. So, we were sharing about life, money, the things we are going thru, the world, family, friendship…

It was a wonderful time. 😊☺️

All in all, my day turned out really lovely. I told my boo, he sure made my day better! 😍

I can’t wait for him to go home naaa and back to unlimited chika! Ahihihihi ooops i heard an “uh oh” from him somewhere out in the Tasman Sea! Ahihihihi πŸ¨πŸΌπŸ’


Just a little extra goes a long way

After having dinner with Lola Bebot at Yellowcab (which is another story i will recount one of these days),Darlene told us a story of a girl…

She was a crew in yellowcab and Darlene saw her while she was about to go to the comfort room. She sensed something was up and saw the lady looking at her magic space(according to Coelho.. A space where you usually focus your attention onto.. You can read it in his book Valkyries) and looking forlorn.

Darlene went back to where we were seated and battled on whether to comfort the stranger and was clearing herself of her intention: was it to look good? Or the need to rescue or was it a call to be just there. After a series of deep breathing, she chose the latter. She went back to the lady and gently approached her and asked her: “Can i hug you? You look sad and you might need a hug..” And the girl nodded and darlene hugged her. The girl started crying and Darlene kept assuring her: its okay, whatever shes going through.. She can do it.

Darlene need not know the details but clearly the girl needed support at that time. After a few moments she guided the girl by gently having slow deep breaths…. while clearing the space.

And she calmed down.

I told her: it was the right thing to do and that im happy she did it and i was inspired… And told her.. “See, you are such an angel”

While walking across the grocery, just seconds after Darlene finished the story.. In front of us was a little girl wearing a bunny shirt who reached out her hand to Darlene first.. Wanting to touch her… And we all smiled and Darlene placed her hand at the bottom palms up… Then the baby reached her hand out to mom and then to me… And we touched her too. And we all giggled.. And exclaimed.. Because we didnt do anything.. The kid simply called our attention at that moment. The dad just simply stared amused at three giggling strangers.

We were about to leave when the baby reached her left hand out again to reach for Darlene, then mom and me. She did it three times. When the baby’s mom arrived she smiled… Wondering: what in the world is going on? But then it was her baby reaching out… Then it stopped and they left after waving bye bye. And i told the baby: See you angel! πŸ˜‡

I told both mom and Darlene.. I think the angels are affirming us.. What you did was just right and it was a “job well done” earth angel tap in the hand.πŸŒˆπŸ’

And you know what it means when messages arrives in three’s.

I told darlene to write her own version… But i am also compelled to write my own version…

We are all here for one another.. May the person be a stranger, family, friend or even enemy.

Sometimes… The angels we know can be just inside of us… And its the best angel you can count on first.

And nothing could ever go wrong when you act with love. It is not normal to reach out to strangers.. We were taught to fear them.. We were even taught not to trust people we know as friends along the way..

But eventhough the world and the people we trust and love can hurt us… God never failed to send his angels.. to you..

Sometimes God sends angels in the form of strangers or family or friends.
Sometimes they are there for a second, a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, even years…. a lifetime and many lifetimes.

Everyone is in fact an angel to one another… And really the world can be heaven on earth if we practice kindness everyday…

Not just strangers…

If strangers can bring relief the way darlene did to the girl… Imagine if we practice that to the ones we love.

Specially to the ones we love. They need our kindness more… Not your estrangement. They need your understanding more than your judgment and your need to be right. They need your hug and your care specially in the moments when its becoming hard to love them, specially when they make you crazy mad!!😠😀

All they need is your love and care… Your extra kindness… Because what makes extraordinary days.. Extraordinary? Is the extra you give it…
Extra love, extra care, extra kindness, extra forgiveness, extra patience… Never be afraid to add a little extra… To go the extra mile… You never lose that way.. You just gain.

So give that extra… to the ordinary… And see the magic and love all around you..

Oopsie its Thanksgiving nga pala!!

Here’s a thank you to everyone who has been an angel to me.. Strangers or not…(you all have been tagged in facebook because you have inspired me in some way.. And showed me lessons.. Good or bad)

And im really grateful to God whose love and guidance never fails.. Eventhough on moments i may not understand.. Thank you for always assuring me that everything is working out according to your Plan…

I have surrendered my life to you long ago… I realize now, i never should stop because there are still mountains to climb, valleys to walk on to, countries to explore.., seas to dive into, waves to enjoy…. Sunshine, rainbows and butterflies…. And the world needs me to live my life 100 percent.. Wholeheartedly.



I know there are moments that i am impatient and stubborn… But my journey the past year has taught me a great deal ❀️



I was kinda feeling down a night ago.. even today… However, as usual it has always been me and the angels on times like this…specially at night.

There are moments when i dont feel all too kind, there are moments where i feel “im so fed up with this thing/that person, i cant take no more”.

Love tank = 30% is running pretty low the past week.

So, if its to be.. Its up to me.

I took off to get myself a massage and facial which i have been putting on hold since day one of 2014. (Okay okay i did get 3-4 massages over the year).

And then, fulfilling a commitment i made with my boo.. Will go visit md… to appease him that im alright and im really taking care of myself.

Good thing i have Bee and Resh.. whom i can call on on moments like this… And ta-dah! We are off to the beach after a little stint at the MD. (That is if we can make it.. ) which we didn’t and in fact the two almost didnt make it on their flight. Booohooo! 😭

But, being with them makes me feel .. “Hey, you are not alone… We are here”. Not that we talked a lot nor was i able to dump. But, it made me feel… That God also blessed me with warm hearted, bubbly, kind, loving, will go out of the way friends.

Im just happy that I have my sistereynas i can call on to when things get topsy turvy. They both are also going thru their own stuff… But we all managed to just laugh it all out.

Grateful for lifelong, authentic sistereynas.. Thanks bee and resh! Love lots! 😍😍😘😘 and of course Dorlay who gives me space and a breather and who knows what im going thru with just one look…. And would sound off her gentle.. Wise words to comfort me.


come April, come May, here’s June

A lot of things have transpired the past 2 months.

First off, I started April with delight but however a few days after I was disappointed by a certain person because he is causing a “disconnection” among the change makers of Davao. I still couldn’t imagine how someone whom people look up to can disappoint you at that instant. But, I know the lesson here is to really look beyond all the drama and go back to what truly matters – Forgiving. But, it took me awhile… well, and it is taking me awhile because it’s just “ugh”. And to learn again that a certain lawyer is actually behind the whole thing too. This certain law person got a questionable background already and is spreading a lot of lies which can be likened to “character assassination” already. I just couldn’t imagine some people would go far to do that. Its just unfathomable because all along you gave them your real friendship… hearts and all. But then… you get this? But, that’s life! [ what I can’t take is that they are also in the Self Mastery Department and they should know that one of our protocols…. if you don’t like a person or you see something wrong… you either confront and do clearing with the person… or just stay away.. not spread lies to our friends ] What irks me even more is that they don’t even know that the people they are trying to disconnect are actually people who have been through a lot of things already since the 80’s!!!!! And we all just met them year 2012. Tsk tsk tsk. They should know better. But, well these are all challenges to test our relationship as a community… and our intention. And now, I realize not everyone really has a gem of heart.. and this experience made me even more keen and aware that even if the person can come off as “perfect”…. the “intention” of the person would really matter. whether it’s pure or not.

This month, on Heart Circle (our family initiative of reframing the “network marketing” business as more than business but actually where people can grow consciously and as whole persons and to empower them … thus addressing the “empowerment” side of humanity, economical issues such as poverty to be eradicated… and having better relationships with others) we have launched a Program for a month… with 8 Sessions (2 per week)… and we are on our first week. So far, it went well… we have 15 students all in all. Woot. [ which reminds me i have to polish my Financial Management module pala. I have a day to tackle about money ]

So far, I have experienced God’s grace and awesome love the past 2 months as I have journeyed with social challenges. And of course God’s answered prayers through doors closing and doors opening. I miss my sisterlaluuuu who is somewhere in Visayas reviewing! IMY making you kulit whenever you giggle over Korean movies!!! And in between supporting mom and dad through their own challenges too… and my brother in his solar venture.

And and of course, my journey aint complete without my awesome Partner! Boo! I am forever grateful for you… cause you make me laugh and with you I grow. You don’t condone my childish behaviors and we always get to talk about it in a very mature way. You are out now, for a vacay…. but you surprised me today with 4 photos in FB!!!!

I find that very touching … that you remember me even if you are out and about [ but i know you always will…] but kilig ako super!! I love what you just did… and of course my “mornings with boo” in FB *so super sweet* All those songs! Grabe you never fail to surprise me! I am the happiest woman in the world! And I am so proud i am your Boo! I love you! ❀

Love and Magical Kisses,