15 days

Day 15.

Its been 15 days of cave time. I appreciate that he stayed all along… But, i still miss him. So much.

But, i know he needs his cave time. And, I can sense in his own ways he cares a lot for me.. Sometimes in a rough way.. But, i sense his being gentle…

The past 15 days taught me a lot of things. I sat with pain, moments of grief… then sprinkles of happiness when i see glimpses of his love and care. It has made me look inward.

I can say.. I’ve grown a lot with him. I learned more about myself… And challenged my beliefs, and placing it all into movement. It’s a bit messy, but I appreciate that even though he is not the most patient man (he would say to me)… He does so with me.

When i miss him, I just peer through conversations with him and my moments with him that I have in the past. And how fun it has been!

I remembered how a year ago today… I was in Baguio for a training from a financial institution.. And he was with me all throughout. Also, when I got down to Manila and had to take a cab all alone… He was with me all the time.. Giving me instructions what to do. I was deeply touched. From then on, I knew I had a keeper. That was one of the best memories I have with him. The way he would see me through and how he would weave a sigh of relief that I am safe.

Those memories comfort me.

Until now, I kept thanking God for making me experience a mature, caring, loving, creative and wonderful man.

I am blessed.

I also thank the heavenly entourage we both are experiencing… Thank you dear angels for always guiding us…. To just love.



It’s terrifying

The art of love in romantic relationships is in some form an emotional midwifery. Whenever we find ourselves holding our beloved to merge and come together in a new form, it can be both exhilarating and terrifying.

It can threaten the beast within us as it approaches death, it can get very loud before it shines it’s beauty, and while it is being transmuted… a partner might say to you: “This is too high maintenance, I did not sign up for this. I can’t do this. I’m leaving.”

The dark part… the cocoon.. can be scary. Specially, if we don’t know what lies ahead. This cocoon will also eat up all parts that is not required for the journey. All issues will be brought up to the surface, in order for it to be healed.

The thing about relationship is…. it can be terrifying. While it can be a source of a whole lotta love, hugs, kisses, cuddles, compassion, care, someone to listen and talk to, someone who will understand you, someone to experience intimacy with, sprinkles of fairy dust, magical days, can be a source of comfort more than chocolate and a cup of coffee can bring, refreshing than my apple fruit bursts, or more comforting than a vanilla scent wafting in the air….

But  On the other hand…of the spectrum…
It can be terrifying!

Ive known of all these things intellectually, but having faced all these with my partner… it is indeed terrifying. It can consume you… but then, despite all the tears… I know I had to go through it… and just reach through the fire for my lover’s hands. Because, if one’s love is real… the fire won’t actually burn you…. and that the fire is necessary to purify your love for another. [insert song: Through the Fire – Chaka Khan]

It’s amazing that in churches, fire like water plays a very important role in the process…. In relationships, there’s always this emotional fire that can burn you, if you are not prepared. Or, it can heal you…. if one stayed long enough to see the miracle.

And going through the fire with my boo-loved, I am deeply humbled and frequently in tears, not because of pain(although that is present) but because of the vulnerability. That my walls are breaking, that I have finally trusted someone with my heart and soul…. completely.

I remember a passage from Marc Gafni who wrote, the Mystery of Love about an erotic lover and how I gushed about the idea of one day having that kind of love…

“The litmus test of an erotic lover is this: Does this person lead you back to your inner self? Are you able to share with him or her your most vulnerable, fledgling, faltering dreams? Every person has a Holy of Holies which, in those most intimate of times, we let another enter as the priest to worship at our altar. And in the gorgeous paradox of the spirit, by letting a lover enter we ourselves are let in as well. For when the Temple door is open and the lover enters, we ourselves trail behind. We gain uncommon access to our inner selves, a place that we are often unable to reach alone. The true lover always takes you home.” – Mystery of Love – Marc G

With my boo… I began to discover a part of me… that can love so deeply….

There are moments when the midnight chimes, the slipper breaks, the thorns will get in the way, the dragons will slay you, and the star that we wish on will fade…. because all these growth that comes in Being together will definitely ache and give us both pain… and our tempers will often almost collide… but I do hope that despite all this our love is greater than these challenges and that our love, like wine… will grow sweeter with time.

Thank you for always choosing to stay with me boo… I really appreciate it.

With all this…. chaos…. as we both go through our inner journey…. before we merge again…  I just rest in the knowing… that he will always be loved by me… pero before that makakatikim siya ng pitik at pinch. Ahihihihi Bleh. 😛

Oh it’s Wabi Sabi!

Sometime September 2011, I read something about Wabi Sabi and experienced practicing Ikebana on a quickie workshop.

That experience, brought me back to today…. The past week has been quiet challenging.. but the angels are always guiding me to just let it flow.. and release my tendency to control a situation.

I feel my relationship with my God’sGift is taking a gentle oftentimes rough course as I am coming face to face with some of my monsters and shadows.

Sometimes, we feel once we found our God’s Gift we think everything else will be easy cheesy. And for awhile I did thought that was possible. But that is one of society’s greatest myths. At the beginning stage, we think of our partners of as perfect beings…. but then in the middle of the road… we begin to see everything… specially the imperfections. The truth is … no one can ever be perfect.. not you.. not your partner…. You just find ways how to make the imperfections.. perfect! (sounds like word play…)

As I have reflected back on the couples in real life that I know that I really admire… there’s this chamber where they reveal all their monsters but the good thing about their partnership is they are committed that they know … no one is walking out of that door.

Now, I truly understand… what Wabi Sabi means.. how real relationships takes a lot of work. And even there’s this epiphany of finding the perfection in all the imperfection. I have experienced that with my man.. thats why I know I truly love him. There were things that he does that kinda irritates me… but then I find it “cute” na. Its weird… the things I used to dislike…. I find it cute when I see it in him! (But, of course there’s a lot of things we both need to work on… but I have truly experienced… having a “wabi sabi” epiphany moment with him.)

Real relationships takes a lifetime of understanding, constant forgiveness and always remembering that everything is a call for Love. My fears are there and sometimes my way of handling it gets in the nerves of my man. And he has his own fears too. So, we find ways to adjust and make each other feel safe and understood. That no matter what happens….. no one is leaving. At least for me, he gets that assurance. ( yes yes boo.. id know if im being a martyr or not naman eh) 🙂

I can say, I am happy and blessed still…. He has his own imperfections…I have mine… I can truly say I love and accept him the way he is. And he has in fact…. in his own way… helped me healed parts of me.. I thought was “okay”. He showed me how to battle some stuff alone…. but there are times we battle and slay dragons together.  🙂


““There is no mistaking love. You feel it in your heart. Love really is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And, the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – The Love Whisperer

come April, come May, here’s June

A lot of things have transpired the past 2 months.

First off, I started April with delight but however a few days after I was disappointed by a certain person because he is causing a “disconnection” among the change makers of Davao. I still couldn’t imagine how someone whom people look up to can disappoint you at that instant. But, I know the lesson here is to really look beyond all the drama and go back to what truly matters – Forgiving. But, it took me awhile… well, and it is taking me awhile because it’s just “ugh”. And to learn again that a certain lawyer is actually behind the whole thing too. This certain law person got a questionable background already and is spreading a lot of lies which can be likened to “character assassination” already. I just couldn’t imagine some people would go far to do that. Its just unfathomable because all along you gave them your real friendship… hearts and all. But then… you get this? But, that’s life! [ what I can’t take is that they are also in the Self Mastery Department and they should know that one of our protocols…. if you don’t like a person or you see something wrong… you either confront and do clearing with the person… or just stay away.. not spread lies to our friends ] What irks me even more is that they don’t even know that the people they are trying to disconnect are actually people who have been through a lot of things already since the 80’s!!!!! And we all just met them year 2012. Tsk tsk tsk. They should know better. But, well these are all challenges to test our relationship as a community… and our intention. And now, I realize not everyone really has a gem of heart.. and this experience made me even more keen and aware that even if the person can come off as “perfect”…. the “intention” of the person would really matter. whether it’s pure or not.

This month, on Heart Circle (our family initiative of reframing the “network marketing” business as more than business but actually where people can grow consciously and as whole persons and to empower them … thus addressing the “empowerment” side of humanity, economical issues such as poverty to be eradicated… and having better relationships with others) we have launched a Program for a month… with 8 Sessions (2 per week)… and we are on our first week. So far, it went well… we have 15 students all in all. Woot. [ which reminds me i have to polish my Financial Management module pala. I have a day to tackle about money ]

So far, I have experienced God’s grace and awesome love the past 2 months as I have journeyed with social challenges. And of course God’s answered prayers through doors closing and doors opening. I miss my sisterlaluuuu who is somewhere in Visayas reviewing! IMY making you kulit whenever you giggle over Korean movies!!! And in between supporting mom and dad through their own challenges too… and my brother in his solar venture.

And and of course, my journey aint complete without my awesome Partner! Boo! I am forever grateful for you… cause you make me laugh and with you I grow. You don’t condone my childish behaviors and we always get to talk about it in a very mature way. You are out now, for a vacay…. but you surprised me today with 4 photos in FB!!!!

I find that very touching … that you remember me even if you are out and about [ but i know you always will…] but kilig ako super!! I love what you just did… and of course my “mornings with boo” in FB *so super sweet* All those songs! Grabe you never fail to surprise me! I am the happiest woman in the world! And I am so proud i am your Boo! I love you! ❤

Love and Magical Kisses,





“I love you” means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means loving you when you’re down, not just when you’re fun to be with. “I love you” means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them, asking in return that you do not judge me for mine. It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let go. It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping you feel the same way for me.” Jonathan Safran Foer

i love that piece from Mr. Foer. it’s the kind of love that I can relate to. 🙂 *just feeling melancholic as of late*


it seems like digital writing has been my thing the past few days.

i love things handwritten…. i love to write.. mostly in my journal or usually i write in my happy jar… or boo chronicle…

but sometimes when words seems to flow, my writing becomes like that of a doctor…

maybe i should try writing on quill’s like Rizal or Shakespeare… so it looks elegant, and you can still read it.

or maybe it’s not meant to be read…. just some random musings from a twenty-something girlalu!

if i die, do you think someone would fancy my journal and have it printed like Anne Frank? Hah. My dream would come true then! To be a bestseller.

I hope my life was interesting enough…. Well, i’ve lived 50/50 on most points…. but i’ve played 100% since last year… maybe i’ll do a 110% … that way.. if i leave Earth… everyone will remember me as their Rainbow Tina angel! *beams* and well, don’t you worry… every time you see a rainbow.. it’s me sliding up and down and waving hellooo… there’s still tomorrow… and there’s lotsa colors!

Carpe Diem!!!!

What is your kind of Love today?


I’d like to begin with one of my favorite Bible passage…

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” ESV, 1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is a million things and a million star burst to many!

And that passage holds on to many experiences…. that we have of Love.

and we do experience it in many different ways….

and it gets tricky because sometimes “FEAR” masks as some form of “LOVE”

and you know its Fear when it gives you feelings of pain and suffering….that’s part of the whole dance… but know that, that experience is not of LOVE….

everyday we encounter the many faces of LOVE….

some days we experience love as gentle, when you both just want to rest in each others arms and no amount of words can describe that sweet, gentle feeling… its cuddling with your beloved when you wake up or before you sleep, those gentle back rubs, the kisses before one leaves for work

some days we experience love as compassionate, when your lover comes home tired from the demands of the world, agitated and anxious…. or having a bad day or going through the worst of times..

some days we experience love as kind, when your lover gets mad or forgets for awhile to see you in your magnificence and only see the wrongs… but you choose to understand and accept your love no matter what….

some days we experience love as forgiving, when you release your loved one from the guilt that you see that he/she did something wrong….. its releasing the need to be right…

some days we experience love as patient, as our love grows older and little things seems to annoy us, or whenever the one we love does not act the way we  want to…

some days we experience love as faith, when we take that leap, and just BELIEVE and KNOW that our love will be there every step of the way…

some days we experience love as trust, when we took that leap of faith, we don’t know whats beyond us, we don’t know where it would take us, to trust the process, to trust our love, to light our way… and to trust the things we do not understand… to trust that no one is walking out that door…..

some days we experience love as happiness, when one notices the little things that people tend to forget, when you notice that he is consistent with you, that she took time for you, that he cared for you, that she loves you, the silent whispers, the wooing, that moment when she understands, those magical kisses, when she makes his favorite drink or he cooks your favorite meal, when he sends yellow flowers when its cloudy, the tight hugs,

some days we experience love as grateful, the things that we learn from another, grateful for the laughter and even the tears…

some days we experience love as bliss, when everything’s rosy and no amount of rain can dampen your parade… and sometimes its like a good cake, that you just have to eat it because it comes unexpectedly and you gotta take the chances,

some days we experience love as intimacy, when we develop that kind of trust to be truly intimate with another in all areas of the mind, heart and soul, that moment where we ache to be truly ourselves, when she sleeps on his chest, and when he sleeps on her shoulders,

photo source: http://grandduchess-anastasia.tumblr.com

some days we experience love as hopeful, that every fight and every tears are there to dissolve any walls that has been built by previous hurts and pains… and with hope.. you allow love to flow back forth…

some days we experience love as vulnerable, when we completely surrender ourselves to another and when we are authentic and give each one a safe space to do so…. this is the ultimate and the most courageous thing….

some days we experience love as a commitment, to do whatever it takes no matter what, no if’s no but’s…. no walking out that door…. the little sacrifices, the meeting halfways,

some days we experience love as strength, when we choose to hold on, that our love is stronger than the thought of letting go, and that we see there is still something for both of you to teach one another, and that your partnership serves to inspire the world, that despite the challenges, the bills, the normal and the familiarity of day to day living sinks in, the stress, all those concerns… you stay strong..because you remember.. you love.

some days we experience love as courage, when its time to let go of an abusive and a stagnant relationship…

some days we experience love as a miracle, when we thought we could not love another person again, but then God gives us another chance, or another person to make it better, to be more authentic, to be more kind, to be more compassionate, and a whole meaningful and whole experience of love

some days we experience love as inspiring, when the world seems brighter and better, and the birds seems to sing sweet songs for you, and you get inspired to do well in what you do, be it your work or becoming a better lover, and you incorporate new things in your life or when we don’t have it altogether in ourselves, we see couples walking by basking underneath love and we feel inspired…

in everyday, in every way, love shows up in many forms of relationships……

may this remind you, that in this world…. only LOVE is REAL……….. the rest? all those doubts, worries, anxieties, those insecurities, and all the other issues, are not real… but a call for you to love even more and deeply.

[of course there’s a fine line between being a martyr – staying in an unhealthy relationship and you know… that deep inside… ]

WILD & Awesome 2013

and indeed it was a W.I.L.D… one *insert song Wild One ft. Sia*

in case one needs a refresher… I coined WILD as “wonderfully, interesting, love filled days” and indeed my 2013 was filled with that!
Wonderfully interesting by pushing our Liwanag World Festival last February 2013 and by late July, early August my love filled days started and it’s been brewin ever since up to now…. and my heart is desiring for a forever here. [insert song: First Day of Forever] *may the love angels guide us* Yes, there’s something sweet in that desire. Right, boo?

Everyone I know was going through a whole lot of ups & downs. In fact, this year is one tough year for everyone. It was a year of “losses” – be it personally, financially, emotionally, physically…….. I lost a good close friend of mine… Yan2x…. but I know he will always be remembered in my heart. And a lot of my good friends and loved ones lost someone who are close to their hearts too. Also the calamities that devastated parts of our country was equally depressing. However, let this all be not for naught but always cherish and remember our loved ones. Remember our good times with them…because they are never gone… they will always live in our hearts. Meantime, may it teach us to be more present with one another and to always give our all…. When it comes to relationships. Take chances that are there for the taking because we never know what would happen next…… and say the words you would want your loved ones to hear….. because today can be the last day or the first day of your life….. The year was filled with expose as well as the spotlight shifts to our corrupt government officials. *insert explicit words here* It was in fact a year of drama or turmoil if you choose to suffer that long, but at the bright side of everything … is that sometimes… some things needs to fall apart so we can choose the pieces we want to stay in our life…..

This year, I had to go through bouts of confusion in matters of career, because I was confused with all the opportunities unfolding to the point of “I don’t want to move” or “I don’t know what to do”. But, I did try new ventures and found out it was more of an added skill to what I can do one day to support me for a larger purpose which is to be of service to the Filipinos and ultimately the humankind. By spreading LOVE and in more tangible terms… giving each one sustainable support and empowering them to go find their own path.  I even thought of moving out from home… but felt it wasn’t the right time. Yet.

To everyone who braved the year 2013… I congratulate you! Two more challenging years up ahead and we are well on our way to adjusting to the thinning veil of materialism and externals versus valuing what truly matters most to each and every one of us. And that is: what we feel beyond the physical… love, relationships, & spirituality. Just hold on to what matters most and all will not be lost. J Make sure you pick up the worthy ones! Pass up good, wait for great! If you found yourself something great…. Hold onto that and fight for your true heart’s desires….. they don’t usually come around for a second time! 🙂

This year, I’ve experienced various individuals who tested my patience. More like, I’ve encountered people I would rather not deal with in matters of business affairs and personal encounters. Also, betrayal of trust was one issue I tackled, however God always spares me and keeps me from harm while at the same time able to teach me a lesson. I also encountered my bitchy self twice this year. And I know, I ought to trust my intuition more. And now, I know when to stay or leave without prolonging the agony. Ive also learned how to forgive myself for making stoopid mistakes now and then. *face palm*

But then, it was good that on February, I did a spring cleaning of my heart….. Forgiving and letting go of past hurts and angers…. In order to bring in love again… and he arrived on an August day… like a gentle koala with his eucalyptus… and he was just right before my eyes pala… I just have to open my eyes…. [insert song: open your eyes to love]

This year was also wedding-filled!! 7 weddings! But only managed to join the 5 weddings. My closet is filled with dresses na! I was secondary sponsor on 2 weddings, one I was the candle, and another towel. To all the newly married couples for the year 2013… I wish you all the best and may you inspire more people to love and cherish their chosen ones!  and mind you, they were all couples and partnerships that I admire because each has their own spark and uniqueness and they inspire me.

[shout outs to: Rey & Karyl (Urdaneta) – you are a young couple, however I see the love and commitment that is rare sa age nyo… it inspires me!, Kuya Noli & Ate Tere (Batangas) – ive seen you together 4 years ago and we thought you were just friends! Mag boyfriend pala eh!!, Kuya Jaime & Ate Beth (Tagum – may 26) – huwaaa your goal while you were under me Ate Beth was to plan your wedding… you have no idea how your partnership and devotion to Kuya Jaime inspires me.  Meynard & Fran(june 8) – when I heard your love story… I was deeply touched and moved. Kuya Eli and Ate Precious(july 20) – your story is similar to mine.. so that’s why I understood what you guys had to go through… and look at you all pregnant and happy already! Bords &Regine – you are a cute couple! best wishes!!  Cris and Ate Jill – Huwaaaaa!! You’ve seen me both in my brokenness and happiness…. And it is with your partnership that inspires me to also not give up and to keep opening my eyes….]

Despite everything in 2013, I am super grateful for one gift God gave me. 🙂 He is a gift because; I love who I am becoming because of him. And I know it to be true. I know he wouldn’t like it if I mention his name here…. But you know who you are sweetheart! To us, the challenge is… the gift of patience, anticipation, and building the foundation to a lasting worthy partnership…. I don’t know where it will take us… but I’ll be holding you in my heart as you will hold me in yours…. It won’t be hearts and flowers or rosy all the time…. But always remember, if there’s a fall out…. that won’t change my love and respect to you. Kisses  hugstight


This year for BDJ’s checklist: Here’s what I managed to cross off:

*Allow yourself to make mistakes

*Be eco-conscious

*Build your own blog/website – I opened a new theme this year….. @ tumblr

*Buy flowers for your mother – during her birthday! She loves flowers!!

*Clean your playlist – I did!! Whoopeee!

*Dance in the pouring rain – who doesn’t love to be childlike every now and then?

*Drink more water and less soda – check!! Altho I did drink more soda this year than last year

*Eat more fruits and less sweets – yup! Less chocolates and cakes this year!

*Face your greatest fear – JUMP!!! Jumping off the Hayahay rock! Believe me that wasn’t just a fear…. It’s trauma that I overcame from that jump!

*Get your fortune told – Uhmm does pulse reading count?

*Give compliments – Yup!!!

*Google yourself – I have sooo much digital trail … I plan to take them off one by one one day!!

*Jump off a high cliff into the ocean – well, it wasn’t a high cliff… it was just a short jump.. but that was a big deal for me *refer to greatest fear*

*Laugh your heart out

*Learn a new song and dance – chicken dance!! Whoops kiri whoops!!

*Learn a new sport – Kayak!!!
*Learn how to drive – more like polishing my driving skills. More confident now. Parking na lang!

*Learn how to take criticisms – *refer to my post HERE

*Learn to forgive yourself and others

*Learn to say No

*Let go of your past – supercheck!

*Make a baby laugh – haha all the time!

*Make someone a good cup of coffee – yup!!

*Own a pet and take good care of it – Chichay!!! *here* (October)

*Plant a tree – @ Maa Watershed offsetting our LWF carbon footprint (August)

*Play a game of poker with your friends and bluff a hand – new year 2013 with my childhood friends!

*Say “I Love You” to someone special – Bootsulit!  *kiss*

*Smile at 100 strangers

*Sort your wardrobe

*Take a holiday trip with your Best Friend! – Bee! But it was more of business pleasure? But well it was really pleasure naman! Haha (August)

*Throw a huge party with your cousins – Bridal Shower (October)

*Update your resume


2013 Firsts:

*press conferences

*my first PPA meeting (Potential Problem Analysis)

*ex-deal negotiations

*spirit keeper of Happy Team Campaign (politics)

*meeting the Filipino Chinese businessmen here in Dabaw

*First Book reading of I am Maria!

*filing a police report

*got a license from IC

*organized a bridal shower for my cousin

Movies on-screen:

*Life Of Pi, Les Miserables, White House Down, 4 Sisters and a Wedding, Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy

Memorable Events:

*Liwanag World Festival 2013 preparation and days

*Lunch with Joey Ayala at the Adventurer’s abode, Dinner at Kublai’s home! (spontaneous!)

*MISSION Reunion @ Davao

*My Birthday Celebration (spontaneous!) everyone just went sa bahay! Huwaaa everyone that mattered to me. We watched a movie till sawa!!! It was just casual and chill

*Hosted THE RSA with a bang! Huwaaaaa! I did it well and a lot of people congratulated me whoopee I don’t think I want to do it again though. Nyahahaha. Scared the wits out of me!

*Ikepono Gathering (April – Davao)

*meeting Ate Claire after a year sa Leap! J

*attending Milo’s concert! A popular indie European musician, who is the cousin of Ate Maya.

*meeting Justin Garrido of Socialproject.ph

*Bowling with Ikepono peeps!

*Seeing Boses and the cast @ Cinematheque

*with Kath and her hubby, gift giving @ Malinaw Elementary School

*met ate Meg!!

*Blue moon date with Boo

*joined Million March (peaceful way) – singing

*Kuya Atho arrives

*huge waves @ Hayahay!!!

*BBQ Party – convergence with the Lightworkers

*Ate Au’s Birthday (Paradise in the morning, with Dr. Vic’s talk, plus dinner @ Sarung Banggi).

*Movie date: Harry Potter with Boo

*Boo & Trish episode so cute!

*Full moon Lunar Party @ Ilawod House Warming

*Kapampangan Ilokano talk with Boo

*DXN’s 14th Anniversary!

*Rainbow in Club Med, Cherating Beach (Nov. 19)

*DXN’s 20th Anniversary!

*days and nights with Boo


*Lake Agco, Hayahay (4), Cebu, Bohol, Tagum, Paradise Island (2), Sea Grass (1), Padada (2), Marbel (3), Eden Nature (1), Manila (4), Baguio (1), Malaysia (1), Bangkok (1),


I conducted/facilitated:

Discovery Workshop Cebu, Heart Quest 4(5 sessions),

I staffed:

Ikepono (March Davao), Ikepono (April / Manila), Discovery (level1), Level 2 Breakthrough (2)

I attended:

BOP, PCTC, Wealth Management Forum, Wealth Workshop with Russ, Surrender to Love, The Shift, Club Med Cherating International Seminar (DXN)