Of golden arrows and frozen hearts

I was watching Huntsman(Winter’s War) with my family and the message hits home.

I was about to relate myself to Ice Queen about being betrayed and a love lost…. And how I felt that is what I would feel after having lost a love you once had.

But, then the movie reminded me that sometimes our “perception” or the way we look at things or the way things seems to us may not be real. But, just a mere projection. And it is not the truth.

And, then just like that we discount all the love we had for one another and believing a “lie” of “what is”. 

In a relationship, it can be a challenge, a rocking of the boat, a temporary setback. We failed to communicate what happened and chose to ignore and become silent or if we do communicate, we attack one another, shooting arrows against each other’s grievances. 

Some people can be given second chances.. Others not. And we would look forlornly to a love that we lost just because we failed to communicate with love and kindness. 

And to all those lovers out there who may be undergoing something, I may have failed on mine.. You might be giving yourselves a chance.

By choosing love instead of attack. Choose kindness even if your love one attacks you.

Also, not all the time your love one will react the way you want him or her to and with that comes a mile long understanding and patience.

Just remember, that Love can thaw a frozen heart and TRUE LOVE indeed conquers all.

Find that someone who would not walk away from the simple rocking of the boat…. Find someone who chooses to stick with you. Someone who will truly accept you on your bad days as well as your good.

And if you do… Never let them go… Welcome that golden arrow. 💕❤️💐🍀😍❤️💕


Life Stories: Reunited

A few days ago, one good friend of mine named Kuya Arjun messaged me with a photo of him, his son in low, and his grandson.  


The place looked so foreign… With the ship at the back.. It cannot possibly be in Philippines!

He captioned it with: “thats me, my son in law named Michael and grandson. My son in law and daughter met in Rome. ”

I was momentarily confused and told him: “wow! You look so happy! I am happy for you. Wait, are you in the Philippines?”
And he said:” oh sorry! I forgot to tell you. I am now in Canada. I met the family of my daughter now as i attend their wedding. Im telling you this because it was after we talked and the angel guidance you did for me that gave me motivation to pursue my travel in Canada. Now, ill be here till December and ive got a visa til 2020.”

I was so happy to hear that he is finally with his family! For quiet sometime Kuya Arjun gave up his tshirt factory in Manila to live a monk life (an unspiring one at that)and devoting his life to the missions here in the Philippines. 

However, his heart also longs to be with his family. When we met last February or Early March he was hesitant to apply for a Canadian visa.  His cards and angel guides told him to pursue it.  I was merely the mouthpiece of the angels.  

And now! Months after he is finally in Canada with his grandson! And seeing that smile i am sure he is in bliss!

I am so blessed and inspired with his story…. and this goes to show that if there is intention and faith…nothing is impossible with the support of God and the angels. 

This is also a story of the importance of family and the happiness we have when we are re-united with them. ❤️💕

This also inspired me to pursue the angrl guidance readings and keep supporting everyone i meet to their journey back to Love. 

The past few weeks, i have been mulling over my direction.. an area of my life seems to be incommunicado 😭.. and suddenly i cannot see the way… I placed my dreams on his direction but now..Its like mists are covering it up and its becoming blurry… But, God has been telling me through people coming up to me and sharing to me their stories and successes to pursue this area.. 

There are moments i feel i am abandoned by someone i really trusted, however i should not lose hope because the one i have in me.. Who is Christ and Gods Love never ever abandoned me. 

And to this I anchor my dreams and visions to Him.

All these for the glory of God. 💕💐🌈🌏

Just a little extra goes a long way

After having dinner with Lola Bebot at Yellowcab (which is another story i will recount one of these days),Darlene told us a story of a girl…

She was a crew in yellowcab and Darlene saw her while she was about to go to the comfort room. She sensed something was up and saw the lady looking at her magic space(according to Coelho.. A space where you usually focus your attention onto.. You can read it in his book Valkyries) and looking forlorn.

Darlene went back to where we were seated and battled on whether to comfort the stranger and was clearing herself of her intention: was it to look good? Or the need to rescue or was it a call to be just there. After a series of deep breathing, she chose the latter. She went back to the lady and gently approached her and asked her: “Can i hug you? You look sad and you might need a hug..” And the girl nodded and darlene hugged her. The girl started crying and Darlene kept assuring her: its okay, whatever shes going through.. She can do it.

Darlene need not know the details but clearly the girl needed support at that time. After a few moments she guided the girl by gently having slow deep breaths…. while clearing the space.

And she calmed down.

I told her: it was the right thing to do and that im happy she did it and i was inspired… And told her.. “See, you are such an angel”

While walking across the grocery, just seconds after Darlene finished the story.. In front of us was a little girl wearing a bunny shirt who reached out her hand to Darlene first.. Wanting to touch her… And we all smiled and Darlene placed her hand at the bottom palms up… Then the baby reached her hand out to mom and then to me… And we touched her too. And we all giggled.. And exclaimed.. Because we didnt do anything.. The kid simply called our attention at that moment. The dad just simply stared amused at three giggling strangers.

We were about to leave when the baby reached her left hand out again to reach for Darlene, then mom and me. She did it three times. When the baby’s mom arrived she smiled… Wondering: what in the world is going on? But then it was her baby reaching out… Then it stopped and they left after waving bye bye. And i told the baby: See you angel! 😇

I told both mom and Darlene.. I think the angels are affirming us.. What you did was just right and it was a “job well done” earth angel tap in the hand.🌈💐

And you know what it means when messages arrives in three’s.

I told darlene to write her own version… But i am also compelled to write my own version…

We are all here for one another.. May the person be a stranger, family, friend or even enemy.

Sometimes… The angels we know can be just inside of us… And its the best angel you can count on first.

And nothing could ever go wrong when you act with love. It is not normal to reach out to strangers.. We were taught to fear them.. We were even taught not to trust people we know as friends along the way..

But eventhough the world and the people we trust and love can hurt us… God never failed to send his angels.. to you..

Sometimes God sends angels in the form of strangers or family or friends.
Sometimes they are there for a second, a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, even years…. a lifetime and many lifetimes.

Everyone is in fact an angel to one another… And really the world can be heaven on earth if we practice kindness everyday…

Not just strangers…

If strangers can bring relief the way darlene did to the girl… Imagine if we practice that to the ones we love.

Specially to the ones we love. They need our kindness more… Not your estrangement. They need your understanding more than your judgment and your need to be right. They need your hug and your care specially in the moments when its becoming hard to love them, specially when they make you crazy mad!!😠😤

All they need is your love and care… Your extra kindness… Because what makes extraordinary days.. Extraordinary? Is the extra you give it…
Extra love, extra care, extra kindness, extra forgiveness, extra patience… Never be afraid to add a little extra… To go the extra mile… You never lose that way.. You just gain.

So give that extra… to the ordinary… And see the magic and love all around you..

Oopsie its Thanksgiving nga pala!!

Here’s a thank you to everyone who has been an angel to me.. Strangers or not…(you all have been tagged in facebook because you have inspired me in some way.. And showed me lessons.. Good or bad)

And im really grateful to God whose love and guidance never fails.. Eventhough on moments i may not understand.. Thank you for always assuring me that everything is working out according to your Plan…

I have surrendered my life to you long ago… I realize now, i never should stop because there are still mountains to climb, valleys to walk on to, countries to explore.., seas to dive into, waves to enjoy…. Sunshine, rainbows and butterflies…. And the world needs me to live my life 100 percent.. Wholeheartedly.



I know there are moments that i am impatient and stubborn… But my journey the past year has taught me a great deal ❤️


Sitting with Pain

One sunny morning, I saw Pain sitting on a bench.. all alone. He was staring into the horizon. I felt pain as I was watching him from afar.

My mind told me to ignore pain, my body told me to kill it… but my heart… surprisingly told me… to approach… Pain.

It was a constant battle. And it left me….. wanting to numb myself from pain. But, then there’s a voice deep inside the recess of my soul telling me: “Go… approach pain… learn from him. He is a friend. Don’t make him suffer.”

And so, I started to proceed with caution… on my first step towards pain.. I felt it trying to rip my heart out…. on my second step.. i felt pain.. and a lump in my throat wanting to vomit my heart out.

I stopped momentarily to catch my breath. Hesitating… wanting to go back to my comfort zone.. where I can feel pain.. but barely.

There’s a list to masks of comfort if i took five steps backward, there’s chocolate, music, vanilla ice cream, strawberry milkshakes, choco warm cups, alcohol, parties, movies or books that can make your heart give a sorry excuse for tears to flow out… and the list goes on and on.

I took another deep breath, as I battle between wanting to approach pain… or avoiding it.

And I took the unimaginable….. I took another step towards Pain. And a scream came out of my mouth…. I tried to muffle it… but there are no pillows to drown the sound.. and tears came flooding…. my walls are breaking….

“You can’t do it. You’ll die if you go any further”, says the body.

“It’s unwise to muddle closely to pain… look! You are a mess!” says the mind.

“Just go… feel the pain.. take another step…. and you will see….”, says the heart.

With a dose of courage, this time, I ignored the body and the mind and listened to my heart.

I took my fourth step…. *hiccups* as my screams stopped… and my crying slowly came to an end…. *sniff sniff*

My heart told me to take a deep breath…. *inhales and exhales*…. I began to calm down. There’s silence…..

I took my fifth step… and I came face to face with Pain.

And he looked up at me… with a broken smile.

“Hello there, my friend. I thought you’d give up at the third step…….”, Pain said.

“I was about to…..” I replied.

“Come, sit beside me.” He said, and gestured to a space beside him in the bench.

I settled down. We were both silent for awhile watching the horizon. Each consumed in our magical space.

Breaking the silence…. I asked…. “Why, do we need to feel pain? It is very excruciating!!”

“Am I?” He inquired with a grin.

“Yes, you are!” I replied. “I felt you… it makes me want to eject my heart… it makes me scream… it…” my voice trailed on…

“You need to feel those…. because I bring a message to you. If you experience me… then there’s a message.” Pain answered.

“What message is that?” I asked.

“What do you think? Why do you experience me?” He asked back. “Maybe, you should try to look back…. to moments as to whenever you feel pain.. and what’s the reason behind it…”

I looked back and tried to remember. “I feel pain… when I feel I’m not loved. Or someone betrayed me. Or I was vulnerable and then someone would unconsciously hurt me…whenever I am.. rejected…when i experience loss… shame… guilt…. fear….when i am being asked to go away….”

“Yes, and there’s a message I am bringing…”, Pain agreed. “Can’t you see that in all those moments, you are experiencing fear instead of love? I arrive, to remind you… about love.”

“Love? But, I feel pain!” I stressed out.

“Exactly! You feel me, because in those moments… you have abandoned love. You left it’s threshold. I don’t stem from the love that others have denied you….but rather from the love that you deny them.” Pain explained

“The love that I have denied them? But, it is them that denied me!”, I stated

“Yes. They denied you. But, it is your own denial of love… that hurts you most. But, you won’t experience pain…. when you go back to Love. That their actions are merely a call for love. When you took the fourth step, you forgot about what you have been denied, you also forgot how to mask the hurt that you are feeling… but you entered the place of clarity. The space in between pain, when you pause for a moment. When the mind shuts down, when you get past pain…. you enter that “pause”. And everything becomes clear. And that you were sure that you loved. And as you start to love…. you release me. We release one another.” Pain answered.

“Yes, I can remember moments that I am comforted in between the pain. But, how come I cannot stay there?… when my mind wakes up… I panic!” I admitted exhausted.

“It is a constant battle, yes.And always with the mind, and your emotions. But emotions are fleeting… and not permanent. But, that would make you stronger if you stop numbing me. When you suffer…. I suffer… and then your most basic reaction is to numb me. Some with the help of drugs, others by barking and projecting their anger on other people. The worst? Is never allowing yourself to feel vulnerable. Or to stop loving. To vow to never let another enter your heart. Denial of Love.” – Pain explained. “But, remember? Before a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? It has to reject all the old worm cells that would keep her from being a butterfly. There’s always a battle. Chaos. Conflict. But, then when you get through the fire….. you gain access to my wisdom…. like now.”

“My mind cannot fathom why such Love could be denied…. but my heart can sense… that it is so…and that sometimes things has to happen this way.. and that I and I alone can release the pain… regardless of whether the story continues, ends or begins the way I want it to.. ” I reflected.

“Uh-huh. Now, you are getting it. Slowly.” Pain agreed. “There are many things you can learn from me. ANd one is the beauty of uncertainty. And to let go of control when you love… and to release all expectations.. .and just Be Love. to your partner… specially to yourself. That’s the best gift.”

I took a deep breath. Relieved. Having this tiny moment of clarity. I chose to write my conversation… because should I experience Pain again… I can be reminded… that Pain is a friend… and one needs to set Pain free… so I can freely love..and that pain need not suffer.

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” – Mother Teresa

And once you enter the threshold of pain….. you actually realize that behind it is Love….

“I want to know if you’ve touched the center of your own sorrow, if you’ve been opened by life’s betrayals, or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I guess what I just did… was being in touch with the center of my sorrow and pain….

and when I surrendered to Love….

“Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. the world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”- Marianne Williamson


And having the realizations I have…. I turned towards Pain and uttered:


But, when I glanced beside me…. Pain was disappearing… slowly dissolving… as it gave me a warm smile…. Just before vanishing… Pain pointed towards the horizon….and before Pain disappeared… I smiled and said: “Thanks”

Tears fell from my eyes… grateful. Liquid prayers. And when I looked towards the horizon… I saw the rainbow.

And it’s a signal of hope, love and promises fulfilled….

May Love and Hope be yours.












Of space captains and Angels

Here’s a wonderful reading from my favorite book of Marianne Williamson 🙂


Our wounds have been brought forward, not to block the experience of love, but to serve it. It is in the forgiveness of our weaknesses that we are healed of them, and the tenderness of a forgiven heart is a tenderness that will ultimately heal the world.

Can the purpose of a relationship be to trigger our wounds? In a way, yes.. because that is how healing happens; darkness must be exposed before it can be transformed. It’s not a place where we can hide from our weaknesses, but rather where we can safely let them go. It takes strength of character to truly delve into the mystery of an intimate relationship.

Of Space Captains and Angels

“I came for you, I came for you, but you could not see me. I swam the seas, I traversed the coals, I died a thousand deaths for you. I found my way, I did, I did. But when I got there, you had fallen asleep. You had drunk their potions and I could not wake you. I got there in time but your eyes were closed.”

Oftentimes, we pray for something and then miss the miracle when it actually happens. Many have said. “I wish I could have a great love,” while blind to the fact that it was standing right in front of them.

Sometimes, love arrives as though it were a spaceship landing in the back yard. The captain comes out of the ship and says to us, “Hi! I’m here to beam you up! Come on! We’re going!

Yet so many times we reject him, saying, “Uh well, I cant just leave here so fast. Actually, I cant even believe you’re here. How long do I have to prepare my things?

And he says, “You have no time at all. Your entire life has been spent preparing. Now, we must go quickly. If you wait, your eyes will adjust and you will no longer see me. Ive just landed for a bit, to pick you up. You have an hour max. You can make further plans from the ship.

The captain sees that we are bewildered, but so is he. “Haven’t you been asking for this for years?” he asks.

Well, yes,” we say. “I have. But I guess I didn’t think you were coming…. I sort of made a life for myself here, in the meantime.

Not that much of one, judging from your prayers at night,” he tells us. “Let’s go, if you’re coming, I can’t wait forever.

And then we say, if we say it, what is ultimately the most tragic thing we will ever say, and that is, “No, thank you.”

No, I don’t choose the ride, even though I want it desperately. No, I don’t want to beam up now, even though its a living hell down here. No, I don’t choose the path of wild and radical and authentic love, even though I know I am dying without it. I think I’ll just settle for “good enough”.

Angels are on board those spaceships, appearing everywhere now, often in the guise of loved ones holding the torch that would light our way through darkness. On the other side of that darkness is the light in which dreams come true. But there are demons in that darkness, to be sure, and we can feel them. They almost paralyze us with fear. All those unloved parts of ourselves are there, ugly and twisted and ready to destroy. They live in the darkness, on the other side of which is paradise itself. Even though the only way to paradise is through the darkness – and even though the fire of the angel’s torch will burn the demons up, not us – we do not trust that. We lack faith. We are staunch and calcified in our refusal to choose love, and so we say to the angel, “No, you go ahead. I’ll stay here.

The angel looks at us in disbelief; the refusal of ecstasy is unknown to heaven. The space captain can scarcely believe his ears, but NONINTERFERENCE IN AND RESPECT FOR THE CHOICES OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING (free will), is a must on the enlightened path. Not that you can force anyone onto a spaceship anyway. One only rides on the wings of an angel if one is seriously committed to the experience of heaven. The lure of hell is so real here.

Still, as the ship takes off, the captain looks at the angel on board and notices that there are tiny sparkling rivers of water, falling from her eyes.

Back at the headquarters, the angel reports to higher-ups.

He chose not to go“.

The superior is silent, witnessing the angel’s pain. The angel continues. “I can hardly believe it. He chose not to go.

Do you think he understands the consequences?” asks the superior.

I don’t know.” says the angel.”I think he thinks that staying there is the more responsible thing to do.

Responsible… to whom? To what?

I dont know. Its strange. He’s not ecstatically happy there, but he thinks it’s his duty to stay. He feel its an adult situation and he lives in fear that he is not one.

Yes, of course. We’ll weve seen this before. They choose psychology over poetry. We keep trying to evacuate that realm before the storm hits, but people refuse evacuation.


You prayed for him, of course.

oh, yes. with all my heart.

Well. Job well done. Sorry if your heart was a little bruised on this mission. It’s one of the risks, you know. It can happen, of course.

of course.

Still, they’re touching creatures.Contentious but touching.


The angel was trained for love, she was disciplined for love, but her tears still flowed.

You’re excused. You may go.

As the angel turned around to weep, her superior called her back.

I say one thing…. Do remember – you’ll see him again someday.

Will I really master? Will I really?

Of course you will. You must cling to your own faith at times like these. How else can you convince them of theirs, if you don’t?

FOR MANY OF US, its not that we don’t want the spaceship to come and get us, so much as we are completely taken aback by its form. We expect angels to have a different look. We don’t recognize a gift from heaven, and how could we, when we have not truly believed that heaven exists? We don’t quite compute what has occurred until often it’s too late.

We didn’t think this love would be human. We’re thrown off by his/her profession, or his/her freckles and warts, or his/her past. We didn’t expect love to awaken our biggest fears and insecurities and doubts. We thought it would bring more immediate comfort. And so we wanted it, but we didn’t. When you’ve lived in a dungeon for a very long time, the light, when you see it, actually hurts your eyes.

The arrival of a soulful love often comes quickly, like that spaceship in the yard. There is little time to prepare before the flight takes off, just a window of opportunity, a cresting wave and then its over. There will be little time to pack one’s bags, so its best to travel lightly through life. There will be people you know you should have said good-bye to long ago. We are living in the end times. New beginnings are upon us now.

We cannot burst through the old earth’s atmosphere without another at our side. It takes two to make a spaceship. We can;t generate the power to fuel the ship until we download the forces that only love can burn off. We must be fearless, as only love can make us fearless. We must be tender, as only love can make us tender. We must be fierce, as only love can make us fierce.

How weak we are when we are not yet ready to let love rip us open.

Is this thought – that a woman’s love cannot transform a man, that a man’s love cannot transform a woman – really to be heralded as some kind of wisdom? It is not wisdom. It is a poisonous emotional pesticide that kills the fruits of love. It is a denial of the deeper regions of the heart, a resistance to the experience of freedom.

The miracle of love is expressed through other people. When a beloved is sent from God – and no one can tell you if they are, but the spirit within you – then they do hold the key to your soul’s liberation. God has given it to them. They contain, in every touch and sigh, the information you need, the miraculous power to alchemize your weakness and turn them into strengths, to dry your tears and turn them into genius, to release your chains and set you free to be your passionate self at last.

Woe to the one who does not yet know enough to say a deep and robust ” Yes” to such love, to bow before its truth, to be humble before its power, to surrender to the gales of wind that storm through lovestruck hearts.

How tragic it is when we are too arrogant to defer to love, to put all small considerations and say, “I am going there.” How stupid it is to say no to the power of God’s loving choice for us. How sad it is to think so little of ourselves that we cannot believe that he or she stands before us, sent by God, is an angel come to give us wings. We have so little awe these days before the mysteries of the universe.

Yet if we are in the habit of denying God, then of course we deny His angels, too. And they hold, like pietas, the bodies of our unchosen loves. Angels weep – because their hears are open – and I think God weeps as well to see such joy denied. And you continue to pray for what you’ve already received, and will one day realize that what you let fly by was a miracle intended to heal you. You might even say so, but by then.. it will probably be too late.

Angels only come to pick up passengers, to fly away with them to paradise. Everything else is so ultimately silly and everything else is so sad. There is one more thing to know about the angel who came for you. The angel who came to fly you to paradise in reality had only one wing. She needed the angel in you to come forth, to be to her what she was willing to be to you. Thus your need for, your dance, your flight with each other.tumblr_lrjlmuyeYT1qz72oio1_500

Together, you would have had one set of wings.

Next time she comes – whoever she is – perhaps you will not deny her. Next time she comes, be humble before God. Next time she comes, admit your pain. Next time she comes, come forth yourself. Next time she comes, let go your resistance. Next time she comes, be brave.

I dont know if we can hold onto this, you said.

Why couldn’t we? I asked. I could see you slipping back and it scared me.

We can’t be this way, and stay responsible. We cant be this way.. and I dont know.. I just dont think we cant be this way.

Then you can’t. But I can. And then I swam away.

Its hard to show for someone else when you don’t know how to show up for yourself. how can you give of yourself when you don’t really think you’re anything worth giving? Sometimes we block the flow when we think that we personally have nothing to give.

What love does if it is allowed to, is to combine people’s energies in ways that lift their lives to a mode of divine right order, where new ideas, new possibilities, and new opportunities for growth emanate directly from the heart of God. Our job is not to abort the process.

The challenge of our generation is to move from me to we. That is the maturity we assume when we wish to learn to love each other from a healed and holy place. Narcissistic people are lonely. Narcissistic people misunderstand independence, often mistaking the commitment to aloness for psychological health.

We were taught to go after things that we could control. Love, of course, drives you, and not the other way around. Most of us both, men and women, are terrified of merging our hearts with another. We say were not, but we are. Even when we are in relationships, we avoid their mystical power. We turn lovers into roommates, butlers or maids. We avoid the real light and were afraid it will swallow us up. And that’s because it would, and it does! Overwhelming our sense of separateness is in fact love;s spiritual purpose. A career, you can control. Love, you can’t. Terrifying news that, but wonderful once you get the hang of it.

Project 13: Beauty and Beyond

A little over two weeks ago, I received an sms from Lady Bam about helping a good friend named Tigger who is a budding Makeup Artist.

Tigger is the breadwinner of his family and his current income is not enough to support his family and is often stressed. Add to that, he ends up giving pro bono services because he is much “too kind” to help others as well.

With that, in mind, Lady Bam thought of asking the support of a few select close friends to give away second hand, of good brand makeup goodies to Tigger, so he can start off and be confident to offer his services.

And for the next three days, Lady Bam got overwhelming supports from lots of friends who were willing to give out their makeup stash to support Tigger.

And on April 28, Tigger was surprised by Lady Bam and friends at Ilawod. And he couldn’t believe that his friends would do such a thing to him. His confidence shoots up and even his mom couldn’t believe that Tigger would receive all those goodies.

And when it rains blessings? It does rain big time, because a make up artist who was trained and certified in Europe offered to train him and be with her during her make up stints – free of charge!!!

Anazing, right? And right after his training.. Tigger and Lady Bam went around to friends who supported him and gave free hair and makeup to all of us. Huwaaaa. So sweet, right?

It was a perfect cycle of giving and receiving! Win-win.

All surprised!

To Lady Bam, thanks for giving us the opportunity to give and receive… And for inspiring us with creative projects like these …

And to Tigger! You did a wonderful job to me! I didnt realize that the hardest part of makeup was: no makeup makeup, huwaaaa until Lady Bam told me it was challenging. But, it was so good, i dont even want to wipe it away.Keep it up!! Aja!

Cheers to beauty,



Going Back To Love

One of Tito Benj and Tita Glo’s 8 year old son died named John Kenneth, a day before Holy Week.

But, before his untimely death…. he was already asking his parents specially his mom questions like: “What if I die Mom?” and his mom would try to explain and then John would say: “But, life is a cycle… you go in and you go out.”

Words from an 8 year old? Deep. I’d say he is an old soul.

A few days after he transitioned…. he made a video with his brother and sister with his own original composition entitled: “Go to Love”

lyrics went: “Love yourself First before you go to Love”…. “If you Love, you go to Love” ooooh oooh “I wanna go to Love”

It was a wonderful message and legacy he left…. with a message called Love. And videos of him and his brothers and sisters were shown at the wake… with him singing a lot of songs: “Today my life begins, Sleeping Child” among others…. and there was the: “Gotta Believe In Magic”

John, I may not have spent time with you like I did with Uno….. cause you were usually at home.. but I saw your bubbly outgoing nature… you lived a short… but a loving life… and inspired many…. with your message..

Go To Love…… You are remembered in our hearts.

And thank you, for helping us remember who we are.

That we are all children of God……. and that our main essence… is Love. Just Love.

I am humbled.