Angels on Top

What a beautiful day!

My mom, Dorlay, Pao, ate pang and her brother Josh took a spontaneous trip to an organic farm here in Davao.  

We dropped by at Balolong (best garlic pandesal in town) for breakfast on the road.The trip heading to the highland farm called Bemwa went really well.

When we arrived… This view greeted us:
They grow organic lettuce, cabbage, various herbs and strawberries.

In the middle of the farm, there’s a tree where we I gave them all angel & fairy readings. All the messages from them, hits home.

I am particularly excited for Mom’s.

Part of my angel reading earlier this week was to incorporate play and have fun with whatever it is that I am doing.

I have been currently juggling 3 works which can sometimes overwhelm me, but I really wanted to do them anyway.

So, this is my short break from my usual days.

Anyway, we bought organic produces, chocolates from GenSan which they are selling and i find the packaging really quirky and fun.

As soon as we left the place aboard the car, it suddenly started to rain. And we thanked, the angels for making sure we are out of the farm before it rained.

And then, we went to the nearest restaurant called Seagull Mountain Resort. There was a crowd, so we tried securing our table first. When we were about to order we found out only two viands were left. So, we decided to take the risk and went to Il Toscana Italian Restaurant which was believed to be a 10minute drive.

And lo and behold, the rain was falling hard and we made it to the restaurant a lil bit wet but just enjoyed the whole process.

Then we ordered pasta and pizza.

Actually, Toscana is a known Italian restaurant downtown. Very romantic and with an Italian chef. I dont know if the Italian chef was at that branch though.

Nevertheless, the place was just my kind of place. Quirky and quiant. Then, I noticed the numbers on one of their signages 888 sea level.

I took it as an angel sign. And, I believed the angels really wanted us to dine there on that spot.

We had a hearty good meal and we drank our fave coffee of course: Lingzhi!

Then, after the hearty lunch the rain stopped and the sun was already giving out its awesome rays. We went and dropped by at Cicada Hills. And another majestic view greeted us:

We stayed for a few minutes to take photos and enjoy the scenery. When we are about to leave, an old dog approached us and the dog was filled with warmth and affection and was making lambing. It wanted belly rubs and attention. It was just cute.

When we left the place, it again started to rain. We thanked the angels for being gentle with us this time.

We dropped by a few plant shops wher emom bought roses, rosemary and a lemon tree.

Heading home, the angels gave me a wonderful gift.

They know how much I love this splash of love and hope in the sky:

It is really fun when you allow angels to be with you in your adventures. It’s alwaysfilled with fun and surprises. And wonderful, sweet favors. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ˜‡ 

Angelic musings and fairy bits,



Ahoy! It’s sailOURE birthday!

To my boo-loved…

A magical .. fun birthday to you!!

I am so blessed to have you in my life!

You inspire meโค๐Ÿ’

Love and magical kisses,



And here’s my treat for you….

A chocolate ruffle cake and applefruitburst juice! And lotsa love and happiness โค


Mom’s Are Love

Happy Happy Mother’s Day Mama! We love you!! I know you are one of the people who is hard to surprise but we pulled it off today with the help and support of everybody.

Earlier yesterday, you said: “Oh we dont need to celebrate Mother’s Day since being with you my kids … Its like Mother’s Day everyday for me.”

So sweet right?

And and today we gave her ideal breakfast.. It was just simple… My sister called from iloilo just on time and my brother arrived over breakfast to join us! It was perfect!

And and im so excited for this day because my sweetheart, thought of surprising mom with roses on this day!!!! Ahhhh im so blessed talaga with a thoughtful and loving boo!!! Thanks sweetheart! You have no idea how it made me and mom kilig.

Well kasama ako kasi my sweetheart gave me our second boobaby!!! Ta-da! Boochoolit! Hihihi

Haaaaay. The simple joys and delights of being with one’s family and my boo!

Thank you Lord for everything!

With this, I say a quiet prayer of love to your mom as well boo.. *hugsboootight*


Do you want to see what happens to a bag of Nips?

What goes on before they touch my lips?

They make a rainbowww white chocolate nips they make a rainbowwww (white chocolate nips)

And then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees. Theyre sweet and delicious look at all those bees!

When i want fun, i get a bag of nips and make a rainbow.. Nips nips!

Did you sing that toooo?

Hahaha. #Oldskul tv ad right? It’s one of my faves… I remembered it coz i found a pack and its flavor is White Chocolate! Still a rainbow only inside it’s white! Ahihihihi.


the Fab 2011

2011 was indeed a FABULOUS year for me. As what I declared in Facebook and over my blog.

This year I fell in LOVE with LIFE, and with every person that I meet.

Though I still have my pet peeves and I get annoyed now and then by few people measured by the fingers on my hand…. I get to appreciate their existence. Really.

Success is indeed a cocktail mix of love, kindness, compassion, integrity, passion, focus, determination, and being committed and it ain’t a stroke of luck. It might seem like that because when you mix all those, you simply get – magic!

This year, I stopped playing the “unworthy” game…. thanks to wake up calls by my Coaches (Jic, Bong, TJ and Father Allan).

This year, I tried my best to practice what I preach. But, of course there are moments where my reactive mind goes woo-woo and ego goes hee-haw! But, that’s why I am taking the path to personal mastery….(witness to this would be my immediate family who gets the blows! sorrrryyyy!!!)

This year, we created a lot of “campfire” sessions like Kamustahanay with the Imaginals, our mindful LEAP gatherings, and our documentary film watching….intimate sessions over coffee, and whenever we bond we make sure we ignite each other’s fire.Let us all burn without burning out!

This year, I valued doing everything 100%, for Zen Masters it means being fully present in the moment. And true enough when one does everything 100%, our results outweigh what we intend.

This year, made me realize that I worked my way up with a hesitation. I believe I can be remarkable in everything I do, however I was hesitant to do all things 100%. I am nudged all the time by my guides and angels when I hesitate and I always come to my senses! Thank you dearest guides! I know I’ve been quite ma-drama with my “inarte” when in the end, I know that I know that I will be doing it. Despite everything, once I set my heart into it…. everything followed smooth sailing and sometimes it’s even an exciting ride with a lot of wonderful surprises in stored!

I began to appreciate the simple yet extraordinary moments in my life. Such as having an intimate talk with a girlfriend over coffee or pizza. (Ana, Matet, Mona, Phoebe, Abigail, Irish, Ate Ge, and June Mae)

There were days in this year that I was a grouch, and can be nasty at that. But, I know that past emotions are just rising up and I just honor it, feel it and kiss it goodbye.

I also began learning how to manage time and making my days full at most and then getting to do nothing but ground and lounge around after those “full days” A full day meant 4-5 meetings in a day! Mixing friends-business-advocacies-family all in one day! Whew! Remember, I am a Light Worker, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a service center directress, a healer, a speaker and everything in between. [ Hey, Tina got time to squeeze in LOVE? ] I took time to live a balanced life, though!

Someone even asked me…. “Where do you get all this zing and zest life? How do you manage to stay positive amidst everything?”

Well, here’s my secret… when it’s my “off” day…. I avoid human interaction. And just simply sit with me. And then I’d talk to my angels… or go oracle reading… then things will turn around. Or I go journal writing.

This year, I met countless of people who deserves another blog post as I try my best to describe how they shaped my 2011 into a fabulous year!

And to my dearest family… Pa, Ma.. .thank you so much for bearing with me. All my inarte. Mwahahaha. That only you guys know…. thank you for the patience… the unconditional love and support… specially in MISSION! Thank YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for being my “devil’s advocate” whenever you test out my crazy ideas…. but thank you for honoring those ideas whenever I can defend it. Hehe. Loveeee you!!

And Darlene…. Thank you…. for bearing with my… uhmmm “creativity” when it comes to placing things in our bedroom. Can’t you see that those shawls draped overย  our double-decked bed acts like an accessory? or the way the bags would spill over with its content staring up on you or the luggage left at the floor and you just have to sigh and close it yourself… thank you. please be patient… as im thinking of ways to let go of all the clutter….To Paolo.. thank you as well for bearing my weird affection. Sometimes happy but sometimes a grouch. Sorry! work on progress here. I didnt say I was a master and a saint that is ready to be painted on church walls!

And to all my friends.. old and new… you will forever be etched in my heart…as i said detailed posts will be done next year! Hahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

Statistics for the year: I drove 13 times, conducted trainings/co facilitated workshops 13 times, went to the gym 8 times, the beach 4 times, nightlife 3 times, massage 4 times, and innumerable coffee,pizza,resto dining… and 10 kilig moments ๐Ÿ™‚

Ive been to:

Cebu City (2), Tagum City (3), Island Garden City of Samal (1), Zamboanga City(1), Ipil (1), Dipolog City (1), Metro Manila (8), Padada (3), Dumaguete City (1), Cagayan de Oro (2), Iligan City(2), Butuan City (1), General Santos City (2), Cavite (1), Marbel (1), Batangas City (1)

And as I close a chapter of my life… 2011…. I bid hello to a 2012… I have yet to find a theme suited for 2012…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Davao’s Best Award 2007

I was planning to post this last December 31. Better late than never.

I saw this tag from Ate Gladys. Since, I love Davao sooo much I’ll do this tag.

Note: This award is basically from my own viewpoint.


BEST INTERNET CAFE – uhmm.. Net Express. Good service + Privacy. But, I guess the Amigoas cafe would top the service thing. It’s a shame I haven’t visited the said cafe but I’ve heard a lot about it from Kuya Dave.

BEST COFFEE SHOP – uhmm Figaro sa may Chimes.

*( me and my parents often go there hehe.)


*Honestly I haven’t been there yet. But, most of my classmates are members there. I’ve heard good reports about it.


*when it comes to accessibility, it’s a bit far from downtown. But, it’s the best mall even though it’s not that big. It’s clean. Great service.


*still SM.


*clean. I hope they would maintain it. ;p


*the screen is not that big, but it’s the latest cinema we have so far and very comfortable.

BEST BAKESHOP – Bistro Rosario

*love the cakes and pastries there!

BEST BANK – GE Bank *magallanes* Used to be Keppel Monte Bank

*Best bank ever. Great service… and man it’s G.E. for crying out loud.

BEST HOSPITAL – Brokenshire Hospital

*they support alternative medicine. It’s where my cousin works also. They have friendly nurses.:)

BEST HOTEL – Marco Polo Hotel

*expensive from the rest but great service.



BEST AIRLINE – Philippine Airlines.

*great service. even though it gets delayed most of the time. (i have come to understand why. from my post Disaster. )

BEST BUDGET HOTEL – Hotel Galleria

*i am not so sure… but i guess they go cheap.

BEST PHARMACY – Mercury Drug Store

*i have to agree to Ate Glad with this.


*Haha. Asa pa? ๐Ÿ™‚


*yummy. we often eat here.


Another tag from Ate Gladys: Blog Addiction

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Have a Great week ahead!!