Retrograde over

Finally! Everyone can heave a sigh of relief. 

And just on time my favorite couple are back to each other’s arms, both learning what they need to learn. And both humbled in the experience.

I am inspired with them. And how much he loves her and she loves him. *swoons* 

Yes, may forever if the love is true and based in truth πŸ’•β€οΈ 

So yeah.. goodbye retrograde! Thank you for the lessons! πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ˜‡ 



Hey ginger! You’ve been a buddy to everyone tonight.

Tonight, I learned an important lesson.

I just learned my favorite couple are breaking up once again. 😭 And they seemed so sweet and loving but when they fight? They fight hard. And this time the wife left with all her clothes, because she cannot take it anymore.

There were lies involved that made her question everything. And i can imagine how her head would reel over and over if one finds out the partner has been lying the whole time.

But, there are factors of lying.

For one, they could be trying to spare you of possible worry or another fight to ensue thats why they’d lie to keep you satisfied.

Either way, I realized.. No couple is immuned with all the fights and challenges.

There are indeed no perfect couples.

They all have their moments of despair and nights devoid of love.

But, more than that.. The wife has been experiencing a searing pain from the shoulder to the heart like an arrow stuck for a month now.

She has gone through mammograms, sonograms and all the physical checkups. All pain meds prescribed and nothing happened.

Meditation, massage therapy, aroma to no avail.

And we mentioned about the ancient art of ginger healing of the Philippines to the group.

And she was so interested and everyone asked me to demonstrate it to them.

So, i gave them the instructions.

She insisted she wants to be the model.

And so we asked for ginger.

As soon as the ginger entered the room and she got a whiff of it she began burping.

So, i made her hold the ginger for a while. And she began burping more air. While still having the ginger in her hand, we kept talking to her.

And she began burping and she shared what she has been goin through with her husband. 

She made gagging sounds and we told her if she needs to puke she may. Just to let it out.

And then she began turning red and cried out: My ears are toooo hot!!!! 

And she cried and we saw her neck flaming red and her ears..

Momentarily we were shocked but everyone was quick.

Lady B ordered for salt. Mother P brought out incenses. We opened the windows and the door.

 I was on standby waiting for her to calm down so I can do the final touches of the healing.

When she slowly calmed down I did the final touches.

And then we formed a healing circle and prayed for her and provided an extra chair for the husband who is not around. 

We felt amazing angelic presence surrounding the group and the birds began chirping happily and loudly and the chandelier were swishing wildly than usual. 

After ending it with a prayer, we gathered round to share our experience. And she expressed her gratitude as the pain on the back to the chest is gone.

We still recommended for her to go get one session of acupuncture from another healer in the city.

Tonight, I experienced mang parts of me and the gift God gave and the gifts of each other in the community.

It is amazing that the home we are in that night was a healing home.

And that room is being eyed by the Speaker of the House as a meeting place. 

We cleared and cleansed the space, recognizing that our country will be healed with that home as the container eventually.

Its amazing that our session was supposed to be a prayer for our country. And we are all being purged in all aspects of our lives. Going through challenges.

Now, I understand the bigger role.

Bayan muna bago Sarili. πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ˜‡

P.S. Thanks Mother A for transferring your stone to me πŸ’•πŸ˜‡ 

PPS thank you God. This is all for you

I will miss you

she took a deep breath and sighed in surrender.

Surrendering everything to God.

She tried. He tried. Both did their best. But, there are far too many issues being swept under the rug. Too many secrets on his end. 

*she took another breath* 

If he were to be beside her, she would stare deep into his eyes and communicate her deep love to him. And she’d cry the way she is doing now as she writes her piece about how she feels.

She loves him deeply. But, outsidecircumstances are far too shady to hang her hopes too. The ship is slowly moving away from her. 

She looks at his eyes only with deep love. He is not perfect but she loved her just the same. 

But, she needs to take care of her. And to love herself, the way she wanted to be loved.

And maybe one day, in this lifetime or another .. They would meet. That time, hopefully they would be available to one another. 

You will be missed and you are always loved. *hugs* 

*tears pouring out of her eyes* 

Once upon a ladybug

Last July 13th, I found a ladybug beside me while on a cabride. It took me awhile to take a photo of it because it was way too “malikot”.

But, at least I finally got a shot at it.

I know ladybugs have a meaning and that they are messages from the beyond.

“The appearance of a ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible as worries dissipate. New happiness comes about. This insect cautions not to try too hard or go too fast to fulfill dreams but letting it just flow with its natural pace. This symbolizes not to be scared to live your own truth and to protect it and that it is yours to honor.”

It simply means to just let go and Let God. β€οΈπŸ’•

Thank you for showing up in my life ladybug! 🐞 



Will you see me?

Every person just want to be seen by someone they loved.

To be seen is to be accepted.

To be seen is to be understood.

To be seen is to be loved.

And you can never truly love until you can truly say: “I see you.”

When you say, “I see you” it is that moment that you’ve seen your beloved scared, petrified, in her most vulnerable state and yet you still love him or her.

When you say, “I see you”, it is the time that you finally are able to look beyond your projection of how your lover should act the way you want him or her to be but to truly accept him or her, warts and all. 

It is to embrace everything about him or her, the dull and the crazy, the times she is silent, the times he does not agree, the times she becomes increasingly annoying, the times he won’t listen, the times she attacks you, the times he walks away to his cave and the times her wave crashes.

I see you means to recognize the love that is before you. The love that you share despite the disagreements, and when you don’t see eye to eye. 

I hope one day you will truly see me. 

Will you, really? 


Angels on Top

What a beautiful day!

My mom, Dorlay, Pao, ate pang and her brother Josh took a spontaneous trip to an organic farm here in Davao.  

We dropped by at Balolong (best garlic pandesal in town) for breakfast on the road.The trip heading to the highland farm called Bemwa went really well.

When we arrived… This view greeted us:
They grow organic lettuce, cabbage, various herbs and strawberries.

In the middle of the farm, there’s a tree where we I gave them all angel & fairy readings. All the messages from them, hits home.

I am particularly excited for Mom’s.

Part of my angel reading earlier this week was to incorporate play and have fun with whatever it is that I am doing.

I have been currently juggling 3 works which can sometimes overwhelm me, but I really wanted to do them anyway.

So, this is my short break from my usual days.

Anyway, we bought organic produces, chocolates from GenSan which they are selling and i find the packaging really quirky and fun.

As soon as we left the place aboard the car, it suddenly started to rain. And we thanked, the angels for making sure we are out of the farm before it rained.

And then, we went to the nearest restaurant called Seagull Mountain Resort. There was a crowd, so we tried securing our table first. When we were about to order we found out only two viands were left. So, we decided to take the risk and went to Il Toscana Italian Restaurant which was believed to be a 10minute drive.

And lo and behold, the rain was falling hard and we made it to the restaurant a lil bit wet but just enjoyed the whole process.

Then we ordered pasta and pizza.

Actually, Toscana is a known Italian restaurant downtown. Very romantic and with an Italian chef. I dont know if the Italian chef was at that branch though.

Nevertheless, the place was just my kind of place. Quirky and quiant. Then, I noticed the numbers on one of their signages 888 sea level.

I took it as an angel sign. And, I believed the angels really wanted us to dine there on that spot.

We had a hearty good meal and we drank our fave coffee of course: Lingzhi!

Then, after the hearty lunch the rain stopped and the sun was already giving out its awesome rays. We went and dropped by at Cicada Hills. And another majestic view greeted us:

We stayed for a few minutes to take photos and enjoy the scenery. When we are about to leave, an old dog approached us and the dog was filled with warmth and affection and was making lambing. It wanted belly rubs and attention. It was just cute.

When we left the place, it again started to rain. We thanked the angels for being gentle with us this time.

We dropped by a few plant shops wher emom bought roses, rosemary and a lemon tree.

Heading home, the angels gave me a wonderful gift.

They know how much I love this splash of love and hope in the sky:

It is really fun when you allow angels to be with you in your adventures. It’s alwaysfilled with fun and surprises. And wonderful, sweet favors. β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒˆπŸ˜‡ 

Angelic musings and fairy bits,


Of golden arrows and frozen hearts

I was watching Huntsman(Winter’s War) with my family and the message hits home.

I was about to relate myself to Ice Queen about being betrayed and a love lost…. And how I felt that is what I would feel after having lost a love you once had.

But, then the movie reminded me that sometimes our “perception” or the way we look at things or the way things seems to us may not be real. But, just a mere projection. And it is not the truth.

And, then just like that we discount all the love we had for one another and believing a “lie” of “what is”. 

In a relationship, it can be a challenge, a rocking of the boat, a temporary setback. We failed to communicate what happened and chose to ignore and become silent or if we do communicate, we attack one another, shooting arrows against each other’s grievances. 

Some people can be given second chances.. Others not. And we would look forlornly to a love that we lost just because we failed to communicate with love and kindness. 

And to all those lovers out there who may be undergoing something, I may have failed on mine.. You might be giving yourselves a chance.

By choosing love instead of attack. Choose kindness even if your love one attacks you.

Also, not all the time your love one will react the way you want him or her to and with that comes a mile long understanding and patience.

Just remember, that Love can thaw a frozen heart and TRUE LOVE indeed conquers all.

Find that someone who would not walk away from the simple rocking of the boat…. Find someone who chooses to stick with you. Someone who will truly accept you on your bad days as well as your good.

And if you do… Never let them go… Welcome that golden arrow. πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’πŸ€πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’•