Experiencing God’s Blessing 2016

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And ta-da! Here’s my theme for 2016!

Usually, I would write a series of what my year will be…. but having gone through a lot of things last year and how uncertain life can be…

This year, I want to make it simple.

I just want to experience God’s Blessing.

That’s it.

In every way, I just want to experience HIS miracles. I want to recognize them. So, this year, I’m dropping all my plans… and I will just TRUST and SURRENDER to what GOD has in store for me.

So, Lord…. I let go of my need to control… I am consciously allowing YOU to happen to me!

Love and Magical Kisses from one of your earth angels slash mermaid,



Infinite Love and Abundance 2015


This year is a year of Infinite Love and Abundance!

This year I choose to love myself more…. by loving myself more I give more authentic love of me to others….

This year I choose to focus on things that I love to do….

This year is a year of new ideas being brought to life and dreams made manifest!

This year i choose to be victorious and really fulfilling my LEAP award: I SOAR!

This year, I choose to take the small steps necessary to bring me closer to what I truly desire… (you know this boo!!!)

This year, I choose to celebrate life and love with my BOO!!!

I choose to harvest millions and more!!! *excited*

I choose to create more wonderful cherished fun love filled moments with my family, friends and BOO!!!!

I choose to make more healthy choices, be it in rest and in eating well… and keeping my body fit! *hulahoops, trampoline… jogging, yoga and dancing*

I choose to BE-ing more… being love, joyful, excited, compassionate, vibrant,enchanting, creative, beautiful, elegant, classy, more present and aware and evolved…

I choose to fill my gratitude jar!

I choose to write more….

I choose to be more trusting and to let go of things i cannot control…..

I choose to be guided by God all the time, with the support of the angels to do my life’s purpose and let my light shine….

I choose to embrace Life and Have FUN and waltz through the joys of life with integrity, grace, charm and humor!

I choose to be more creative and enjoy the wonderful rhythm of life and love!! I choose to be more fun-loving, beautiful, and wise Maria, inspiring many Maria’s to create a fabulous life!

I choose to continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to others… to be an assertive earth angel and to always always act in love..

I choose to be more kind to other people….. because kindness is Love with its workboots on!

This year, I choose to dance to the beat of my dreams by unleashing more of my God given talents….

I choose to be more patient…. awaiting and trusting God’s perfect Divine Time… to be in the right place.. at the right moment and always at the right time in all areas of my life because everything that we treasure most are the ones we wait for!

I choose to take care of my SHAPE: Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences.

I choose to make positive changes to help/support the transformation of Philippines by buying more local products and supporting and promoting goods and companies.

I choose to continue to be a good daughter, caring sister, trusted friend, generous and abundant business partner and a loving partner to my booloved I choose to travel with my boo.. *blushes*

I choose to experience and enjoy God’s blessings… and being a blessing..

This year, I choose to celebrate God’s abundance, more enchanted moments with my boo, more laughter and fun-times with my friends and family, and yes ….. more magical kisses please….

This year ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE, JOY AND GLORY! all of this…. in God’s glory… So be it and So it is….. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/83f/23107741/files/2015/01/img_1899.jpg

Just a little extra goes a long way

After having dinner with Lola Bebot at Yellowcab (which is another story i will recount one of these days),Darlene told us a story of a girl…

She was a crew in yellowcab and Darlene saw her while she was about to go to the comfort room. She sensed something was up and saw the lady looking at her magic space(according to Coelho.. A space where you usually focus your attention onto.. You can read it in his book Valkyries) and looking forlorn.

Darlene went back to where we were seated and battled on whether to comfort the stranger and was clearing herself of her intention: was it to look good? Or the need to rescue or was it a call to be just there. After a series of deep breathing, she chose the latter. She went back to the lady and gently approached her and asked her: “Can i hug you? You look sad and you might need a hug..” And the girl nodded and darlene hugged her. The girl started crying and Darlene kept assuring her: its okay, whatever shes going through.. She can do it.

Darlene need not know the details but clearly the girl needed support at that time. After a few moments she guided the girl by gently having slow deep breaths…. while clearing the space.

And she calmed down.

I told her: it was the right thing to do and that im happy she did it and i was inspired… And told her.. “See, you are such an angel”

While walking across the grocery, just seconds after Darlene finished the story.. In front of us was a little girl wearing a bunny shirt who reached out her hand to Darlene first.. Wanting to touch her… And we all smiled and Darlene placed her hand at the bottom palms up… Then the baby reached her hand out to mom and then to me… And we touched her too. And we all giggled.. And exclaimed.. Because we didnt do anything.. The kid simply called our attention at that moment. The dad just simply stared amused at three giggling strangers.

We were about to leave when the baby reached her left hand out again to reach for Darlene, then mom and me. She did it three times. When the baby’s mom arrived she smiled… Wondering: what in the world is going on? But then it was her baby reaching out… Then it stopped and they left after waving bye bye. And i told the baby: See you angel! 😇

I told both mom and Darlene.. I think the angels are affirming us.. What you did was just right and it was a “job well done” earth angel tap in the hand.🌈💐

And you know what it means when messages arrives in three’s.

I told darlene to write her own version… But i am also compelled to write my own version…

We are all here for one another.. May the person be a stranger, family, friend or even enemy.

Sometimes… The angels we know can be just inside of us… And its the best angel you can count on first.

And nothing could ever go wrong when you act with love. It is not normal to reach out to strangers.. We were taught to fear them.. We were even taught not to trust people we know as friends along the way..

But eventhough the world and the people we trust and love can hurt us… God never failed to send his angels.. to you..

Sometimes God sends angels in the form of strangers or family or friends.
Sometimes they are there for a second, a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, even years…. a lifetime and many lifetimes.

Everyone is in fact an angel to one another… And really the world can be heaven on earth if we practice kindness everyday…

Not just strangers…

If strangers can bring relief the way darlene did to the girl… Imagine if we practice that to the ones we love.

Specially to the ones we love. They need our kindness more… Not your estrangement. They need your understanding more than your judgment and your need to be right. They need your hug and your care specially in the moments when its becoming hard to love them, specially when they make you crazy mad!!😠😤

All they need is your love and care… Your extra kindness… Because what makes extraordinary days.. Extraordinary? Is the extra you give it…
Extra love, extra care, extra kindness, extra forgiveness, extra patience… Never be afraid to add a little extra… To go the extra mile… You never lose that way.. You just gain.

So give that extra… to the ordinary… And see the magic and love all around you..

Oopsie its Thanksgiving nga pala!!

Here’s a thank you to everyone who has been an angel to me.. Strangers or not…(you all have been tagged in facebook because you have inspired me in some way.. And showed me lessons.. Good or bad)

And im really grateful to God whose love and guidance never fails.. Eventhough on moments i may not understand.. Thank you for always assuring me that everything is working out according to your Plan…

I have surrendered my life to you long ago… I realize now, i never should stop because there are still mountains to climb, valleys to walk on to, countries to explore.., seas to dive into, waves to enjoy…. Sunshine, rainbows and butterflies…. And the world needs me to live my life 100 percent.. Wholeheartedly.



I know there are moments that i am impatient and stubborn… But my journey the past year has taught me a great deal ❤️


Pure Bliss 2014

All my intentions last 2013 …. came true!!!!!

and my 2014 was a smooth transition… well more than smooth.. it was coupled with warm hearts and love. *smiles*

The year started well!

And well it’s time for my annual ritual of setting this year’s theme…… and it’s Pure Bliss 2014!!

This year… I choose to nurture and cherish what God gave me …. infused with heavenly warmth….

I choose to love & respect myself more…

I choose to live  full out and be authentic….I choose to reach out to more people…

I choose to let go of things that does not serve me….

I choose to harvest millions and more!!! *excited*

I choose for this year to have many adventures and cherished-moments with my loved ones…. and boo  *smiles*

I choose to make my life a masterpiece to inspire people that they too can create a meaningful and well loved life….

I choose to make more healthy choices, be it in rest and in eating well… and keeping my body fit!

I choose to travel and explore more,,… and being more open by staying out of my box…. creating a lot of loving firsts..

I choose to paint my year with a dash of spontaneity, fun, laughter, filled with gratitude, generous, care-free moments!

I choose to be guided by God all the time, with the support of the angels to do my life’s purpose and be a child of Light.

I choose to be strong and whole, courageous and confident, capable and successful, and free!!!

I choose to celebrate more with my loved ones 🙂 I choose to be more fun-loving, beautiful, and wise Maria, inspiring many Maria’s to create a fabulous life!

I choose to make positive changes to help/support the transformation of Philippines.

I choose to bring out the child-like qualities in me this year… being more free each day…

I choose to BE-ing more… being love, joyful, excited, compassionate, vibrant,enchanting, creative, beautiful, elegant, classy, more present and aware and evolved….

I choose to pay more attention to the signs and symbols and thereby always being at the right place at the perfect time… with the right people…..

I choose to surround myself with like-minded people. Meeting more people with the same vision and mission in life. I choose to meet more people I admire in transforming our world.

I choose to be a good daughter, caring sister, trusted friend, generous business partner and a loving partner to my boo …

I choose to keep my passion and embracing each day like it’s my first day!!

I choose to explore new things that will support me in the future and treasuring every journey i embark on…

I choose to travel with my boo.. *blushes*

I choose to swirl my life with colors of happiness, trust, faith, love, magical, enchanted moments…..

I choose to experience and enjoy God’s blessings… and being a blessing..This year, I choose to celebrate God’s abundance, more enchanted moments with my boo, more laughter and fun-times with my friends and family, and yes ….. more magical kisses please….

all of this…. in God’s glory… and just like Heaven….. So be it and So it is…..

Union. Beginnings. Fullness.

For the past few months.. I have declared this day to be MY SPECIAL DAY! And I have shared to my family and friends about it and we all chose that this will be something special to each of us… 🙂

During this day… I got three invitations… one for a wedding of my beloved best friend Angela Chaya, one for a baptism of a baby of a close friend of mine Bordz, and one for my mom as she accepts her second award in DSAP as Sales Achiever of the Year.

It is quite amazing to see that all invitations were a celebration…. one of union… one of celebrating a new baby… and one is a manifestion of celebrating the fullness.

a Union… a new beginning… and the fullness…

this is truly an embodiment of 11/11/11.

We are all entitled to our own interpretation of this sacred event. To some it is lucky, to some it is special, to others it may be marred by something else.

But, nevertheless, I know Humanity at large is arriving a certain tipping point of our TRUE SELVES. the grandest version of who we are.

I have wanted to celebrate my 11/11/11 at home(Davao)…. and generate the energy… but 2 events were all scheduled in Manila and off we flew (with a few gentle nudge by my angels)…. but was able to attend the DSAP awards.. (i did join her bridal shower on the 9th). since they both started at the same time.

When the event finished at exactly 3pm… we went to the airport and patiently (excited) waited for our flight back home. At around 10 minutes past 10 in the evening the plane landed… and as I stepped outside… I saw the “FULL MOON”… and smiled.

I was drinking the air.. with my eyes closed and as my body feels the shiver and my spine tingled and my senses were elated with the energy of the moon. Filling my heart with gratitude and as it overflows with love, I look beside my mom as she was thanking the moon verbally….we both smiled.. our eyes knowing that everything from now on will unfold perfectly as we CREATE it through CHRIST with LOVE…

The portal opened…. its not something outside of us… but something inside of me… of you.. of everyone which manifests as light and love bursts from our hearts…. so it did cosmically.

The 11:11:11 Doorway begins it’s activation on November 11, 2011 and closes on January 11, 2012. It is a gateway into your highest potential as a human seeking divine memory. One is a singularity within ‘all that is’. The ‘one’ seeks itself through mirror like reflection of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the oneness hidden deep within your being at the center point of your soul. – Gillian Macbeth – Louthan


I choose to celebrate life unceasingly….

On the 11th hour of the morning… I sent everyone a message that goes: Today is a wonderful beginning!How’s your inner condition? Let’s stay in the space of love and excitement as we welcome a whole new world…..shining…shimmering…splendid. Let’s stay heart centered!

That was intended to remind everyone…. to be of LOVE… to always choose LOVE…. ahhhhh….. moment by moment, breath by breath….

This is still a journey for me… a wonderful one to look forward to and a journey to enjoy MOMENT by MOMENT…

oohh soo much needs to be said… but I’ll just end this first…. and maybe post soon…

Cheers to LOVE!

Tina L.

Source of Photo: Hidden in the Clouds by ~cgb30

Fabulous 2011

So long 2010… and Hello 2011!

2010 was a great year for me!

And even up to the last day… 2010 gave me one eye-opening experience… and I learned something about myself. That with everything I have gone through, I still do get scared and I have a lot of doubts in my mind – STILL. I also realized the mind is powerful but not as majestic as the heart. That the mind still relies on what you feel. And that what you feel does the rest of the job. What a work it is… to really get out of my mind and come to my senses….. what a greater work to get out of my box….. Arrrgghhh… that it’s easier to post a status message over at Facebook than actually doing it. But, hey… just because I posted it.. doesn’t mean I am already there.. I posted it because I needed the reminder. That was my year-end drama… now I have one last chance na lang daw. Booohooo. Pass this Tina… transform transform…

And I am even looking forward for a fabulous 2011.

(I have always planned to post a 2010 checklist but I guess I will have to post it later).

Meanwhile for my blog ritual… Imma post what I shall be having

This year…. is going to be a fabulous one for me!

I am choosing to do wonderful, unexpected things.
I choose to be more kinder…
I choose to be progressive and not procrastinate (Go Crown Ambassador!)
I choose to be a better woman inside and out…
I choose to stop running away (i almost attempted that just recently. ego still soooo strong.)
and with that….
I choose to tame and befriend my ego…

I choose to face all fears with confidence.. (GO TINA!!!)
I choose to see the beauty of the sunset..
I choose to have a “PERFECT DAY” once a month. =)
I choose to think out-of-the-box (Think RANCHO!!!)

I choose to focus on what I want and not by thinking what others might say…
I choose to surprise people – in a good, fun way. 🙂
I choose to be more cheerful and more charitable…. specially to the people I have judgments with.

I choose to be more adventurous (Gooooo extreme sports! HAHA!)
I choose to be fit slim and healthy as I can be for me and my family! (Sign up na TINA!)
I choose to lose the excess weight that does not serve me for the past couple of months! 🙂
I choose to be open to changes…
I choose to be more relaxed and beautiful…

I choose to go to even more places in the world I have never been before..
I choose to be more patient to people I do not like..
I choose to be the best girlfriend ever! *hearts&flowers*
I choose to have no obstacles… only challenges and opportunities to learn. 🙂

I choose to focus on more wonderful things about every person I meet…. =)
I choose to simply savor love and life… =)
I choose to stay awake more…
I choose to be more outgoing and free spirited…

I choose to change the world in my own little way…
I choose to not be weary in doing good…
I choose to lovingly serve everyone I meet… (just stay awake Tina!)


Cheers for a wonderful 2011!

Let’s keep our vision and make this world a better place!