it has been a year ago that my Dad brought Woody home.

Today is Woody’s birthday here at home.

Whenever i look at Woody i remember Papa and how badly i miss him.

Happy Birthday Woody! We love you! With you around us…. You make us feel loved and protected. ❤️😊☺️🎂


Rainbow Day

It’s a Rainbow Day!!!

My special day has arrived!

I celebrated it with my biological family and my family here at home and of course my Boo!

It was a wonderful day!

Boo, came up with a sweet birthday countdown on his facebook wall, which I found adorable. His surprises, came a wee bit early but I didn’t open the package and opted to open it today! (eventhough, I was excited and itching to really open it).

And when I did… ta-da! I got not only one card.. but two!! And a sweet amethyst necklace. It was absolutely one of the sweetest things I got from my Boo! I couldn’t help but blush and just bask underneath his love rays as he beamed and blushed from receiving my response. I couldn’t help but notice his excitement, to which I really find endearing and sweet. I feel like twirling around in a field of daisies or maybe lavenders and then capping it off by sharing a sweet wine with him! How does it get any better than this?

He, also took his time off from work, to which I told him it’s not necessary, we will just find time, but he insisted he wants to spend his time with me, after finding out I did not plan to have a party at all. He also cooked chicken tocino for breakfast, because that was what I was having and cooked an impromptu spaghetti to wish me fun filled long life! We watched 3 idiots together! Another one of my wish list with him! So one down, and many more to go! *winks @ boo* It was not a good idea to watch a foreign film while we are apart, because I can’t make “kulit” since we have to pay attention to the subtitles or otherwise we’d miss parts of the movie! Nevertheless, it was lovely.

During dinnertime, I spent it with my family. The two kids at home were absolutely adorable. Jesse, woke me up and hugged me to wish a Happy Birthday. KZ, gave me her blue guitar keychain. It was sweet! Darlene also came home even though she has her pre-board tomorrow. I really appreciated her effort. She’s the best sister ever!

My phone and facebook wall were filled with well-wishes to those who remembered. I did not ask for my birthday to be alerted when it comes. But, I still enjoyed a few wall posts from friends who remembered. I loved all of it.

I am just thankful for this day. Thankful for God, for the moments and days I spend and the gift called- Life. I am excited for another wonderful year of living life with Love and Light. Always choosing kindness. Even though, there are times I stumble, I procrastinate, going through bad days, releasing my dark side, it’s not perfect…. but I am in the process of simply unveiling what God has given me.

I am also thankful with my family, who has always been there for me and who supports me in my Highest Good and for my own Well-Being. For my Boo, who told me in his sweet way, that he will be with me through my ups and downs and in the many years ahead. That was the sweetest you’ve said sweetheart! For my Ilawod Family, who continue to help light my flame and inspire me. For my DXN Friends, I am Maria, Readers Council, Mission Family, Childhood friends, High school buds, and College chums…. Thank you for staying with me and inspiring me. And to the people that irks me… thank you for always keeping me in check and in balance. You have helped me grown a lot!

So.. Cheers!!

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.

Rainbows and roses,



25 in Love and Life

yes, i’m 25. (but, in my status..you may catch the: “yes, i’m finally 21!!” which can garner a ruckus on town specially with my biological agemates! time warp everybody!)

so here’s a list of 25 things that life and love taught me along the way….. things i’ve experienced and words I live by. 🙂

  1. Life is Beautiful… and that there are no ordinary moments.
  2. All is Well. [in every moment of the day]
  3. Keep your words. [doing my best]
  4. The results of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervenor. our classic formula: R1=(S><s)
  5. The world belongs to the dreamers…. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  6. At the end of the day, always be grateful.
  7. Vanilla, blueberries, chocolates, strawberries, MnM’s and jellybeans are good food for clearing…..
  8. I am enough… and there’s enough good to go around.
  9. Let go and Let God
  10. Keep calm and H’oponopono
  11. We are all connected…. We are One. what you do to another… you do to yourself.
  12. Stay connected with nature… see it’s beauty… learn from it…
  13. Always carry my “eco bag” with me. One plastic a day keeps climate change away.
  14. Live and let live. [ to each his own ].
  15. Love and Respect.
  16. Forgive but do not forget… because in forgetting you will lose your lesson – Paolo C.
  17. Its important to speak as much as it is important to listen.
  18. Always stay in the creative space as much as possible. Challenge the programs. To not be afraid of doing something new and crazy.
  19. Not everyone talks or is in the same wavelength as you. Learn how to navigate from Level 1 discussions to Level 10 conversations.
  20. Have FUN! Be Spontaneous!
  21. All things are Possible. 🙂
  22. Be Still
  23. Changing the world is possible… one heart at a time [ Heart Circle / MISSION ]
  24. Sieze the day!
  25. and lastly my favorite: all choices lead to this: There Is No Alternative Except Love

No fancy parties today, just me and whoever visits home. Open Space. Invite yourself. unlimited coffee and fresh bananas from the garden dito okay? 🙂

Time to reflect…. and to just watch movies and read books… lounge …maybe level 10 conversations that goes from level 1 to 9?with family or whoever arrives at our doorstep..

another first. 🙂

thank you dear God… for another year!! What’s in store?? After my reflections and oracle reading *wink wink*

a vanilla shake on the eve of my birthday

a vanilla shake on the eve of my birthday

birthing a new era

we are still here. alive and kickin`! not, that i was expecting something as large as an ice age or meteor falling or aliens beaming us up to godknowswhere.

I guess the lightworkers did their job well! *cheers* There were simultaneous global meditation happening at 11:11 GMT and other events creat

ing good vibes… and well.. wadaaaaa. keep the good vibes steady, everyone! We need that in this new era/dimension. 🙂

that was one gentle re-birth. mmmmm… but… the birthing is still going on! at least, the purification stage is way past it.. and we are ready to welcome the Light. Truth. Love. Cooperation. Kindness. Joy. Peace. Creativity. Abundance.

Of course, there will be battles as the old struggles to hang on, but then… love and light will totally melt them away.. or transmute them.

Yesterday, we celebrated it… in our community. We invited different people of different religious backgrounds and beliefs, advocacies, culture… and all from different fields too.

It was fun.

There were singing, dancing, laughing and some cryin`….


A select few gave out their vision…. for the coming generations. I was one of them. I gave out my vision for the youth. 🙂 There were visions for government, business, education, environment, natural farming, music & arts, spirituality, peace, and the mindanao agenda….

we also placed our wishes… on a wishing tree for our families and the world….

we also gave gifts and greeted each other Happy Birthday! (yeah, that may seem weird.. but we are just doing what we know best… to transcend and include… for the coming cycle…. another 5,126 years again? wooohoo!)

I am just blessed to be born at such a time as this…. i guess in a way,… my soul waited for this event.

exciting days ahead!!! 🙂

btw, check out my guest post on Denoy’s blog: Friends

The Imagila’s

It’s not the end of the month… yet, but the days are pretty “not the usual” days we have… like ALWAYS. 🙂

February, is usually an exciting family event since we will be celebrating 3 birthdays in our family, (me, Darlene and my Dad). 🙂

This year, it’s a wee bit exciting and BUSY since it announces the arrival of 6 MISSION Interns from 4countries (U.S., Australia, Switzerland and Germany). It was a wonderful experience to finally meet them since I was the de facto point p

erson… but good thing Ate Ayyi arrived just in time to meet them as well. Which was equally wonderful. 🙂

We had Workshop:Courage last Feb.11-12. And it was a wonderful mix, and the consciousness of the group seems high and on day 2 everyone was dancing.. and thinking of bonding together.. and meeting after 30 days. 🙂

I spent my birthday with the Imagila’s 😉 and went to Kublai’s coloring book launch.

It’s amazing how things fall perfectly. For years I’ve been wanting to

meet people who are active in societal transformation and here I am… finally planning something to make Davao-Philippines and ultimately the world.. a sustainable society. 🙂

Also on Valentine’s Day? Well, what better way than to spend it around downtown with the rest of the Imagila’s! We went to Crocodile Park and met the landed owner Mr. Sonni Dizon discussing about partnering together in a world festi

val we plan to create. And then our meeting with Acting City Administrator Atty. Lyka Lopez over at City Hall… and then MUSEO DABAWENYO..

At MD, we found out something about the eagles… (Imagila’s – Imaginal + Eagle) that Eagles are monogamous, they are very choosy and they stick to one lover! UH-OH!!! HAHAHAHA. Right about the choosy!

Oh and yeah for the rest of the day I drove downtown! WOW! GREAT BIG WIN! It’s actually fun na… i miss the wheels! HAHA.

Ended the day with what? With dinner.. .with my family and Ate Ayyi and Ate Monica… at home. GREAT FUN! 🙂


A Question

There are so many questions in life that needs to be answered and so many “why’s?” and “what if’s?”. But, we often disregard those questions all because we feared questioning or we feared the answers themselves.

I don’t like to ask “Why?”. It’s something I got from school. Asking somehow makes someone look dumb. Asking, means you did not make your homework. I know, I know we don’t all think that “asking” is dumb. In fact my mom always reminds me that “If you question a lot of things, you get many answers. Maraming tanong, Maraming alam“. But, you see during those times I couldn’t get the drift. I learned to just sit still and listen to the teacher drone on and on about History, Science, Math, Religion, you name all the subjects.

But, of course there is a point in your life where you get to undo those habits. And that habit of just sitting back and not to question about anything that involves life are one of those habits.

All questions have their own answers. And no one question are unanswered. “But those answers are not constant”, Einstein would say to you. Just like “humans”, Answers have a tendency to change as we go along.

And so, if you have a question always “ASK” and never dismiss it like I used to do. Ask. Ask. Ask like a kid. The answers may not come right away. The answers might come to different forms, like a book you are reading, a line from the movie you just watched, a friend you bumped into, a billboard sign, and even from nature itself.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

Wait. Live your questions. Then ask. Be open to the changes that the answers would bring forth. Answers to our questions will come. It won’t always come from one person, because no one person has all the answers.

Remember: The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened.


Happy Birthday: Kath and Nico C.

Image Credit: Narabia