Retrogrades and all

Last year, 5 planets were in retrograde at this month and this year there are 5-6 almost all of them since the beginning of the year and they have all met this august.

But, I am more grounded and focused and I have veered away from relationships that does not serve me. (A previous love also made contact to me, and I just have to smile at the thought. And no, its not what you think. He is already married, so deffo out of the equation. But, I handle the reconnection well and there were no hard feelings anymore. I can say, I have healed.)

And everything is just so good.

With a whole lot of surprises too! God has been spoiling me this month, what with the honoring of our company. I’ve been reading myself tarot the past month and I just remembered as I am writing this there was one about recognition. But, I chose to ignore that because you know what? I truly do not know in what area would I be recognized.

This month, Dr. Rajesh came and we met again. 7 months after we met way back in Los Cabos and told me I need to take the leadership. As to how it looks like. I do not know. One thing for sure they want my status to level up and my golly I have been working for it. (heavens, help!!)

But, they recognized me as the image of the future generation, the next generation of network leaders in the company. And, while I am honored, I know there’s more work up ahead. But, that’s life. I have given my life for this.. and so, I gladly submit. ❤️✨💕

To where this shift takes me…….

may I be of light heart and mind….

but there’s peace and there’s excitement and looking forward to the next step.

And all is well.




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