Just the way I like it

Today, I did not plan on celebrating.. however ive friends whom i call family insisted to visit me. It was ate pang and lalabs zai zai. With bebeboy and jows. 

So, I cooked up a plan for them to be early and we can watch a movie at home. 

Once they arrived it was chatter here and there. We dined together first before starting the movie.

But, there was a glitch with the audio which we tried for an hour to fix 😂 to no avail.

I brought out my pickup sticks and ice breakers. It was as if like the angels wanted us to spend time with one another and get to know each other. And so we did. 

It went on for 3-4 hours and we had so much time learning about one another. Ahhh best moment of the day ever. 

Mom was very supportive and cooking up food.. good thing she was in the mood and not busy. 

A little after dinner, Lady Bam joined us and we had dinner again together. 

I got so much unicorn stuffs i enjoyed it and roses!! Ahhhh the best moment in life!! 

Mom cooked dinner, Darlene made my cheesecake, ate ariane made lecha flan and mai mai for her loving service. I love!! 😇👑👑

With family and friends!


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