I dedicate 2017 to God

Every year, I always set a theme. A set of intentions.   
Magical 2008, Loving 2009, Dragons & Castles 2010, Fabulous 2011, Enchanting 2012, WILD (Wonderfully Interesting Love Filled Days) 2013, Pure Bliss 2014, Infinite Love and Abundance 2015, Experiencing God’s Blessing 2016
 While all of them were awesome and produced amazing wonderful years… This year.. I have a different sensing/leading…. 
This year, I was just so swamped with tasks and things to do(Yes, 2 days pa lang pero bongga ba) before a certain date.. I never got the chance to ponder on what 2017 will be for me.
Then, it hit me.
Maybe, this year. Its time to break that tradition.
Its time to just let the Spirit move me.
So, this year….. 2017 ….. I dedicate it to God.


I wont interfere ❤️ I will let things be and just surrender. 💕❤️
After all…. In the end. Its not about me. 😍🐼 😇👑


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