Bragelina no more

looks like a popular couple whom we never thought of breaking up has called it quits during the retrograde. 😁😁😁

Ang dami mong casualties na relationship mercury retrograde 😭😭😭 

But, despite it all. Everyone needs to learn and just reflect.

One really just needs to enjoy the person he/she is in a relationship with. We never know when it will end.

On my case, I never regret Everything i did for my previous partner and relationship.

I did my best with love as my intention. Only love. Nothing else.

And even as I left… eventhough I was a bit mean and angry before finally leaving… but when I really chose to just surrender him back to God… my agenda was love. I dont want to give him a hard time with me anymore. And I was giving him less and less of my time because I was filling myself up with activities all to find happiness on my own and not be dependent on him. I learned anytime he can just leave me and not message me for a month 😁😁 so I had to learn how to not be attached to that.

And even as I try to understand him, when I show him love in my own way, I get rejected. That fuckin’ hurts. But, that did not stop me from loving him. But, I need to stay away lest I be filled with remorse and the inability to love myself and be numb. I would rather feel all the shades of pain than be numb.

I am grateful for my experience with him because I was able to experience how to love with no holds barred. And I also learned when to just surrender the relationship to God when both of us are already hurting one another.

There is not a day that I do not miss him. But in times like these I need to be strong and take deep breaths, and be comforted in the knowing that I gave my all in that relationship. And i never regret any part of it. πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’—πŸŒ·πŸŒˆ


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