Hey ginger! You’ve been a buddy to everyone tonight.

Tonight, I learned an important lesson.

I just learned my favorite couple are breaking up once again. ๐Ÿ˜ญ And they seemed so sweet and loving but when they fight? They fight hard. And this time the wife left with all her clothes, because she cannot take it anymore.

There were lies involved that made her question everything. And i can imagine how her head would reel over and over if one finds out the partner has been lying the whole time.

But, there are factors of lying.

For one, they could be trying to spare you of possible worry or another fight to ensue thats why they’d lie to keep you satisfied.

Either way, I realized.. No couple is immuned with all the fights and challenges.

There are indeed no perfect couples.

They all have their moments of despair and nights devoid of love.

But, more than that.. The wife has been experiencing a searing pain from the shoulder to the heart like an arrow stuck for a month now.

She has gone through mammograms, sonograms and all the physical checkups. All pain meds prescribed and nothing happened.

Meditation, massage therapy, aroma to no avail.

And we mentioned about the ancient art of ginger healing of the Philippines to the group.

And she was so interested and everyone asked me to demonstrate it to them.

So, i gave them the instructions.

She insisted she wants to be the model.

And so we asked for ginger.

As soon as the ginger entered the room and she got a whiff of it she began burping.

So, i made her hold the ginger for a while. And she began burping more air. While still having the ginger in her hand, we kept talking to her.

And she began burping and she shared what she has been goin through with her husband. 

She made gagging sounds and we told her if she needs to puke she may. Just to let it out.

And then she began turning red and cried out: My ears are toooo hot!!!! 

And she cried and we saw her neck flaming red and her ears..

Momentarily we were shocked but everyone was quick.

Lady B ordered for salt. Mother P brought out incenses. We opened the windows and the door.

 I was on standby waiting for her to calm down so I can do the final touches of the healing.

When she slowly calmed down I did the final touches.

And then we formed a healing circle and prayed for her and provided an extra chair for the husband who is not around. 

We felt amazing angelic presence surrounding the group and the birds began chirping happily and loudly and the chandelier were swishing wildly than usual. 

After ending it with a prayer, we gathered round to share our experience. And she expressed her gratitude as the pain on the back to the chest is gone.

We still recommended for her to go get one session of acupuncture from another healer in the city.

Tonight, I experienced mang parts of me and the gift God gave and the gifts of each other in the community.

It is amazing that the home we are in that night was a healing home.

And that room is being eyed by the Speaker of the House as a meeting place. 

We cleared and cleansed the space, recognizing that our country will be healed with that home as the container eventually.

Its amazing that our session was supposed to be a prayer for our country. And we are all being purged in all aspects of our lives. Going through challenges.

Now, I understand the bigger role.

Bayan muna bago Sarili. ๐Ÿ’•โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡

P.S. Thanks Mother A for transferring your stone to me ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜‡ 

PPS thank you God. This is all for you


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