It could have been like this

Her: I want to hate you. I hate you!

Him: Hey, what’s wrong? *softens stance*

Her: I’m tired 

Him: Do you need space?

Her: No..

Him: What do you want?

Her: …….

Him: It’s alright. You can tell me what’s wrong….

Her: I just miss you. I miss the way you were before you left me the second time..

Him: I’m sorry.I wasn’t at my best at that time…

Her: Im not at my best now… I’m sorry. 

Him: You can relax now. Im just here. What support do you need?

Her: Just a hug. 

*gives her a hug* 

Him: Everything will be fine. We all have shitty days.


Just an attempt to re-frame a memory. 

Freeze framing is a scientific process by Heart Math to reframe a painful memory and replacing it with another that is more positive that will help heal a trauma. 



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