Messing with the WRONG city.

When other cities were in deep shit, we supported those cities. 

This time, it is us who needed the help but instead of getting support from other cities… More mockeries were being sent along the way instead of support and prayers (altho majority of my friends outiside our city sent their sympathies and prayers).

But, what I find amazing that at times like these.. The people of Davao took to one another and we just patted ourselves at the back and we all assured one another: it is okay. We can get through this together.

And just like that, we focused on surrounding ourcity with love. Offering support to the victims.

Concerted efforts such as donating blood at red cross, food, coffee, water for the soldiers, and sending out money for the victims and our soldiers fighting.

And then banners around the city are being installed saying: “Kaya nato ni!” (we can get through this) “Alsa davao!” (rise up davao).

I cried and laughed at the same time that while people are blaming the President we are just assuring ourselves. And that is true mastery, amidst of chaos, drudgery and mockery, we managed to surrender, pray, get up and move forward.

They sure messed with the wrong city.

“The snakes attacked the Eagle’s nest while the eagle is away protecting the entire forest. And so the monkeys laughed, the swines preached, the crocodiles blamed, singing how the eagle was weak, forgetting they are living in the forest the Eagle is protecting and they were the reason why the eagle has to leave the nest.” – anonymous



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