Heavenly Help

After that emotional fit, on the background I had music on the shuffle and while I was starting yo cry, the song played: “I’m only one call away, Ill be there to save the day, superman’s got nothing on me… Im only one call away.”

And that song captures what I wish to have in a relationship. To have someone to call on to. 

But, at that instant.. I did not think of a romantic interest. I just immediately imagined it was God singing to me. I know He is a call away. And I know that when I have troubles it was always Him and His angels I call on to. I could always count on Him. 

It’s a reminder to never put your expectations solely on one person, because nothing beats the love God has for me.

And i bawled away with that realization.

A few minutes after, i got a message from a sisterette of mine, saying I step outside.

I thought it was a joke and i told her, yeah i know you are there. 

A few minutes later she said: Wag ka na mag gown. Baba ka na and labas na.

And i squealed: Seriously???

And so I went down. She was really there. And gave me Ali Baba shawarma. 

That was so sweet! 

She said she was worried and may have been sulking in the corner. 

I told her I would get by. It will be hard but ill go through it. This is just a phase. 

I may not have a man who will love me because he really loves me but I have sisters who will go out of their way to make me feel better. 

And I have God who loves me and who is always with me. 

Who sends me flowers or butterflies everyday… and guides and protects me. I know I may not listen always because I can get stubborn or I ten to trust other people immediately but you always got my back when it is too much. 

Please, Lord.. Heal the heart of my beloved.. I still wish him the best. 

And also heal mine. 😊




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