I will miss you

she took a deep breath and sighed in surrender.

Surrendering everything to God.

She tried. He tried. Both did their best. But, there are far too many issues being swept under the rug. Too many secrets on his end. 

*she took another breath* 

If he were to be beside her, she would stare deep into his eyes and communicate her deep love to him. And she’d cry the way she is doing now as she writes her piece about how she feels.

She loves him deeply. But, outsidecircumstances are far too shady to hang her hopes too. The ship is slowly moving away from her. 

She looks at his eyes only with deep love. He is not perfect but she loved her just the same. 

But, she needs to take care of her. And to love herself, the way she wanted to be loved.

And maybe one day, in this lifetime or another .. They would meet. That time, hopefully they would be available to one another. 

You will be missed and you are always loved. *hugs* 

*tears pouring out of her eyes* 


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