Will you see me?

Every person just want to be seen by someone they loved.

To be seen is to be accepted.

To be seen is to be understood.

To be seen is to be loved.

And you can never truly love until you can truly say: “I see you.”

When you say, “I see you” it is that moment that you’ve seen your beloved scared, petrified, in her most vulnerable state and yet you still love him or her.

When you say, “I see you”, it is the time that you finally are able to look beyond your projection of how your lover should act the way you want him or her to be but to truly accept him or her, warts and all. 

It is to embrace everything about him or her, the dull and the crazy, the times she is silent, the times he does not agree, the times she becomes increasingly annoying, the times he won’t listen, the times she attacks you, the times he walks away to his cave and the times her wave crashes.

I see you means to recognize the love that is before you. The love that you share despite the disagreements, and when you don’t see eye to eye. 

I hope one day you will truly see me. 

Will you, really? 



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