The girl who loved too much

I’ve always believed that one never loses when one loves the most. Some wisdom I live by in relationships are: “never be afraid to be the one to love the most” and that “you never lose by loving”

And,  I believed and Lived all of them. 

After all that is said and done, when you gave full out and 100% and it is still not working and you are not enough or perfect for the person… there are no regrets.

One day, you will remember me as the girl who loved you the most. 

That, sometimes I get to forget myself in the process that I too, need to give and love myself. 

The past few weeks, I have been choosing me. And I feel great! Better, even.

And even if I am accused that I get to be disrespectful in his own perspective… I rest in the comfort that I know who I am. And I never intended to disrespect. 

In the end, Love prevails.

My love for myself and the love I had for you, it is slowly transitioning. And there is peace within. 

May you always journey well. 

Thank you for taking the train with me.

Maybe, I need to get off the next station or maybe not. 

I leave it all to the Universe this time.


Loving you much



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