You kept telling me I am being disrespectful around “people. 

When all the while, what caused all the bitterness were the hurtful words you say to me in private at times whenEver you get angry. 

Looking back, You are the only person who talked to me that way. And always, always I brushed it off aside for the past years and chose to Respond with Kindness and forgave you.

But, it wasn’t working anymore. The bitterness of promises and the vagueness of the relationship we have is eating what I have of you. I am holding grievances when love should be in place.

My heart is scarred from all the words of rejection I got from you. My reaction is delayed but when I replay all the words you said to me.. Never in my life, have I done the same thing and put you down specially in private…

I never mocked you, and the things you do. 

And it is sad you turn the tables around and to call on that I have been disrespecting you.

Why don’t you try switching roles with me? And see, if you’d respond differently. 

Although, I know the wrong part that I did was to be eaten by my bitterness and my anger because you rejected and left me after all the kindness and understanding I have given you. Not, that I regret doing all that. 

I am just so depleted now from you that I cannot give the same response I used to before. 

I have allowed myself for you to treat me this way and its partly my responsbility.

I am sorry for being bitter and angry. But, that is how I felt as of the moment.

Journey well, M. 🍃


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