There is so much going on

Everything’s happening fast! 

Trainings here and there. 

But, amidst all that our city is filled with challenges… One, there is the burning Mt.Apo and second, well this issue is far from us but it’s happening to our nearby brothers and sisters in Kidapawan. 

The incident can be deemed as tragic and yes it is, but with it came the realization that our nature is asking for our help and our spirit are asking for us to wake up.

Wake up! 

How do we solve all these? 

We can do it by coming together hand in hand and offering whatever small or big contribution we can.

I am also amazed at the Bayanihan spirit that our culture is blessed with.

On a personal level, I have been reflecting and God and the angels have always been anchoring and reminding me to just forgive.

And from that forgiveness comes my salvation. 

Yes, I forgive the world. I Forgive myself and I forgive you.

Angel blessings to you all! ❤️💕 


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