When it rains it pours

It seems like 2016 is starting to give off its series of challenges and just when the first quarter began. After surpassing one, you get to land another challenge and it seems like it is unfair!

What have we done? We were just being kind but why this? 

I have learned so much about me, like an onion being peeled down to its core. Oh well, let’s use the gold metaphor instead. Before becoming gold, it has to pass through as an ore. Or a pearl wherein an oyster has to suffer the grain of sand and shed off tears momentarily giving off the juice before it is formed. 

So, yeah or the lemon metaphor! So, how does one exactly make it into a lemonade? 

I am a ball of emotions and anyone near me might feel it. Zipping and zapping. Or if you are connected to me, you’d know how  what a roller coaster ride it has been. I wanted to scream, shout, cry, vent, lament, lash out at someone, arghhhhh! 

But, no. One has to go through this alone. We are just lucky and blessed if God gave people around you who would ask and say whether you are fine or alright. 

In the end, in moments like these…. 

This is where you find who your real friends are. Who go out of their way to support you in whatever way they can. 

And i have to thank God for my sisters from another Mother!!

My family is also in this challenge together…. I am equally blessed. 

I know i am still blessed.

This too shall pass. 


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