Sometimes i wish im a cigarette. At least when a person is into cigarettes and loves smoking, they cant bear to live without it. And they would always look for that cigarette if its gone or missing. 

But in life, some people would rather have the comfort of a cigarette because dealing with a loved one can be messy.
I guess thats how life is now. We love the things that takes life from us but we reject the love that is in front of us. 

How, then will this pain of being rejected by the one I trust who will love and will be with me in the end but would cop out the moment they see uncomfortable times, bless me?

But for now… Let me feel the pang of pain. And this too shall pass.

P.S.I still love him so much 😭😭😭 And I cant do anything but just allow him to do what he wants. And if his happiness is not with me.. I shall stay away. It hurts so bad. But, when I remember the good times we had it was all worth it naman. Lord, please bless his path and may he find someone better than me. 💕And as for me? I shall continue my work under YOU. *hugsGod* I belong to YOU .. Thank you for also opening doors for what needs to be done. 


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