New Moon 

It was a good day today… 

I had a moon date with none other than the Mutants, we had impromptu readings and BEHT with one another.. smelling the essential oils of peppermint, lemon and a whole lot more. 

The new moon energy was kind of high  and here’s what I have for my 2016….courtesy of Ate Princess ❤️
It says i ought to pay attention to my dreams and ideas as they are answered prayers… And whatever idea that would be .. There is Victory! 

And this speaks loads about the current project we plan to take on come April. 

And of course the always present Crystal and Indigo children around me, it means some of my projects is geared towards one.

Which could be the House of Hope gift giving time… We plan to give it on the first quarter as soon as the House of Hope gives us a go-signal. And this could also be my future baby! Hello kuchikooo up in heaven.. Your mom is preparing for you in her own way! you are in my prayers at night darling! ❤️💕

And what a power day because its the 11th of the month. Its also a special day for TsulitTeam hihihi i dated myself in honor of that day. 🍷

Ninang also did a pulse reading on me… And it says im excited. Excited of things to come… 

Lord, ikaw na po bahala sa lahat.. Ill just take action using Your lovin guidance.

I love You! Thank You for always loving me and with Your presence I do not feel judged… And thank you for always being patient as I grow more in Your Love.

Im not perfect… And in Your Love I shall always be innocent … Thank you… *hugshugshugs* 



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