Do not vote for Duterte

By now, our Facebook feeds are already filled with a lot of Duterte this and Duterte that. And it’s already stressing me out to the point I even have to vent it out here in my Chrismas-sy blog. Oh yes, I’ve changed the look for now.

I was delighted when I learned he was running and took the wild card of substitution. Whoever is behind his PR Campaign is brilliant.

It’s just funny how the clamor of people wanting him to run already turned their backs the moment they heard Mayor Duterte commit one mistake, to which he issued a public apology both in video and via social media. However, the same people whom we deemed with reverence also lashed out instead of being the forgiving and compassionate example we all need right now.

Why is it, that it’s okay for the majority to accept hypocrites, those who act saintly on the outside but there’s no tinge of humanity in their hearts on the inside? You can even accept one “presidentiable” who engraved his name on a rosary. Ain’t that putting a holy artifact in vain?  Oh, only because a certain tv network replayed the cut video many times to brainwash people and not even the full speech. Which is so unfair, but nobody plays fair when it’s about money and power. Right?

In the event of what is happening, the ego play is so strong on all sides.

I for one, was disappointed to hear Mayor say that, eventhough as a Bisaya he was really taken out of context. Nevertheless, the cussing in public can actually be eliminated. I am not going to defend Mayor for saying that because that was clearly a mistake. That was being brash, he was being authentically himself and he did not hold back. And of course, to traditional politics that was unbecoming of him because all he needs to do, is say good things, promise people that you will make their lives better 100%,  and keep out the bad words please, we don’t need that and just smile, pose, wave, sing and dance if you must.

But, he APOLOGIZED. Right then and there when he realized he erred and was taken out of context. Mayor is not one who makes “palusot”, the same way the present administration is guilty of doing many times over or even blaming other people and the previous administration. Very Poncios Pilato. And the SAF44 information i got was so nauseating i want to vomit him out of my system. Utter distaste! But, then again, in the end, all i need to do is cleanse all these impurity out of my system and see him as a brother who is wounded as well. To focus on the good of the present administration and let God take care of the rest.

And I’ve read an official statement from someone in position saying: Duterte should apologize. And at the end of the article he stated there, in case he apologizes it means he admitted he really cussed at the Pope. Really? So, why can’t you say that to the present administration you are serving? Ah hah! So, that;s why the President chose to wash his hands of SAF44 and not apologize or take responsibility because that would mean he was guilty of it? Why is it forgivable to what he did to the fallen 44? But this one? This one mistake where he issued an apology. Oh no. You’d rather not look at the apology. Let’s lash out at the mistake. It is much more exciting.

And please to those who have not sinned, let him cast the first stone.

I do not deem Duterte to be the Savior of the Philippines as many all thought of him to be that one person. Nor did he claimed that he is. In fact he challenged everyone instead to do their own part. DAVAO did not become the city it is today, without OUR participation, without the participation of the CITY itself.

Individual and huge corporate groups all made sure our projects are aligned to the vision to the CITY we have.

And he even risked appearing “pabebe” to most while he was buying his time making his decision. Look, he has no “unlimited budget” like most of his opponents have. Of course, he needs to find a guerrilla way to market himself with little cost. And he did it with no cost, by keeping the people in suspense. He also needs to make sure that we are with him every step of the way. Not place him in office and let him do whatever. It needs PARTICIPATION.

We, the people of Davao City are taking a big risk by placing him out in the open. Because, we know we will also be under the scrutiny of many people. But, other that… Even right now, they are already calling us Dutertetards or fanatics. Believe us, when we could’ve wished Mayor to just stay in our City.Twice he was asked to be the Secretary of DILG twice. And he refused. EVERYTIME. Because, his promise lies with the people of Davao. But, when WE( collectively: regular citizens, public figures, businesspeople, etc etc) asked him to run, he had to make the most important decision to take the worst job in the world.

Being the president is the worst job in the world if your intention is good. It is the best job if you are there stealing millions and billions from the people.

There’s so many cause for division, that’s why our country will never be one. We love to attack people when we see faults, and we fail to see the big picture.

Calling us Dutertetards won’t make us back out. To all those who does not want DUTERTE in office, focus on the good of your candidate instead. Make us see, why your candidate is better. focus on their good.

And to all of us who wants him in office, I have a request, let us not stoop down to their level by swearing, cussing, instead let’s give out our own personal DuterteStory or DavaoStory. Nothing beats authentic, unpaid, selfless positive stories. Or better yet, envision the Philippines you want to see. Thats a start.

#DU30 #TunaynaPagbabago #Duterte2016 #DuterteSerye



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