8 things I Secretly Love

That won’t be a secret anymore!

And I bet these are some things most women would enjoy, but this list is very personal and dear to me because these are my experiences with my man.

Good Morning Texts:

I know this may sound boring to most but I really find it adorable when he says: “Mooooorning!” to me. Although, he doesn’t usually like doing it first because he doesn’t like waking me up (which is equally sweet and endearing *blush*). But, I really enjoy seeing one, the moment I wake up.

Seeing a good morning text is not just good morning… but it actually makes me feel that he is thinking about me in the morning or as soon as he wakes up.

Hint: good night texts are the same… *blush*

Watching a movie together that I picked:

I enjoy that I’m blessed with a partner who spoils me by enduring movies he doesn’t usually enjoy. (but, usually at the end he tells me, he enjoyed it). And it’s great that sometimes he asks me to choose for what movie to watch (Although, I equally enjoy watching movies he likes as well, because that means he cares enough about me that he is willing to share a part of him through movies).

When he is Funny:

I love the way he makes me laugh and that he does effortlessly and naturally. He makes me giggle like a kid or guffaw with outrageous laughter because of something he said, observed or commented. I just love his jokes, specially cheesy mushy pickup lines! Hahaha. (tinaaaa is tat youuu?!! i’m not like this.. but with him I enjoy being very playful.
When he hugs me when i’m in a bad mood instead of walking away:

Usually, in a bad mood a man wouldn’t want to confront you specially if he cares a lot about you lest he says something mean in retort specially if they weren’t feeling good or peachy that day. And they don’t want to say something they would regret in the end. So, they stalk out of the room and walk away.

And most of the time, my man is like that. He’d be unresponsive when i start to have a bad mood and would try to fizzle it out by giving me space. But, lately, I’ve noticed that when he sees I’m in a bad mood, he’d immediately hug me and if that doesn’t work that’s the time he would give me space to steam it out. I really appreciate, the effort that he has been doing lately, and I really find it very thoughtful and caring of him to hug me in those moments.
When he cooks for me:

whenever I’m home from a trip, or just because I want to eat that food (specially pancakes or omelets in the morning!), and lately when i was in low spirits. He made an omelet for me because i was mad! Awww. that’s the sweetest! I felt so much better after. He is the greatest support I can have!
When he tags/sends music or photos that reminds him of me:

Sometimes, i’d get tags of music that he likes to dedicates with me. And that really brings my love tank filled to the brim, or he sends me photos of his day that reminds him of me or what i said earlier or during one of our conversations.

When he is honest in a kind & gentle way:

and authentic! One thing, that I am attracted to him is his honesty. About how he feels, about what he wants. Although, we had a teeny issue about honesty once but it was settled. But, other than that, he is really trustworthy all along. He made me believe and healed that part of me that doesn’t trust.
When he is doing his best to be patient:

I know patience, specially to me, when I’m being “overtly ma-drama” or arti is not his forte and I love that he was honest about that in the beginning. But, he has been patient with me… and I can sense he really loves to do it. Not, in a frustrating kinda way or forced way. But, i sense the authenticity of his patience.

And on that note.. there goes my 8. Although, the list of the things I love about him …. can go on and on…. I’ll just share 8 for now. 🙂 ❤️

You? What are the things that you secretly love from your beloved? Share!


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