Winning Moves: My Number One Fan

Throughout my whole life, I can truly say I am blessed with a very loving partner.

Here’s one of the reasons:

He is my number one fan. One reason, why I noticed him was when he said: he reads my blog. And not just my blogs! All of my blogs!That turned my head big-time! Nobody reads my blog unless I push the person to read it (or no one that I know of). Nobody ventures my blog if I don’t post it on facebook or mention it in any social media sites. Unless you count my aunts who loves to comment on the phone about what I wrote in my blog. 😛 But, this got to me. And then, whenever I do my workshops or after every workshops and I tell him about my day, he cheers on me and that he loves to see me do it and that he supports me. That’s double awwww.

There are many things that makes me feel blessed with my boo-friend but then… One of his best.. Is being my number one fan… ❤😍🎊🎉

Grateful. Always grateful to be blessed with him ❤


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