15 days

Day 15.

Its been 15 days of cave time. I appreciate that he stayed all along… But, i still miss him. So much.

But, i know he needs his cave time. And, I can sense in his own ways he cares a lot for me.. Sometimes in a rough way.. But, i sense his being gentle…

The past 15 days taught me a lot of things. I sat with pain, moments of grief… then sprinkles of happiness when i see glimpses of his love and care. It has made me look inward.

I can say.. I’ve grown a lot with him. I learned more about myself… And challenged my beliefs, and placing it all into movement. It’s a bit messy, but I appreciate that even though he is not the most patient man (he would say to me)… He does so with me.

When i miss him, I just peer through conversations with him and my moments with him that I have in the past. And how fun it has been!

I remembered how a year ago today… I was in Baguio for a training from a financial institution.. And he was with me all throughout. Also, when I got down to Manila and had to take a cab all alone… He was with me all the time.. Giving me instructions what to do. I was deeply touched. From then on, I knew I had a keeper. That was one of the best memories I have with him. The way he would see me through and how he would weave a sigh of relief that I am safe.

Those memories comfort me.

Until now, I kept thanking God for making me experience a mature, caring, loving, creative and wonderful man.

I am blessed.

I also thank the heavenly entourage we both are experiencing… Thank you dear angels for always guiding us…. To just love.



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