Reflections on the feeling of being ignored…

Hello Tuesday!

Sometimes I get ignored by the people i love…. And oftentimes well not just oftentimes.. This brings me a lot of pain and fear surfaces.

I realized this is something i really dread.. And one of my fears..

I remembered.. In one of the Pottermore Sorting Hat’s question: What do you fear most and i clicked: Being ignored by friends..

I know i can rant and rave.. But i dont really wish to demand affection, attention and care to the ones I love. Its better if they respond to you because they want to…. (And sometimes i have the tendency to be so kulit.. Only because I get scared.. I get scared that id be forgotten.. And sometimes Id get used to it and forget too..

But this situation also needs reflection.. Because clearly the issue is not the one whom i think has been ignoring me(maybe im just too kulit and the person is tired) …

For one, I know “being ignored” is something so painful to me.. Because this is what i would do “intentionally” if I want to disassociate myself with you.

So it brings a lot of fears to me because, I always feel that the person may leave me 😁and being ignored brings out the worst emotions from me.. Id cry endlessly.. Overnight.. I cant sleep and sometimes wont even eat.

I know this situation is an opportunity to heal because not all those whom i felt that im being ignored did not mean to..
But if they did.. Thats the saddest and meanest thing one can ever do to me…

but, thats one thing

its also time to look around for those people I have “intentionally” ignored..

When at some point.. You encounter me ignoring you.. Maybe you are a guy who have shown a liking to me and I dont want to prolong your attention and not to waste any more time with me.. because one, I may not be ready to meet anyone or two… i am currently in a commitment with someone I love.

In the end… The only better response to situations like these? More love.


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