She loved life and life loved her right back

I feel kinda sad but at the same time accomplished today….

For one, my sweet has been “tu me manques” lately. T_T (In French, you don’t say ” I miss you”. You say “tu me manques” which means… you are missing from me.”)

tumblr_lshowr6SnT1qcktjlo1_500But, accomplished because finally I have gathered the ladies here at home and did session 1 with our “Journey to Love” Series. How can  I support other ladies outside the household, if  I can’t even take care of the ones near me?

And ta-daaa!!! I did some romance oracles for two of them… and I can’t help but share that for the two draws… it has been Archangel Raguel who has been guiding us consistently on those two readings.

And it’s funny because everytime we start praying… a phone would ring… (it happened twice on two readings) like some sort of acknowledgement that God and the angels have responded to us!

As usual, the readings were accurate and straight to the point… and both are ready to release their past… and journey with the new.

I’m still working out on Session 2 and 3….. just grazing on and praying for creative insights….

Meanwhileeee… which reminds me.. I have to message all my financial coachees!! HUwaaaaaa. I haven’t messaged in 2 months! T_T But, have kept tracked with some of them… in real life… soo… but my out of town coachees.. I havent asked yet.

Huwaaaaaaa … *lists things to do*


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