Oh it’s Wabi Sabi!

Sometime September 2011, I read something about Wabi Sabi and experienced practicing Ikebana on a quickie workshop.

That experience, brought me back to today…. The past week has been quiet challenging.. but the angels are always guiding me to just let it flow.. and release my tendency to control a situation.

I feel my relationship with my God’sGift is taking a gentle oftentimes rough course as I am coming face to face with some of my monsters and shadows.

Sometimes, we feel once we found our God’s Gift we think everything else will be easy cheesy. And for awhile I did thought that was possible. But that is one of society’s greatest myths. At the beginning stage, we think of our partners of as perfect beings…. but then in the middle of the road… we begin to see everything… specially the imperfections. The truth is … no one can ever be perfect.. not you.. not your partner…. You just find ways how to make the imperfections.. perfect! (sounds like word play…)

As I have reflected back on the couples in real life that I know that I really admire… there’s this chamber where they reveal all their monsters but the good thing about their partnership is they are committed that they know … no one is walking out of that door.

Now, I truly understand… what Wabi Sabi means.. how real relationships takes a lot of work. And even there’s this epiphany of finding the perfection in all the imperfection. I have experienced that with my man.. thats why I know I truly love him. There were things that he does that kinda irritates me… but then I find it “cute” na. Its weird… the things I used to dislike…. I find it cute when I see it in him! (But, of course there’s a lot of things we both need to work on… but I have truly experienced… having a “wabi sabi” epiphany moment with him.)

Real relationships takes a lifetime of understanding, constant forgiveness and always remembering that everything is a call for Love. My fears are there and sometimes my way of handling it gets in the nerves of my man. And he has his own fears too. So, we find ways to adjust and make each other feel safe and understood. That no matter what happens….. no one is leaving. At least for me, he gets that assurance. ( yes yes boo.. id know if im being a martyr or not naman eh) 🙂

I can say, I am happy and blessed still…. He has his own imperfections…I have mine… I can truly say I love and accept him the way he is. And he has in fact…. in his own way… helped me healed parts of me.. I thought was “okay”. He showed me how to battle some stuff alone…. but there are times we battle and slay dragons together.  🙂


““There is no mistaking love. You feel it in your heart. Love really is everything it’s cracked up to be. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And, the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – The Love Whisperer


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