come April, come May, here’s June

A lot of things have transpired the past 2 months.

First off, I started April with delight but however a few days after I was disappointed by a certain person because he is causing a “disconnection” among the change makers of Davao. I still couldn’t imagine how someone whom people look up to can disappoint you at that instant. But, I know the lesson here is to really look beyond all the drama and go back to what truly matters – Forgiving. But, it took me awhile… well, and it is taking me awhile because it’s just “ugh”. And to learn again that a certain lawyer is actually behind the whole thing too. This certain law person got a questionable background already and is spreading a lot of lies which can be likened to “character assassination” already. I just couldn’t imagine some people would go far to do that. Its just unfathomable because all along you gave them your real friendship… hearts and all. But then… you get this? But, that’s life! [ what I can’t take is that they are also in the Self Mastery Department and they should know that one of our protocols…. if you don’t like a person or you see something wrong… you either confront and do clearing with the person… or just stay away.. not spread lies to our friends ] What irks me even more is that they don’t even know that the people they are trying to disconnect are actually people who have been through a lot of things already since the 80’s!!!!! And we all just met them year 2012. Tsk tsk tsk. They should know better. But, well these are all challenges to test our relationship as a community… and our intention. And now, I realize not everyone really has a gem of heart.. and this experience made me even more keen and aware that even if the person can come off as “perfect”…. the “intention” of the person would really matter. whether it’s pure or not.

This month, on Heart Circle (our family initiative of reframing the “network marketing” business as more than business but actually where people can grow consciously and as whole persons and to empower them … thus addressing the “empowerment” side of humanity, economical issues such as poverty to be eradicated… and having better relationships with others) we have launched a Program for a month… with 8 Sessions (2 per week)… and we are on our first week. So far, it went well… we have 15 students all in all. Woot. [ which reminds me i have to polish my Financial Management module pala. I have a day to tackle about money ]

So far, I have experienced God’s grace and awesome love the past 2 months as I have journeyed with social challenges. And of course God’s answered prayers through doors closing and doors opening. I miss my sisterlaluuuu who is somewhere in Visayas reviewing! IMY making you kulit whenever you giggle over Korean movies!!! And in between supporting mom and dad through their own challenges too… and my brother in his solar venture.

And and of course, my journey aint complete without my awesome Partner! Boo! I am forever grateful for you… cause you make me laugh and with you I grow. You don’t condone my childish behaviors and we always get to talk about it in a very mature way. You are out now, for a vacay…. but you surprised me today with 4 photos in FB!!!!

I find that very touching … that you remember me even if you are out and about [ but i know you always will…] but kilig ako super!! I love what you just did… and of course my “mornings with boo” in FB *so super sweet* All those songs! Grabe you never fail to surprise me! I am the happiest woman in the world! And I am so proud i am your Boo! I love you! ❤

Love and Magical Kisses,





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