Mom’s Are Love

Happy Happy Mother’s Day Mama! We love you!! I know you are one of the people who is hard to surprise but we pulled it off today with the help and support of everybody.

Earlier yesterday, you said: “Oh we dont need to celebrate Mother’s Day since being with you my kids … Its like Mother’s Day everyday for me.”

So sweet right?

And and today we gave her ideal breakfast.. It was just simple… My sister called from iloilo just on time and my brother arrived over breakfast to join us! It was perfect!

And and im so excited for this day because my sweetheart, thought of surprising mom with roses on this day!!!! Ahhhh im so blessed talaga with a thoughtful and loving boo!!! Thanks sweetheart! You have no idea how it made me and mom kilig.

Well kasama ako kasi my sweetheart gave me our second boobaby!!! Ta-da! Boochoolit! Hihihi

Haaaaay. The simple joys and delights of being with one’s family and my boo!

Thank you Lord for everything!

With this, I say a quiet prayer of love to your mom as well boo.. *hugsboootight*



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