Going Back To Love

One of Tito Benj and Tita Glo’s 8 year old son died named John Kenneth, a day before Holy Week.

But, before his untimely death…. he was already asking his parents specially his mom questions like: “What if I die Mom?” and his mom would try to explain and then John would say: “But, life is a cycle… you go in and you go out.”

Words from an 8 year old? Deep. I’d say he is an old soul.

A few days after he transitioned…. he made a video with his brother and sister with his own original composition entitled: “Go to Love”

lyrics went: “Love yourself First before you go to Love”…. “If you Love, you go to Love” ooooh oooh “I wanna go to Love”

It was a wonderful message and legacy he left…. with a message called Love. And videos of him and his brothers and sisters were shown at the wake… with him singing a lot of songs: “Today my life begins, Sleeping Child” among others…. and there was the: “Gotta Believe In Magic”

John, I may not have spent time with you like I did with Uno….. cause you were usually at home.. but I saw your bubbly outgoing nature… you lived a short… but a loving life… and inspired many…. with your message..

Go To Love…… You are remembered in our hearts.

And thank you, for helping us remember who we are.

That we are all children of God……. and that our main essence… is Love. Just Love.

I am humbled.


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