Pink Rainboo Mornings

The past few days.. I have been missing days and nights with boo…

But, this morning it was different….

After our sweet exchange of good mornings…. He surprised me with his garden flowers!

He knows very well.. how I love seeing flowers and taking those photos for me? Awww… That’s sweet.

It’s similar to picking up a flower and then giving it to me!!

It was heartwarming and I never felt so loved by a simple gesture. I cant stop myself from smiling.

And ta-da! The angels even surprised us both with a rainbow!

Rainbow is one of our reminders to keep loving one another… At leat for me 🙂 Whenever I see a rainbow… I remember how our love can bring healing and joy into our lives.. Amidst the rain or challenges. And he knows i love rainbows!!

Sooo yeah… Thank you dear God and angels for always keeping us in your Spirit of Love…

In love and gratitude,




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