three is a crowd

i saw a conversation of women.. saying… its okay to go steal another woman’s man.

G: go ignite it a “little”…. tell the guy when he gets home

O: you think so?

G: yeah, theyre gonna break up anyway, since the guy is flirting with you… and the gf will find out…

O: or you can make him choose between you and the gf

Hullohhh? Earth to you, lady? And you are not even sure whether the guy is really into you or not….. *sigh*

sometimes… some people …. dont respect the relationship of another. so what if you think its sucky? so what if theyre tupsyturvy? let the relationship end… without you interfering.

no matter if you think you are perfect for the guy…. or you think he is perfect for you….

“the right person.. at the wrong time.. is still the wrong person.”

(well unless, the guy lied… and said he was unattached and all that)

there is this value called: RIGHT TIMING.
let the man do it himself. it is just not right to go flirt(and with intention to win the guy over another woman) with a man who is in any way in a relationship… or married. so, not right.

who can honor what you will have in the future if your relationship is even founded on that? T_T sometimes..

seryes like the legal wife, makes it okay to go meddle into other people’s relationship… because we love each other.. etc. But, relationships founded over “trickery” and lies… will always spell it’s end.

“The end is always in the beginning…” so, relationship experts would say.

and then in the end…they’re the same women who come up and ask: “how come men who likes me… are already in a relationship with another woman?”

well, why not.. look for single… available unattached men for starters?

you always have a choice… on what kind of guys you allow yourself to get involved with.

Or maybe its an ongoing pattern….

For sometime…. most guys I ended up liking… always cheated behind my back. Had many girlfriends other than me. Until, one day, I prayed and asked God… that I don’t want to meet a variety of men. I just want to have a deep and loving relationship with ONE. And that He grants me the eyes, and the senses to recognize him. [and lo and behold… God gave me my boo….. ]. 🙂

If it’s a pattern… you can stop it… with your intention. And loads of prayer to God…

I don’t know what women get out of it. Maybe, it’s the high, that some guy chose her over another woman. Like some sort of conquest. Or they like the thrill, the challenge….. T_T

I have watched many friends who get involved with guys who are in a relationship or married…. or just got off another one…and there’s this  woman I know, who gets a high whisking guys away from their wives and children. and then leaves the guy behind and would go look for another conquest. that is just so sad. T_T [this goes to men too].

Men who are in a relationship… should always be a dealbreaker….. because I believe God won’t give a gift that already belongs to someone else.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. To my friends, I always discourage them if the one they have their eyes on, are in a relationship already. Since, it’s a recipe for lots of unnecessary pain, heartache and unrequited love.

This is also…. a response to… the feeds I’m getting over at FB about the Legal Wife. A lot of viewers are frustrated….. they say its the reality of today’s relationships… but it does no good to feed those “hinala” and project it to your husbands and wives. It feeds on paranoia of women’s emotions. Women’s emotions are very tricky… I myself am doing a lot of mastery work.. but still I find myself buying into dramas. And so, it’s no good. It would create a whole dose of hysteria to women…. and instability to relationships… instead of…. making it last…

I told them… “why don’t you watch “Please Be Careful With My Heart” instead?” I think, light, fun and loving relationships projected on TV is better over hyped up dramas. 🙂


One thought on “three is a crowd

  1. Finally!!! Perfectly said. If a man is willing to compromise your value and honor by seeing you while he sees another, HE AIN’T A MAN. If you really mean something to him, he’d end his other relationship by himself and go after you and you alone. I think there are certain mistakes women make and we are surprised when they backfire. Think with your head and feel with your heart. xx

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