Gift of Faith

“Faith in the future puts all things within reach” – anonymous

Congratulations to my Beloved Sister!!!

You made it!

It wasn’t a surprise… I knew you’d make it. You always do!

I know the journey wasn’t easy, you had gruelling exams and quizzes that you dread. And those make-up exams! Migahd they’d rack anybody’s nerves. And sometimes trigger your asthma. But, you persevered.

There were countless of sleepovers, mom made you watch movies in the cinemas to take a breather every after exams… You gave up a lot of beach outings and trips.. cause you want to stay home and study….

And it all paid off.

Know that you are on the path to your destiny… It may not be the road we expect… but it sure is a step .. A step closer to what you are meant to do in this world.

You heard Ninang aka Kuya Atho… It is sealed.. All that is left is the work to follow that path.. And yes, there will be bumps and roadblocks… thats all part of the journey but you know.. There are roses and birds too and double rainbows to boot!

You are a powerful, courageous and loving woman! Shine! 🙂

I may not be cheerful and bubbly at all times with you.. but I cherish and I hold you dearly in my heart litol sister!

You sure deserve all the good that comes your way!!!

I love you!

And yes, you may watch korean movies to your heart’s content na! Hihihi

Yeah yeah i know. Theres another review coming up… But, well .. Know that we got your back and we are sending and giving you our love and prayers.

May you always have faith, because with the gift of Faith… You have the strength, the perseverance and the courage to shine your light and enjoy your life to the fullest and making your dreams a reality!






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