cheerful bouquets

Cheerful bouquets sounds so Spring-ish!

and, well yesterday … or was it today? that it’s the Day 1 of Spring!!! or to some they celebrate what they call Spring Equinox or Ostara!!! 🙂

And well with that a lot of Spring Cleaning has come to surface. and its best to just carry on and do the cleaning yourself, whether it be a certain home space, physical, or emotional and spiritual baggage in stored.

It was supposed to be a portosawa date with my Boo today, but he is well feeling under the weather the past few days. But, he was very thoughtful enough to spend our day listening to Ninang on the radio, to which she greeted us twice!!! Oh ha? Both of us felt very elated! Thanks Ninang!!! (and i have to commend Boo’s effort to be on time, as he cooked the crabs fast and with a warning he said: “Lagot kayo ni Ninang pag di masarap ang crabs!) Boo talaga! Those are my fun memories with Boo.

To my Boo, I hope you get a good rest tonight, I know the past few days, I’ve been quiet close to impossible, appearing with my demands (thanks for being extra patient on this). When I could just instead love and support your wishes and desires. Sawree!

But, I would really miss the morning ritual with you…. *sigh* Angels angels make me sleep till 6am or 7am… dont wake me up na super early…. T_T

And below is the get Spring Started List from Vineyard Vines. Woot woot!!!

tumblr_n2qx2v1yyC1qzv3vjo1_500I love Spring, for the reason that flowers are blooming! And it sounds like a perfect fun day to go wear your sundress, riding a bicycle with flowers on your basket, as you sing merrily…… huwaaaaa. If Boo is nearby, and we live in  a country-setting, I’d prolly go visit him all the time with my bicycle, and bring him his favorite comfort foods and some herbs (to which he would cringe) and lots of citrus… so he would be well. { it’s good to dream now and then!!!}

Anyhow, I just wish to greet everybody… Happy Spring!!!!! {kahit walang Spring sa Pinas, nyahahhahaha} and grateful to God for this awesome season!! 🙂



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