Flowers and durian


Araw ng Davao fever aint over!

It culminated on the 14th of March last week, with the street dance on the 16th (Sunday). Most streets were closed to give way to bazaars and music fests and lotsa barbeque and drinks being sold too. Parties, here , there and everywhere.

You can hear occasional teenage screams at the mall’s activity areas which you could guess some local artist graced the event.

My mom’s personal favorite?

The annual Agri-Trade Fair over at SM City(Ecoland)… Here, you can find lotsa garden needs, from landscape materials, pots, jars to ornamental plants, orchids to fertilizers, among those i saw were some woodworks too! I saw a tree house! But, too bad, i didnt get a photo of that. There were kitchen herbs too! My fave area, well aside from zee flowers!!!

I took most of those photos for my boo, who likes duriaaaan! Hihihihi right boooo?

Madayaw Davao!


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