Belle and Beast


Movietime with boo! And this time it was beauty and the beast.

Its uncanny how this certain fairytale’s got me and boo glued together for some reason. Like, belle and i has a similar taste of going gaga over books and libraries and a distaste over pompous men like Gaston… And our curiosity to men like TheBeast… Rough, harsh but a certain kindness hiding behind the exterior…

And the reading the book together part was cute cause Boo and I often like to do that one day too.

Boo made me happy today ☺😊😍 thanks for always indulging my simple delights whenever i make a request *pacute eyes*

Well not just today, but he does it daily ☺😊


Meanwhile things are peaking up on our initiative to be catalyst for the transformation that is going on for our nation. And more and more people are taking on different roles to bring that transformation for our country.

My part is to be of service through workshops and one on one sessions with people who wants to make their life better in terms of health, wealth and happiness… 🙂

I do get splitting headaches whenever i hear corruption in our government but focusing on that wont really help.

Its better I direct my focus on better things like solutions instead of problems 🙂


Cheers!! Till my next update and musings, and well winning moves by my boo! 🙂


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