Classic Happiness

This month marks a milestone in my life as I reach a year older. Not until today, have I appreciated growing older…. Maybe, because someone *hint hint* thinks im soooo young and I can’t help but be excited adding another year in my life…

Call it crazy… But, well thats the way it is.

My theme for the day? Red & Peach!!!

All the ribbons/gifts i received were either colored red or peach! As if the angels designed it to be that away.

I had the sooper dooper bestest surprise today too from Boo!! Huwaaaa. I have to admire his resourcefulness and thinking he had to surprise me on his own! But, well he had heavenly blessing too!

It came a day early at our office along with Pnoy and a lot of police littering outside the streets. Ate Mari was supposed to give it to me that day, but then she said: “wait a minute, she’s having her birthday the next day.. Maybe this is meant for her birthday.” With quick thinking, She ditched the idea of calling me and called my cousin instead and with the connivance of mom hid it from me.

Early in the morning, they were outside my door with the package… and were singing happy birthday. All star cast! Huwaaaaa it was absolutely cute. And they all teased me. And waited on me to open the choorpriseee!!

Boo sent me two dozen red roses.. and i wondered why 2 silently in my mind… To which he replied with a Tadaaahh when i told him about receiving it,that one for my birthday and another for Valentine’s! That was cute! And i thought that was all there is to it but lo and behold, there was a cute boobear and a chocolate! *swoons*

It’s the sweetest gesture anyone has ever done for me… and I can really feel the love and care when I got it… and he was so delighted to find out everyone was happy and did more than the surpriseeee he imagined it to be and him a part of it! Right, boo?

And i thought the surprise was over… When i moved the boquet to transfer it, a note card fell.

I then later read an email of him greeting me happy birthday in many funny ways! I swear, my man makes me laugh all the time tooo!!!

This day will forever be etched in my heart…

It has always been my dream to receive roses on my special day, and to be able to spend my birthday and Valentine’s day with my the One…..

I also spent the day watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with him. I love spending time with him…. just lazing around and watching a movie while we laugh now and then when he thinks of something about us thats similar to the movie.

I know he had a long day the other night with me…He waited for me to be home last night.. *double swoons*

After the movie and his dinner, two of my close friends visited me and stayed till 10pm… with my family..

He asked me to message him after and I did and that i can wake him up.. Mmmm but he is zzzsshhh already…

It was a happy day! And even more special because my God’s Gift stayed with me…

Boo… I feel all the love and care… and everytime i think of you *kilig* lagi… and i cant help but just stand in awe as you show me in your own way.. how you lalab me.


And to my beloved family and friends who took time and gave the effort to greet me… and remembered me despite having no “reminders” from FB.. Since i turned it off… Thank you sooo much!!!

And of course… To my beloved Father in Heaven… who keeps watch over me by sending tons of angels… In love and gratitude for another year and a lifetime of pursuing your Will for me to use my gifts to serve humanity, the best way I can… I love you!!!

Love and happiness,




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