E-Talk Series

This is one of my favorite month! Haha well, its special to me sinceeee well its my birthday month.

Anyway, a month ago, our lead facilitator/coach, Kuya Atho(which I fondly call Ninang or Nay) called me up and asked me to talk about the “stages of courtship”.

To the surprise of my beloved friends, who never saw me in the sphere of dating and courtship. I was always one who is elusive of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Most of my friends never see me gush about boys or when i do, its always a fleeting fancy or I keep it to myself.

but secretly I have been studying a lot of couples from afar due to my intense desire of having the “goldilocks” element if ever I enter into one. As much as possible I want to enter relationship in a conscious way.

But, for sometime I did venture into “dating” moohoo. For experience. Pressure of society got into me. Which I never really fancied in the long run because deep in my heart, I knew i never wanted variety.. I just wanted to give my all.. To the “one”.

But, of course i bumped into a lot of frogs before finding my prince. Girls, you have to remember never to take on frogs! Okay? Let them find their own way by transforming and loving themselves first. (Anyway, this is another different topic.. that i can blog about for sometime).

As you can see in my super early posts in the past blogs.. I never talked about romantic relationships.. all I talk about was about me, having this kind of adventure.. Reflections.. Friends.. Colleagues..My having serving God and the Philippines in my own little way, and if you find a bit about crushes, romantic department… Only flimsy details but it came later like around 2012-2013

Only because, i never felt ripe to share myself with another in a “whole” kind of way. But, it was only early last year, that i have chosen to set my sights and open my eyes to the “One”. And lo and behold.. God gave me someone that reached more than my standards!

It wasn’t always hearts and flowers, there were tough times as we go thru the stages, and I even discussed this with him. 🙂 Yes, he is that open. Although nothing about us is official yet… we are mmmm taking our time and we focused more on building our friendship with one another. ☺😊

Anyway, hahaha this is supposed to be an invitation for my talk about the “stages” of courtship come this Feb.8.

Although, I myself haven’t gone thru the complete stages… the stage 4-5 in my talk is a bit of a theory to me but to most couples specially those who are married… This will help you understand certain areas in your relationship. We don’t have the same issues/challenges… But it pays to be aware.. What is the state of the challenge you are in ☺😊 Knowing about stages of courtship has helped many of my married friends(yes, I shared this with them).. and it supported them in navigating their way to one another.

Knowing about the stages allowed me to be more discerning.. It took a whole lot of checking and listening to my heart, soul and mind… and that if one comes in the space of truth, love and vulnerability… it will all work out well.

I hope you get to join since there are only a few limited slots available ☺😊


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