we(the Lightworkers) last saw each other last year, over a movie and some over at Ilawod… and some when they visited our home during the holidays…

then came one Wednesday afternoon, January 15th, I visited Bee to prepare some proposals, and I told Bee, that after her meeting, I’m seeing Kuya Atho at around 5ish.

And off we went to go see Ninang, however, along the way, I saw the road heading towards Kuya Sonni and Ate Nitta’s place, so I told Bee… let’s drop by Ate Nitt’s place first! I wanna see Kuya Sonni’s new goodies! And so, we stopped over, and on our way, we saw Ate Gyne leaving their place, and we screamed: “Hey, join us! we are going to Kuya Atho!” and she said, sure.

And when we saw Ate Nitta, she said she is hungry and wants to eat dinner, and so we said sure! but, let’s drop by at Kuya Atho’s place first…. and so we hurriedly went to Kuya Atho, and wadaaaa at the gate we saw Uno! We honked at his place and said:

Bee & I: “Let’s go!!! We are having dinner!”

(Kuya Atho still did not know Ate Nitt’s and Ate Gyne were at the back of the car)

Kuya Atho: (shouts) But, Uno is here! Val & Cathy will be here shortly….

Bee: (on the phone with Val & Cathy)

Me: see? No problem! let’s take Uno and let them proceed to the Cafe D! 🙂

and when Kuya Atho saw who was at the back of the car …. he screamed!!! Nyahaha overexcited much?

Everybody was giggling, because here we all are, amidst all our busy schedules, we were all brought together as if on cue to have dinner for the first time together for 2014!

And when we got to Cafe D, just on time the car of Kuya Val & Cathy arrived… and after a few minutes to our order, Kuya Sonni came in to meet his friend at the same cafe and later joined us.

We laughed and said… wow… this “Suddenly” moment is amazing!

all star cast! weellll except for my mom, who didn’t make it for that night!

After 2 hours… we all finished dinner and went to our respective meetings… *yeah* as if the night is over right?

P.S. Wow! This is my 100th post!!!! Congratulations to me!! 🙂 can’t wait for the 143!!! Awww. i miss someone na…. *sigh* this happens. go lang Tina. you can live! phew!


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