What is your kind of Love today?


I’d like to begin with one of my favorite Bible passage…

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” ESV, 1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is a million things and a million star burst to many!

And that passage holds on to many experiences…. that we have of Love.

and we do experience it in many different ways….

and it gets tricky because sometimes “FEAR” masks as some form of “LOVE”

and you know its Fear when it gives you feelings of pain and suffering….that’s part of the whole dance… but know that, that experience is not of LOVE….

everyday we encounter the many faces of LOVE….

some days we experience love as gentle, when you both just want to rest in each others arms and no amount of words can describe that sweet, gentle feeling… its cuddling with your beloved when you wake up or before you sleep, those gentle back rubs, the kisses before one leaves for work

some days we experience love as compassionate, when your lover comes home tired from the demands of the world, agitated and anxious…. or having a bad day or going through the worst of times..

some days we experience love as kind, when your lover gets mad or forgets for awhile to see you in your magnificence and only see the wrongs… but you choose to understand and accept your love no matter what….

some days we experience love as forgiving, when you release your loved one from the guilt that you see that he/she did something wrong….. its releasing the need to be right…

some days we experience love as patient, as our love grows older and little things seems to annoy us, or whenever the one we love does not act the way we  want to…

some days we experience love as faith, when we take that leap, and just BELIEVE and KNOW that our love will be there every step of the way…

some days we experience love as trust, when we took that leap of faith, we don’t know whats beyond us, we don’t know where it would take us, to trust the process, to trust our love, to light our way… and to trust the things we do not understand… to trust that no one is walking out that door…..

some days we experience love as happiness, when one notices the little things that people tend to forget, when you notice that he is consistent with you, that she took time for you, that he cared for you, that she loves you, the silent whispers, the wooing, that moment when she understands, those magical kisses, when she makes his favorite drink or he cooks your favorite meal, when he sends yellow flowers when its cloudy, the tight hugs,

some days we experience love as grateful, the things that we learn from another, grateful for the laughter and even the tears…

some days we experience love as bliss, when everything’s rosy and no amount of rain can dampen your parade… and sometimes its like a good cake, that you just have to eat it because it comes unexpectedly and you gotta take the chances,

some days we experience love as intimacy, when we develop that kind of trust to be truly intimate with another in all areas of the mind, heart and soul, that moment where we ache to be truly ourselves, when she sleeps on his chest, and when he sleeps on her shoulders,

photo source: http://grandduchess-anastasia.tumblr.com

some days we experience love as hopeful, that every fight and every tears are there to dissolve any walls that has been built by previous hurts and pains… and with hope.. you allow love to flow back forth…

some days we experience love as vulnerable, when we completely surrender ourselves to another and when we are authentic and give each one a safe space to do so…. this is the ultimate and the most courageous thing….

some days we experience love as a commitment, to do whatever it takes no matter what, no if’s no but’s…. no walking out that door…. the little sacrifices, the meeting halfways,

some days we experience love as strength, when we choose to hold on, that our love is stronger than the thought of letting go, and that we see there is still something for both of you to teach one another, and that your partnership serves to inspire the world, that despite the challenges, the bills, the normal and the familiarity of day to day living sinks in, the stress, all those concerns… you stay strong..because you remember.. you love.

some days we experience love as courage, when its time to let go of an abusive and a stagnant relationship…

some days we experience love as a miracle, when we thought we could not love another person again, but then God gives us another chance, or another person to make it better, to be more authentic, to be more kind, to be more compassionate, and a whole meaningful and whole experience of love

some days we experience love as inspiring, when the world seems brighter and better, and the birds seems to sing sweet songs for you, and you get inspired to do well in what you do, be it your work or becoming a better lover, and you incorporate new things in your life or when we don’t have it altogether in ourselves, we see couples walking by basking underneath love and we feel inspired…

in everyday, in every way, love shows up in many forms of relationships……

may this remind you, that in this world…. only LOVE is REAL……….. the rest? all those doubts, worries, anxieties, those insecurities, and all the other issues, are not real… but a call for you to love even more and deeply.

[of course there’s a fine line between being a martyr – staying in an unhealthy relationship and you know… that deep inside… ]


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