will you choose me?

In the past, I’ve played with my ideals of being this modern, bold, empowered woman. That, no man can tame me. That, I’d go chase after what I truly want… even if that involves having “no man” in my life.

I grew up thinking that men and babies should be secondary goals… that I have other important things to do than to love a man… but then, I am asked… what is true love… and the miracle of giving birth to a baby next to the awesome high of fulfilling reports and recognition in career?

I thought my romantic and enchanted longings deserved less respect than my longing for chasing my professional career.

But, deep inside… I realized, I have been masking a deeper longing about having someone to share my life with. there’s this longing… to share my life to another. And, I cannot, ignore it anymore. That part of what I truly want…. is a romantic, emotional …. fulfillment.

and mind you… this is not something out of “loneliness”… this is something beyond that… there’s a journey in life… where it stops..

that there’s an enchanted realm where you are only allowed to enter… two by two. you cannot go through that area alone. you’ve got to find someone who loves you enough… to choose you to journey with him…..

and with that.. here are the things I want and desire….

I want a deep, long lasting love… and I want that kind of relationship.

I dont want just a relationship to make me feel secure….

I want friendship and companionship… and someone whom i can be passionately intimate with.

I want the nurturing support of another man…. and I desire the attention of someone who would care for me, notice me, love me and adore me, and someone who can help and support me. I desire someone who understands what I truly like… and then would make plans for me…

I want someone who anticipates my needs, wishes and wants, without me having to ask… I want someone who cares for my well-being, and understands what I am going through in life and recognize the validity of how I feel…

I want someone who would listen… I want someone whom.. I can be safe to be with… whom I can just be with..

I want someone who misses me and who desires to be with me…I want for me to love him and trust him freely, and then rest in the knowing that my love is returned.

I desire someone who is trustworthy and that I can confide in… I want someone whom I can share my life with… so I know that I don’t have to go through life alone…

and most specially… i desire someone who would choose me…. over and over again…..

and with that intention… out in the Universe…

I will be here… waiting for you. 🙂

and  I ask the angels…. to illumine your mind, and enlighten your heart… and for my eyes to see… you. to recognize … that it’s been you all along. or maybe its my mind that needs illuminating.. and your eyes that needs clarity….

but, to you I say this…

I cant wait to take my shoes off and stay with you for a while….

I can’t wait to swim with you….. one day.

may my love for you…. guide you to me….. 🙂


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