Love Notes: For Him

A letter For Him

Note: This is a letter to my God’s Gift. No names yet. This is to whoever God is sending me….


Dear ____________,

Whatever your initials may be.

I am grateful that you graced my path. I am grateful that you have seen me.

You see through my mask, and you see beyond what is physical.

When we both encountered one another, we both had walls we had to break down. But, with each other.. we were able to take away the walls, brick by brick.

You know very well that I accepted you not because I am interested to what you can do for me… but, I am interested in YOU. PERIOD.

Know that, when I received you… you didn’t audition for any part. You were presented to me as God’s Gift. I am not here to put you in trial, nor will I use you to gratify my ego needs. I don’t want to fix, change or belittle you.

Also, may we remember that being in a relationship will present us with new challenges and opportunities to grow together, and that this relationship is not an escape from pain… but rather, we may encounter the deepest darkest pain that we stash under our beds.

Being in a relationship together, may demand all our compassion, acceptance, release, forgiveness and selflessness…..

Now, that we both finally chose this path to be partners together…. I hope we remember these things….

*i want us to… keep our hearts open to one another. But, also with this.. I want us to not deny our Highest Self. May we always be open and authentic to one another… to feel safe to share things when one is ready, and not be afraid that you will be judged. To say what you want to BE, Do and Have. Just tell me, and you’ll have my support.

*let’s not stop dating. let’s keep looking for ways to make things go colorful. Let’s be creative in spending time with one another. And to cherish each moment.. whether it’s on a couch doing nothing, but eating pizza and watching late night movies or out on the beach, mountain or to neverland….

*i want to fall for you over and over again(and i hope the other way around)… i know you will never be the same. yes, you’d keep your habits or drop them.. but as we grow together.. we’d both be changing… into better versions of ourselves.. and i hope with that, we would still receive one another everyday. may, we always have a habit… to ask one another: “are you still receiving me?” every morning or even after fights.

*let’s keep our silliness. and our sense of humor. To laugh at the smallest things… and to laugh at our mistakes as soon as it is over. And to laugh after every huge fight….

*May we always support, forgive and heal one another. May we recognize that our relationship is also a temple of healing. It’s like taking a trip to the Divine Physician’s office. May we not be afraid to show one another our wounds, our darkest secrets, our deepest aches and fears. May we both feel safe to share both our darkness as much as we both share our light. I hope we don’t avoid healing, instead choose it every time there is an opportunity. Because, healing allows us to leave our luggage’s behind… and you know a relationship can soar up to the heavens, if we travel light. ๐Ÿ™‚

*As much as we acknowledge and heal our wounds, may we always entertain thoughts about WHAT IS BEST IN ONE ANOTHER. To focus on the things that makes us happy with one another and to cultivate that.

*May we also remember that we are both ACCOUNTABLE to what we FEEL. It is not my job to make you happy or sad, nor is it your job to make me happy or sad. Rather, may our happiness burst forth from the deepest part of our BEING and we share it with one another.

*I hope one day, you’d remember that if ever I’m going through something, that I’m sad or upset.. all I need would be for you to hold me tight… and assure me things will be alright.

*Let’s fill each other’s souls. Let’s continue to nurture one another… and fill our love tank. Let’s validate one another… may we not hold back from loving one another.

*BE PRESENT with ONE another -to be 100% devoted to each other’s experience… ๐Ÿ˜‰

*May our relationship be a source of blessing to many people. That everytime they encounter the two of us, people will be filled with hope and creativity. May our relationship bring healing to the world….

* VULNERABILITY. to truly love… is to be vulnerable to one another. To be in a sacred relationship is the safest place to take off the mask. To see one another, not just when we take off our clothes but… even before that… to undress the soul… to be vulnerable

*and with Vulnerability… is to be Transparent as well. To not hide things… but to be courageous enough to share things. We would revel on each other’s deepest secrets. and I hope you’d find it safe to open up with me. Because honey, since I accepted you…. I took that oath too ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’d communicate your feelings of me.. whether it is sadness, grief, fear or anger…. and I will to you.. because these are all vital information in order for our relationship to work. we need to know what irks one another.. may we constantly check one another for feelings that are not communicated and support one another in this area. No matter how painful or scary telling the truth would be.

May we also come into an agreement that we have a space for fighting and that the reason for our break-up (should it happen) should not be because we were fighting. Never ever break up – fighting.

I have a request…let us not sleep if one issue is not settled. Let’s kiss&hug and be at peace after every disagreement… and never just sleep on it. Please.

*NOT WORRY ABOUT MONEY – let’s not allow this to be an issue. We would be a team. We will plan well together. And if one is having a hard time…. ask support from another. Know that we will always be provided.. since our relationship is blessing the world.. we will also be blessed.

*FORGIVE IMMEDIATELY – if we need to have vows about something… may we have this… to forgive one another.. immediately. We do sometimes fall short, but know and realize where each of us is coming from. And despite all the fears that are surfacing… may you remember that love is behind that fear/action…may we remember both our innocence… ๐Ÿ™‚

*In the end… may we always remember my Initials…: There is No Alternative except Love. – ๐Ÿ™‚ In the end may we always choose that…. whatever we do.. may it always spring forth from Love. After every disagreements, fights, tampo-hans…..

I know relationships may not always be hearts and flowers, but then.. may we both understand this cycle.. and be patient with one another as we go through all the process.

May we not make any choices out of anger or fear.

Please see me… as I would see you.

yours forever after,


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