blessings, marriage and a prayer

yesterday, at a workshop, my buddy told me this when she found out i dont have a boyfriend yet:

“hey, you should start eyeing for some guys na.. it would be hard when you are 30 and you are so focused on your career….”

and that got me worried again.

yeah, I’m 25. I’ve a deadline when I turn 28. and the dates I’ve had? are not exactly for the long term thing.

and then today of all days….

i was out for lunch with my parents and 2 of my mom’s “tita’s” ….

and when they turned to me:

“si, Tina, wala pa bang boyfriend eto?”

and I just have to cringe at the question…  and smile… and say…

“wala pa eh….”

“oh, dont worry, you are still young!”

and right after that we went to a cooperative to withdraw some moolah.. and there we met an old family friend.. and she asked…

“arent you married yet?”

and i was like.. “uh…. no…”

“it’s okay, you are still young.”

and after some interview.. she told me…

“you know what…. the right person will come at the right time..” and at the back of my head, there was this voice saying.. listen to her.. I’m speaking through her… “God, will give it to you.. the perfect Gift… God will tell you, I know it. You will hear it, when He tells you.”

“But how? What if it’s just my mind saying…?”

“You would know it…. you know what I did? I fasted 21 days… and I heard him loud and clear as to who to marry. I know you would hear it..”

and then she laid her hands on me…and prayed…. ( i wont place the details.. but it was absolutely.. what I needed to hear).

to which I responded with tears of joy… because I know… at that time..I am grateful God answered my prayer.. with a blessing from another. 🙂

P.S. I feel I found him na…..


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